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One of the greatest things about the week after Halloween is that costumes, are, like 90% off, which is a very exciting thing in my household because nobody here wears clothes, really. I mean, they wear clothes, but most of those clothes came out of costume bags or boxes, Halloween racks...
Yesterday, at our local CVS, Fable built a costume out of sale merchandise that totaled a whopping $8 including hat and masquerade mask. She wore it allllllll day yesterday. Like, for ten hours. Mask included.
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The day before she wore a flower costume I found on sale on the Chasing Fireflies website. (If you're like me and you enjoy stocking up on costumes the week after Halloween, they have a pretty incredible selection. I'm obsessed with their costumes. They have Fable's Rainbow costume from two years ago on sale for $33 for example. And she wears that thing constantly.)

We invented a word over the weekend and that word is Halloha, which is like, Aloha vibes but Halloween ones. But instead of doing the shaka, you do the... devil horn... shaka. Do you know what I mean? I'm doing the hand gesture now but you can't see me because I'm typing. Halloha. HALLOHA! 

Anyway, I can tell I'm losing you, so let's switch gears, here. To... music! Let's talk music.

This track's for all you Frente fans in the house because Keira Knightly clearly channeled us some Angie Hart with her vocals on the Begin Again soundtrack.

The movie is extremely sweet. Hal and I watched it over the weekend and really liked it. The first act was a little Captain Obvious Oneclicheafteranotherish, but as it progressed, the movie picked up steam and developed heart and I fell in love with everything about it. Keira rocks it. And Mark Ruffalo channels his inner (and outer) Wayne Coyne beautifully. (Unless they are now the same person? I kept doing double takes through the entire movie.) Begin Again is available via On Demand right now and is the second feature from writer/director John Carney (Once) with music by Gregg Alexander of The New Radicals fame.

Go watch it. You'll like it, I think.

We are so behind on movie watching (per usual) and don't get out to the movie theatre much these days, unless it's with the kids. Archer and Fable loved loved The Boxtrolls, btw. Bo and Revi haven't been to a movie theatre yet. Soon.

How about you guys? I would love to hear what films you've watched and enjoyed recently. There are so many movies I'm dying to see. Skeleton Twins, Obvious Child, Whiplash, Gloria, Birdman, Gone Girl. (Every time I see the words "Gone Girl" my brain does this thing where I see Girl's Gone Child and I have to reverse the words in my brain. Hi.) In the meantime, here's a video from Begin Again. And one from Frente, too, because, hello. 

220. Lost Stars, performed by Keira Knightly, written by Gregg Alexander

Bizarre Love Triangle covered by: Frente (originally by New Order)


Happy Monday, all. Last week was a real bummer. (More on that, later.) Let's make this one A THOUSAND TIMES BETTER, yes? (YES!)
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