NELSON Presents: The 2015 Halloween Reunion Tour

IMG_5932 IMG_5933 IMG_5934
It all started twenty-five years ago, when, like Phoenixes, we rose to the stage, guitars in hand(s), hair in face(s), hearts on sleeve(s). As many of you know, we rocked the shit out of some shit for many moons. Gunnar learned a mean guitar and our harmonies were unprecedented. I dare you not to cry when you hear that first harmony in (Can't Live Without Your) Love and Affection.

Which reminds me, I can't face another night on my own. I'd give up my pride to save me from being alone. I can't live without your love. 
IMG_5935 So I wait...
IMG_5936 Mmmm, for an answer
IMG_5937 Wondering if tonight will be like yesterday...

I guess this is where we go ahead and share our greatest hit off our Double Platinum Album After the Rain. 

I know what you're thinking. Sometimes I'm Gunnar. Sometimes he's Gunnar. The thing is? Sometimes we can't tell each other apart. And we both really like calling ourselves Gunnar. 
IMG_5930 "Hey, Gunnar." "Hey, Matthew Gunnar."
IMG_5923 Gunnar
IMG_5924 Also Gunnar
IMG_5929 Just kidding, I'm Gunnar.
IMG_5926 And I know the emptiness. You feel inside.
IMG_5927 You're thinking if you break away. You'll never survive...
IMG_5928 And now, without further ado...

We hope you enjoyed a sneak peek of what's to come as we pull back the clouds and take the lightning from the sky in Taos, New Mexico, followed by an epic reunion bash at Red Rocks. (ED: We are actually legitimately on tour right now so feel free to check out our website and join us for one of many events.)
IMG_5925 And may the force of ROCK be with you. IMG_5982