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Today's post was sponsored by OneDay App -- an app that makes your home movies for you.
Today's post features the OneDay app, an instant movie maker app that does it all for you by providing questions to use in interviews, tunes for background jam sesh action, and in-app editing. (You can click here to download and give it a spin.)

My original plan for this post was to interview all of us and be very formal and nostalgic SUNRISE, SUNSET, SUNRISE, SUNSET... but that plan was a terrible one because Bo and Archer were, like, NO. 

Meanwhile Revi chose her own adventure, ignoring all of the questions entirely:

Fable wanted to do two videos. With the first one, I didn't really know what I was doing but it turned out awesome anyway. I uploaded and posted it, here, where it now lives, saved forever.  (ED: Gooey is my inspiration, too.)

By the second video, we were old pros: 

And then late last night, Hal and I decided to do one about us, and that's where I decided to take this post, today. Because if your kids are anything like two out of four of mine, being interviewed for a video may not be their jam whereas, as I found by doing a back and forth camera interview with Hal, interviewing your spouse/partner/person is actually kind of therapeutic. Who knew?

Hal and I went ahead and shot a couple more that I WILL not post here because OVERKILL, which brings me to the following question: have you ever interviewed your significant other? Like, on camera? 

I had not until yesterday. 

The camera becomes the therapist in this weird way and then, afterward, you watch the interviews together and then discuss... I feel like there might be something to that, no? Weekly interviews with significant others? ONEDAY: MARRIAGE EDITION?
Thanks again to OneDay for sponsoring this post. And inspiring our new marital therapy sessions. I really APPreciate it. (Zing!)

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