The Month in Moments: October

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We were all in costumes this month. I guess we're all still in costumes. Always in costumes. Nice, costume. Thanks. I like yours, too. 
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Halloween was the best. It always is. I find walking the neighborhood at night with my kids to be incredibly magical. I fall in love with my community every time -- the people who go all out to make magic for the local kids... the lights and the music and the "what are you, little girl?"
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The kids had the best time and while Archer and Fable turned in early, Bo and Revi stayed out well past 9:00, fearlessly approaching doors with hanging skeletons, all in the name of candy we confiscated the next day. (They couldn't have cared less, by the way. We let them eat WAY more candy than they should have as we were trick-or-treating and then we took it away.) Trick-or-treating was never about the candy, anyway, was it? It wasn't for me. I just liked to party in the streets past bedtime. Hell, I still do.
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It's been a dark month for me --  for a lot of people I know. (Wasn't Mercury supposed to peace out of retrograde and bring us all back to love and light? WHAT HAPPENED!??)
Not that everything is even CLOSE to being the worst because it isn't. There was so much beauty and joy these last few weeks. There was London which was amazing and llamas which were delightful and Maggie Mason riding into her 40th year on the back of a giant flamingo....
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...There was dancing and singing and movin to the groovin. There were carnivals and pumpkin patches and karaoke date nights and kids climbing cars and singing each other songs and being amazing.
Wishing everyone a light filled November.
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