Activewear. Activewear. I wrote this morning's blog post in my BRAND NEW Activewear.

Okay so this is kind of just a follow up to last week's EVERYTHING IS THE WORST/Activewear post to say that after reading your recommendations and realizing I didn't have time to go to any actual stores last week (or this week) EVEN THOUGH I REALLY WANTED A NEW SPORTS BRA AND SOME LEGIT WORKOUT PANTS, I joined Fabletics (which I can only pronounce FABLE-TICKS) and purchased my first outfit and am now sitting here WEARING said outfit and feeling really cool like the Aussie girls in the video. (P.S. This post is not sponsored. Also, I really don't like the whole "GET BIKINI READY IN STYLE" thing on FABLETICS home page. Bikini ready is not the goal here, folks. Come on, now.
IMG_3721 "long pine key" pants + sportsbra + shirt  = my first order (seen, here.)

I'm not 100% sure how this Fabletics thing works (it's a little confusing, no?) but my first three-piece ensemble cost $39 and the fit/quality is A+, so -- so far so good.

(ED: I will keep you guys posted re: how I feel about the service, etc, etc. I do not plan to order a new outfit every month but I like the idea of ordering something new every other month as a sort of incentive for keeping this whole exercise routine happening. Some of us need carrots. I am one of those someones. I would love to hear if any of you use Fabletics. (And, yes, I have already cut the tags apart so that they read "Fable" so Fable can glue them into the seams of her homemade creations. Dig it.)

Please excuse the awful bathroom pics, but this is what I have to work with, I'm afraid.  (Encinitas represent!) How cute is the back of this bra?
For reference, I wear a Medium in all of the things and everything fits perfectly. I am 5'8 and weigh I have no idea no scales allowed in my house.
Neither is "mirror cleaner," apparently. Dogs are allowed, though.
IMG_3733 (Dogs are always allowed.)

Oh and P.S. This is what happens when you show your four-year-olds the Activewear video a million times.

Translation: I'm peeing myself in my activewear.


P.S. I am traveling with Dove to London tomorrow to participate in Generation Girl at the Women in the World Summit and I AM THRILLED and honored and so beyond excited. More on that soon...

... I typed in my Activewear.