Things I love for me and us: November

1. Wear, for me: 

Over the summer I flirted with eyelash extensions but found out very quickly how NOT FOR ME they were. In theory, they were very low maintenance. I mean, you basically just wake up and BAM, you're ready to roll. And even though I went with the very subtle looking lashes, they were still... too much for me. I could see them out of the corner of my eyes at all times and I had a hard time sleeping because I would rub my pillow against my face and be like WHAT THE FUCK IS IN MY EY--  oh, right. I paid for this feeling. Finally I just pulled them all out. Anyway. I was talking to the women at the MAC store about the whole faux-lash-craze when they recommended I tried their NEW and improved mascara. I was like, "yeah, right. OF COURSE you say that."

But then...

I tried it. I tried it and have never looked back. This stuff is THE SHIT, you guys. I have been looking for a mascara I loved as much as the Lancome one they discontinued many moons ago and THIS IS IT. This is it. Also here is a before + after so you can see what we're dealing with here, no filter, no makeup... besides the mascara, of course.
Wear, for them: 
Zara velvet tuxedo Jacket (they also have one in maroonand matching velvet bow tie

Tonight Archer is competing as a member of his school Ballroom Dance team (!!!)  so earlier this week we hit up Zara to do a little shopping. He didn't have any slacks that fit him and his suit jacket was three sizes too small so Archer put together the most badass ensemble that is completely mismatched but still totally works and I cannot wait to see him do his thing tonight. I mean the kid is ON FIRE lately. What a time these last few weeks have been for him. This whole year, really. 5th grade has been a game changer. Pivotal. Amazing.

Anyway, Archer picked out this jacket, which I got in one size up (12-14) so he can wear it with jeans or whatever and make it last for longer than three seconds. It's completely adorable. We found the bow tie in the men's section because they had a much more debonair collection.
2. Read, for me: 
The First Bad Man by: Miranda July

You know what? Forget what I just said. You’re already a part of this. You will eat, you will laugh at stupid things, you will stay up all night just to see what it feels like, you will fall painfully in love, you will have babies of your own, you will doubt and regret and yearn and keep a secret. You will get old and decrepit, and you will die, exhausted from all that living. That is when you get to die. Not now.” - Miranda July, The First Bad Man

Everything Miranda July writes is magic. All of it. Every. single. thing. I was waiting to finish another book before starting The First Bad Man but then I just said "fuck it" and got started and, well... I'm glad I did.

Because OF COURSE I am. Trust me, just read it. Just read it, okay? Read it just trust read read.

This book arrived yesterday and was so painfully beautiful that Fable and I read it back and forth to each other. We talked about death. We talked about life. We talked about the magic of writing and pictures. We talked about passion and how some people feel that they are BORN to do certain things. We marveled at the images and the poetry. This book blew both of us away for very different reasons that were much the same. A book for all ages, for sure. A treasure. For fans of Anna Pavlova and those who have never heard of her, this book is what you should be purchasing for your household this month.

3. TV, for me: 
Master of None, Netflix

Master of None picks up where Louie left off... except we're following Aziz Ansari this time. I was a fan of his before this show. Now? Now I am a full-blown stalker. Master of None is awkward, charming and like nothing I have ever seen on television. It provides a commentary on race/racial identity that is hilariously introspective while also exploring the spoils of 21st century life in a way that is nuanced, satirical and kind. We are only three episodes in thus far because I refuse to binge watch something worth savoring. Best new show hands down.
One Mississippi premiered its pilot episode on Amazon last week and blew me away. Starring Tig Notaro (she also co-wrote with Diablo Cody,) the pilot (and subsequent series) is based on the true story of Tig's mother's death as well as her simultaneous battle with breast cancer and intestinal disease. And yet, there is so much light coming from the end of Tig's tunnel, that it's impossible not to feel it -- even in the moments that hurt to watch. It is also clearly an homage to Notaro's hometown and pre-LA life. I can't wait to see what's next. (You can watch it here/now for free.)
TV, for them: 
Brain Games
(The first two seasons are on Netflix.)

This show has been the go-to favorite for all four kids for the last several months. Educational, fun and mind blowing for the whole family. Skip the Halloween episode, though. (For your kids.) That shit is scary. 
4. Movie, for ALL OF US: 
The Peanuts Movie (Now Playing)

I was expecting to fall asleep in this movie when we took the kids yesterday. (I'm not normally a Peanuts fan.) Instead, I sat through it completely engaged, as two squirmy children smashed popcorn against my cheeks. And at the end? I cried. All six of us really enjoyed the movie and I am recommending it with full thumbs up to every family up in here. It's not every day a film can appeal LITERALLY to all ages. This one did.
5. Obsession of the month, for me:  

Weird? Maybe. But I cannot get enough of this stuff. I throw a few dollops in my morning eggs, use it in place of salsa with my chips, heat it up and put it over pasta, quinoa... my fingers. It is THE BEST STUFF out there right now. Period exclamation point. (It was this or recommending more sauerkraut.)
Obsession of the month, for them:  

Someone recently recommended these dolls in the comments of my Barbie post and I am so glad they did (Thank you!) because they're awesome and we just recently purchased a pair for Bo and Revi's friend's birthday. And now I want to start collecting them for myself. I love them a Lottie.
What about you guys? What are your recommendations for watching, reading, wearing, playing, eating, doing, seeing, etc-ing? What are your latest and greatests for November?