Live Colorfully: Baby Shower Power (And Giveaway!)

Today's post was sponsored by Munchkin. Thanks, Munchkin!
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So, all of my friends are pregnant and/or they just gave birth, and I now it's my turn to be the unrelated auntie that my friends have been to my kids all this time. Which is awesome. Babies are GREAT NEWS. Showers are extremely fun to attend even though I always lose every. single. game because I suck at all social games where prizes are involved.

That said, a funny thing happens when your kids are no longer infants. You forget how they work. I do, anyway. Four kids later and I have all but forgotten what new moms need --- the essentials, when it's appropriate to feed a baby solids... the whole neck holding thing... etc etc etc.

Which brings me to today's post of colorful newborn necessities that I had to do a bit of archive-revisiting to remember.

Anyway, here are some ideas for those of you who, like me, are in the market for an awesome baby shower gift for a friend who is expecting and you have no clue what infancy necessities even are anymore.

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I wrote a post a while back about how far swaddlers have come in terms of cuteness and these cannot be topped as far as shower gifts go. Every new mama in my life has been gifted a set of Munchkin swaddlers because they're gorgeous and soft and the very best looking/soft/ swaddlers on the market.

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I also wrote a post about these which are ALSO awesome must-haves for babies. All four of mine loved being swaddled and I used to swaddle Bo and Revi together when they were infants, which, SOB! 

We never used diaper pails with my kids, so the Munchkin disposal bags were a necessity. There was no other way to dispose of our dirty diapers and I still have them in my purse for emergencies. And, yes, I realize that "poop bags" aren't a very sexy gift, but for me, they were incredibly life-save-y. (If you do choose to diaper pail, Munchkin has one of those, too. They have everything.) 

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Whether or not you/your friend plans to breastfeed, having bottles on hand is imperative. Unless your friend plans to breastfeed solely and not use a bottle which I totally respect and in that case, you can skip this one. For me, and most mamas I know, bottle feeding is part of work/life/sanity/balance and these bottles are supposed to be very breast-like and awesome. They also have WAY less parts than other brands so you don't have to wash 78789781398 things. Which rules.
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(I have now heard from several sources that they're the best on the market right now. Target shoppers seem to agree.)

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When the twins were born, we had three of these going at once. The amount of bottle cleaning that was being done at the time was immense and I always think about parents of trips and quadrups and wonder how they manage all of those bottle cleaning. Anyway, this is a cute one. Sprout rules. 

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Self explanitory for sure, although Munchkin now makes the brushes where you can put the soap IN them which I don't think existed three years ago. (Did it?) They also make a bottle brush specifically for their new line of LATCH bottles. Dig it. 

Adorable bibs and baby food to-go spoons (link)
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Bibs have to be cute. It's a rule. And, sure, they'll end up stained beyond recognition but for now, THEY ARE SO CUTE LOOK AT THE LION AND THE PENGUIN! (I was also a big fan of the to-go screw on spoons for to-go babyfood eating.) 

Sound Machine 
Funny story about sound machines. The twins slept with one in their room from the time they were born and because their bedroom has always been close to ours, when the twins recently decided they no longer wanted a sound machine in their room, I became an insomniac. I didn't sleep for an entire week and then it occurred to me that I had become so dependent on falling asleep to the sounds of ocean waves casually crashing on a shoreline that I could no longer sleep without it! I was hooked on sound!

Anyway, now Hal and I sleep with the sound machine. Bell curve of life, amirite?

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We're at the tail end of diapering but, unfortunately, still utilizing our diaper changing station. I learned quickly with Archer that the only changing station one really needs is a dresser + changing pad + changing pad cover and a basket for diapers and wipes. We always had three covers handy, just in case of emergencies. Because, when one twin had an explosion, chances are the other would, too, and we'd need that third pad more than you would think. Babies are TMI. Sorry. 

Duck tub + Rubber Ducky because, hello, classics!

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When I had my baby shower (almost ten years ago, damn!) I was given the Munchkin ducky bathtub and it was FULL of goodies. Archer bathed in that tub for the first year of his life. The ducky bath toy is, of course, another classic. We have, like, ten of them at this point. They're lifers.

Anyway, inspired by that gift and Fable who helped me arrange the rainbow spread (pictured at the top of this post) I have put together a "Live Colorfully" Shower Power gift basket. Voila:
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... And today, thanks to my sisters at Munchkin, I get to give one away ($190 value) for you or a friend who is expecting.  Hooray for expecting!
(ED: You'll have to blow up the bath tub yourself, though. Or find a friend/partner to help you. Thanks, Hal.)
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...To win? Tell me what your top baby necessities were/are. I'll pick one winner next Thursday, November 13th.

For me, I'd have to say, swaddlers, baby carrier(s), bottles, poop bags and a sound machine. Those are my desert island picks for sure. What about you?


Thanks again, Munchkin for sponsoring this post and hosting this giveaway! You can follow Munchkin on Instagram, hereMunchkin products are available at stores including TargetBabies’R’Us, Amazon, and Munchkin.comLove to all and Happy Thursday!

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