Last Minute Thanksgiving Foodstuffs

Oh, hello. This is a Thanksgiving Foodstuff round-up, for any of you who may have missed the last several years of Thanksgiving posts written by master chef, WWW, on whose couch I am currently typing. (ED: Bo decided this week that she will not sleep in a pack-n-play because they are so easy to climb out of and why sleep when you can tear posters off of walls and throw reading lamps at your twin sister so I am operating on very little sleep/massive amounts of frustration. Anyway. FOOD! Food is the best!)

Here are some links to food/recipes/things you may want to make today/tomorrow/Thursday/after Thursday that have Thanksgiving-esque appeal for all you veggies in the house.
Razzleberry Pie

...And now, here's my mom, who is sitting next to me on this couch. Mom? Hit it! 


Hi! WWW here: This year, I'd like to include a pumpkin pie recipe my friend told me is the best pumpkin pie EVER! I have not made it yet because I make my pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving BUT here is a very beautiful picture of the pie.  I did not take this picture (in case that wasn't obvious). 

The recipe calls for grinding whole spices in a spice grinder, which, as it turns out, is a really great activity to do with a child.  Archer and I did this together and we had so much fun discussing each spice, where they came from and tasting the pulverized powders. 


Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!