To Live and Hide in LA (and go Apple Picking)

I have a new post up over on Quiet Revolution that features some of my favorite quiet (lesser-known and not-so-lesser-known) places in LA. (Please feel free to add your favorite spots as well! I'm always looking for new places to get lost around here... )
And speaking of Quiet places to "hide" in Los Angeles, we spent our Saturday hiding out in Oak Glen -- home of Southern California apple picking which boasts a very short season, apparently. But it ended up being for the best because here's the thing about apple picking when there are no apples to pick: there are no crowds. And you still get to do fun stuff like make your own cider (although we made cider with apples that WERE NOT hand picked which was less fun, I'll admit.) But still... totally fun.
IMG_6441 Our crew for the day. 

Last year we went to a different farm, the only one we could find that had parking as it was INSANELY CROWDED (there were apples to pick last year).  But even with the crowds we had fun and the farm we picked had live music, which ruled.

This time around we went to Riley's Stone Soup Heritage Orchard because Stone Pantry Orchard was closed. My parents met us there. (It is the same distance, literally to the minute, from their house in Encinitas as it is from our house in West Hollywood.)
IMG_6547 rinsing apples before grinding them into cider IMG_6546 IMG_6559IMG_6545 IMG_6555 IMG_6552
The kids also got to make rag dolls, candles and birdhouses. Bo and Revi did, anyway. Fable is allergic to peanut butter as of a few months ago. Did I ever write about that? Fable's sudden allergy to peanut butter? CRAZY. Like, one day she was suddenly allergic and it took us several weeks to realize what was causing her full-body hives. Anyway, Fable had to steer clear of the PB table over the weekend. The twins, on the other hand...
IMG_6551 IMG_6446 IMG_6558
 The most fun, though, was the panning for gemstones situation. And the beautiful scenery and the fires burning and the marshmallows ready to roast and the hot cider and the bundled up family time.
IMG_6478 IMG_6548
I love Los Angeles like a sister, but getting the hell out of dodge is so dreamy sometimes. Especially when crowds are not a thing.
Just before Bo bolted, Revi melted down and we hightailed it outta there....


For more on Riley's Stone Soup Farm, go here.