Sorry, I have to...

I realize I have posted the same thing across all of my social networking things and places but I am so incredibly proud of my brother and keep refreshing all of the pages to read the commentary from the puzzling community who seem to be the kindest bunch in the land for welcoming David with high-fives and hoorahs.

David has spent the last few years constructing crossword puzzles as a side project and this, I assume, will be his first of many published puzzles. Because he's amazing. (He went as a crossword puzzle for Halloween one year. He literally made a crossword puzzle and wore it so that people could solve him during the party. AMAZING, RIGHT?)
Will Shortz writes: “This is David Woolf’s debut. All three 15-letter answers are particularly nice. OSCAR WAO was new to me, but I’ve read up a little on the book since accepting the puzzle, and the entry feels eminently crossword-worthy.”
David's Woolf's Crossword Puzzle debut is available in today's New York Times, on newsstands and online. 


Apologies to my brother who is undoubtably rolling his eyes at my extreme jumping up and down all over the Internet-ness but whoa, am I ever proud to be his sister... today, every day, always.