Halloween: Part Two

photo 3
We didn't recognize them at first. Their hair was lighter than usual and they were drinking Starbucks instead of Intelligentsia and their hair was... well, a mess.

"Excuse me? Are you...
photo 1-3
... you wouldn't happen to be..." I trailed off. 
photo 5-4
Hal shushed me, of course. "Just pretend like you don't see them," he said. "Pretend like they blend in with the family. Pretend like they aren't standing inside our living room."

"I'm sorry, are you talking to us?" they turned and spoke in unison. 
photo 1-5 "Are you talking to me and us?"
photo 3-5 "Do you like our coats? They are oversized."
photo 4-5 "Let's embrace."
photo 5-6 (Embrace.)

"Yes, we are talking to you and you!" I said.

And then Revi got all fangirl because of the new The ROW handbag line.

"Tell me about your 2015 Handbags from the Resort Collection!" she exclaimed.

This startled Ashley, who had been stressed out about the new release dates and wasn't ready to answer questions. 
photo 3-4 photo 4-4
"I'll take this one," MK proclaimed, removing her sunglasses which subsequently got caught in her hair. 
photo 5-2
But then, a phone rang and the news that Fashion Week was once again upon us (It's Fashion Week somewhere!) spread into our living room and into the ears and eyes of MK & A. 
photo 4-7
And so, they clasped hands and disappeared into the night. 
photo 3-6
"See you at NYFW, Paris Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week!" they said. "And Toronto Fashion Week, Orange County Fashion Week, The Sky Fashion Week and every other week that has fashion in it."
photo 3-1 THE END.
photo 5-3


ED: I've been a MK and A fan since their Full House days and find them iconic and incredibly impressive in that they were able to evolve, redefine themselves and come of age in a highly critical world, with grace and anonymity. Just wanted to put that out there. Also, the only wigs left at the store were these bleached blonde things which I attempted to color with eye shadow (see dark roots) but now that I'm looking at these photos am realizing, it didn't really work. Anyway, Cheers to Mary-Kate and Ashley. We had way too much fun pretending to be you on Friday night. Peace sign finger emoticon...
photo 3-4 Love always, Us. 
photo 1-4
Until next year...