We Are Halloween And So Can You

With GGC as Ernie!

Hal as Bert!

And Archer as the Rubber Ducky! (he makes bathtime so much fun)

Finally we can be public with our family. (We got married in Massachusetts.)

Bert and Ernie have had something going on for years, now.

Rubber Ducky's not amused.

Wait, never mind. He is.

Happy Halloween!

And it was happy.

(very much so.)



Bringing Up Ben | 10:46 AM

ok, so I am the nerd who has been checking back every 10 minutes HOPING for 'the reveal'.


Anonymous | 11:01 AM

aweeee! Ive been checking in all day long. worth the wait!!! So cute!


Wyvern | 11:23 AM


The unibrow totally seals the deal. ;)

Badness Jones | 11:32 AM

Sooo Adorable! Love it.

Kat | 11:41 AM

OMG...Hal as Bert is the greatest! I especially like Archer's "I make bathtime" lettering on his costume. Genius!

Mme | 12:58 PM

Your costumes are the best thing ever. Stupendous!

Anonymous | 1:28 PM

I really like the costumes, looks so cute! You pull everything together.

Anonymous | 1:41 PM

OMG I am a total lurker and I have to say I LOVE your blog...I am not sure how I found it but I've been lurking for a while now (& I don't have any children yet..)...anyways, I HAD to comment on your costumes because me & the fiance were going ot be Bert & Ern...his middle name is Robert and I call him Bert and my name is Emily and an old friend used to always call me Ernie. So I thought it would be sooo fitting! We ended up not dressing up and I planned on using that next year. Just wanted to tell you how much I LOVED your costume idea...because, well, great minds think alike!

Anonymous | 2:13 PM

Very Clever! My favorite editorial cartoon is by Jack Ohman from 1995. "When PBS Goes Tabloid" Bert and Ernie are sitting in guest chairs while Mr. Rogers says, "Muppets in ambiguous relationships! Next Mister Rogers!"

We all know about those two.

I don't live here anymore. | 2:23 PM

I am still nowhere preggo. But, Love your blog! You are such an amazing writer. I now visit Scarlett's cause of you and she is so adorable. Love Bert. And ernie and duckie. soooo creative. You use the simple things to make a whole costume come together. Last years was amazing too! x to the o

ImpostorMom | 2:50 PM

So cute. I too have been checking back all day. :P great costumes!

Scar | 2:51 PM

perfect bec. fucking perfect.

motherbumper | 5:00 PM

berts hair is perfection

the duck is awesome

and ernie, well ernie I always knew there was something about a couple of five year olds living together all alone

well done ggc well done

Kyran | 5:43 PM

utterly awesome.

I want you guys to adopt me.

b*babbler | 6:33 PM

That is the most awesome family dress up ever!

You rock!

The Mommy | 7:15 PM

Absolutely awesome. I love it!

Phoenix | 7:38 PM

Dude, that is friggin awesome.

Motherhood Uncensored | 8:02 PM

you look amazing with that black eyeliner. really offsets the red nose nicely.

Anonymous | 8:20 PM

...Rubber Ducky I'm awfully fond of you...

You guys rock

Chris | 8:24 PM

You guys all look great! Looks like you had a fun time.


I do realize I look like a cracked-out clown but I was totally shticking it, I swear. Annoying Bert with silly games. Singing out of tune... Wait. Maybe that's just me being me. Never mind.

Meemo | 10:25 PM

Best costumes ever. You totally rocked that clown nose and those eyebrows...Perfection.

Lotus (Sarcastic Mom) | 11:23 PM

Omgosh! Best family costumes I've seen in a long time! :-)

Anonymous | 1:56 PM

wow that ernie costume is creepily perfect. or perfectly creepy. ditto bert :) and i LOVE the last shot of archer peeking around the door.

genius. purrre geeenius.

Anonymous | 3:28 PM

OK, LOVE the costume theme! Archer looks freaking adorable! Hal is working Ernie... but Bec, you're kind of scary as Bert.

(You know I love you... I'm just keeping it real.)

Anonymous | 8:48 PM

My husband and I were just talking about ideas for threesome costume ideas for next year (for he and I and our new pup Iggy). This is such an amazing idea. "I make bath time so much fun" is what really makes the set. Too great.

Kell | 5:37 AM

Hahaha, brilliant!!!!!!!!! Soo funny.

Creative-Type Dad | 10:23 PM


Love that "I make bathtime..." message.

Gina | 2:25 PM

Excellent costumes! Love the story too! Great work, GGC!

Russell | 6:38 PM

great work, guys. archer is one lucky duck! :)