666 Bloggies of Blog on the Blog

My library number from 1st grade to senior year of High School was "666"

We were all appointed a number when we started school, a number we were to keep until we graduated. At first I just thought, "cool! This will be easy to remember," then some kid pulled me aside and warned me that my books might be possessed by the devil. That 666 was Satan's phone number or I.D. or something. I was scared. I asked to trade in my library card but the librarian explained to me that the number was kind of like social security card for students and I couldn't just trade it in for another.

"Uh. Okay," I said.

Come Junior High, when the devil became cool and rock and roll and "devil horns, rah!" My 666 library card went from unnerving to totally bad ass. Guys totally dug it. Girls did, too. I totally flashed the triple 6's like a gang sign in the halls of Diegueno Jr. High (yes, I was blonde, but I was no Mischa, thankyouverymuch.)

I've had a soft-spot for the 666 ever since. We've had our ups and downs of course but come High School graduation, I was sad to the triple 6's go. Twas the end of an era, not to mention sucky to pay all those "lost book" late fees.

Anyway, the reason I bring this less than necessary piece of information to the attention of the interwebs is because this post marks my 666th here at Girl's Gone Child which is crazy to even think about. Because, 666 is like, whoa, a lot of posts.

Anyway... Thank YOU, dear readers for allowing me to bombard you with stories and ideas and videos and venting and navel-gazing and talk about poop-dreams and rapz and all kinds of useless information for the last two plus years. I so appreciate you putting up with my tomfoolery all this time. You rule.


And speaking of 666, congratulations to Brooke and Micah for getting your fabulous selves engaged. And in Bali, no less. (Micah used to have "666" on his license plate back in the ol' days. Coincidence? I think not.)


Whit | 10:03 PM

Also a most excellent Iron Maiden song.

Sonja Streuber, PMP(R), SSBB | 10:44 PM

Haha. 666 is part of one of my "important life numbers" (like driver's license, social security, you get the point ...). I'm the beast (or so they say)!

motherbumper | 3:57 AM

It's the first thing I checked for on the back of Bumper's head when she was born - didn't see it but somedays I think it might be tattooed in flesh coloured ink.

I think it's a fantastical number and congrats on post 666 - it's an inspiration!

Anonymous | 11:12 AM

Congratulations! I also have a love for 666, considering I was born on the 6th month of the 6th day at 6:30. Mwahahaha

I really enjoy reading every day and you inspire me. Keep up the great writing!

Tracey | 11:46 AM

(gives The Goat and does rock guitar wail)

Anonymous | 12:34 PM

And here's to 666 more. At least!

Anonymous | 12:55 PM

i like your blogs... however you dont blog often so you suck

kittenpie | 4:41 PM

Rock on, GGC! I just noticed I am nearing 300 and thought that was impressive but holy crap, that's a whole lotta writing you've done there, girl.

Gidge Uriza | 4:38 PM

I've always been a bigger fan of 668, neighbor of the beast.
You know, he's a little less intense.