Last Name Standing

IMG_6775 I don't know either, Rev.

This week on, I'm talking about last names. Because it's been two years since we've had this little chat and it's time to have it again. 

The last name conversation has come up several times as of late. It came when I was sent this link to a Manrepeller piece about men taking their wives' names, which then led to THIS piece featuring 15 men reacting to the idea that a man might take his wife's last name, which, in these guys' defense, I wouldn't want my husband to take my name. For the same reason I didn't want to take his. It makes me feel uncomfortable to trade my name for another. And it would make me feel uncomfortable for him to do the same.

That said, some of these dudes are THE WORST. No offense, but, like, ASSHOLES.

I talked to Hal about this (for the 78979872318971927th time) yesterday, when I mentioned I was writing another post about the marriage + babies + last name conundrum.

His response. "AGAIN!? Look, we can change the kids' last names if it matters that much to you. WE CAN CALL THEM ALL WOOLF IF THAT'S WHAT YOU WANT."

But it isn't what I want. I mean, it IS... kind of. (I actually just want to change the GIRLS' last names to Woolf because it feels fair to me that the girls get my name and the boy gets Hal's name, especially because his name is ISAAC/SON AKA Manboyofman. Also, Woolf is the most badass name ever. If my last name was Poopbucketstinkernuts I would GLADLY take Isaacson as my own.

Or maybe I wouldn't. Maybe I would be like, "FUCK THAT. I've made it thus far with a name like Poopbucketstinkernuts and I'm going to keep on keeping on!"

My point is, I am still totally hung up over last names in a way that keeps me up at night more than anything else. Is that insane? Maybe. But I feel like I failed by not having enough of an opinion when Fable was born and I want to make sure all you ladies out there listening tonight don't make the same mistake I made which is... defaulting to THEY GET HIS NAME OF COURSE BECAUSE THAT IS THE WAY IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN.

And while Hal is totally right that it wouldn't take that much to change the girls' last name, (especially the twins), Fable and Archer are very set in their names and I don't want to mess with that. And I also don't want Archer to feel like he has a different name from his sisters. Plus, I am very well aware of how insane I sound right now about all of this. And now I'm right back where I started.

You can read my whole post, here. 

Sincerely yours, 
Larry David