Eat Well: Go-To Lunch Salad

Today's Eat Well (recipe?) will take you three minutes to make and it will fill your body and elevate your mind (not really) and taste delicious. You will need:

Pre-cooked quinoa (of course)
Raw kale (always)
Avocado (obvy...cado)
garbanzo beans (I put them on everything)
Seasoning (I like this one
Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar (the only way to dress)

Put it all in a bowl. Mix it up. Eat it. The end. 

This bowl of goodness is more or less my lunch every single day. It's also Vegan if that's your thing. (Bo and Revi also dig this action. They will eat the whole bowl including the kale bits which rules.)

What about you guys? Any go-to lunch recipes that take five minutes or less to throw together? Would love to hear all about them. Extra credit for food that toddlers will partake in as well. 


P.S. My mom sent me this video yesterday and asked that I share it here along with the following note: "IT REALLY WORKS, EVERYONE!!!!(amillionexclamationpoints)"

Happy Wednesday! 



Jamila | 8:25 PM

Salad looks great, but I'm writing to share this article.

I think you will love this art.