Cars Are More Our Speed

In other news, tonight while watching Hal's favorite show, The Hills (wtf, right?), Archer pointed at the clips of Hollywood in the end montage and said, "Iz home! Home! Yay!" before clapping his little hands. I was surprised, impressed and in agreement. Los Angeles iz home and when I'm away for long enough I realize how happy I am living in such a wacko town. Everywhere else seems so normal. So quiet. And clean.

Looking forward to hitting the skies tomorrow morning for what I'm hoping is a much more pleasant round two of airplane travel. And falling into a heap of dirty laundry bed tomorrow afternoon.

Ah, yes. There's no place like ghetto bird nests, hooker-ville with plastic blondes driving Escalades, homeless dudes with laptops for boom boxes, nudist neighbors, porn-star pool parties, dudes who have tattoos under their eyelids, Santa Ana firestorms, drunk-naked drug-addicts, motorized-cart shopping sprees, actors acting even when the cameras aren't rolling home.



Anonymous | 9:37 PM

That video is TOO funny!

Unknown | 10:30 PM

Awesome girl, great blog. Don't even know where I came across it actually.

Anyway, The Hills is my fav show too.

LA sounds dope. I'm definitely living in the wrong city.

Anonymous | 6:44 AM


Anonymous | 7:19 AM

Rock on Arch-man!

Of course how could one NOT rock out to The Cars?????

Did you marry Hal for his good looks or his singing voice???;)

clueless but hopeful mama | 9:24 AM

He's totally rocking out!?!?! How cute is that!!

Anonymous | 11:55 AM

Archer is so adorable. I love it when they dance!

kittenpie | 12:53 PM

I love hearing you say you're feeling like LA is home, because I remember a time when you weren't so sure. And just lookit that cute little man of yours. Awwwwr.

Anonymous | 3:49 PM

Excuse me, Missy, but New York is not normal or quiet or clean. So getcher ass over here, wouldja?

Scar | 5:41 PM

I'm here. My blog is returning in a new and improved form :) I miss you becca. I wish you were here. xo.

Anonymous | 6:32 PM

future chair dancer for sure!!~jjlibra

A Mom Two Boys | 7:15 PM

LOVE that Archer got Hal's rockin' ways...SO CUTE!

And don't worry...the return flight is NEVER as bad as you think it's going to be. Good Luck!

Momo Fali | 7:23 PM sounds lovely. Just like Kansas in the Wizard of Oz. I'll be you even get to see green, wicked-witches sometimes!

caramama | 1:32 PM

Archer is adorable moving to the music! He already knows the white-man-dance! Too cute!

And you mean there are children who don't cry like they are being tortured during a car ride? While you were having a tough flight, we were having a rough car trip. Kids are just not easy.