Oversharer's Anonymous?

This week on Mom.me, I wrote a little bit about "oversharing", specifically, what my "code of content" is for sharing (life, love, opinions) in public forums after twenty years of doing so. It is quite possibly my most frequently asked question, mainly with people I interact with outside the Internet who don't understand what it is I do and why I do it. 

Not that my "code" should be anything like yours (or anyone else's), but I think it's an important conversation to have, especially as our children come of age. (If we can't follow our own rules for appropriate social media use, how can we expect our kids to?)

You can read the my entire post (including my little list), here. 

As always I would love to hear your thoughts on this matter. Are you active online/in social media? Do you have a code of content for what you are willing to post? 
Oh, and btw, we're working on a new comment system over at Mom.me that will be a little more inviting for commenters because, ideally, I would love to bring the conversations over to that space, instead. Standby for more on that and all the love.