Planes, Trains and Roadtrips to Miami

It's getting better all the time. Bettah awl the ti-i-ime! We're still alive. Still in Florida. We've caught up on sleep and are now effectively kicking back with Hal's parentals at their condo in Palm Beach-ishville...

...Shopping for (squirt) guns and pawning off oversized bags n' shit:

Also watching trains:

And blowing bubbles:

Experimenting with electricity:

And kaleidoscopes:

Watching more trains (obviously)...

Straight trippin' in some badass disco-light rooms:

And more trains! Hooray!

Tomorrow we set off for Miami. In search of La Vida Loca and A1A Beachfront Avenue. (Police on the scene! Ya know what I mean?) Luckily, Archer's a champ at road-trips so what went so totally wrong on the airplane might just... Actually. Stop. Wait. I'm not going to say a word at the risk of becoming even more of a failed optimist. I'm just gonna ride this one out with no expectations whatsoever and the rag top down so my hair can blow. (The girlies don't stand by waiting just to say hi, ya know?)

Yo, man, let's get outta here. Word to yer mother.


(too cold.)

*All photos taken in/at/around the South Florida Science Museum. Awesome, stuff, Florida. You go!


Scar | 8:11 AM

I miss you. Keep having fun. xox.

Anonymous | 1:18 PM

If it rains all day, you can hit up Sawgrass Mills in Sunrise - if you go into that outlet mall near the Rainforest Cafe, there's an indoor gym thingie for little kids right there.

Anonymous | 1:20 PM

you should have fun in miami- the girls are hot and wear less than bikinis. very cute pics!!! ~jjlibra

Daisy | 6:26 PM

Love the trains! Hubby is a modeler. Maybe your littles will discover this hobby; it stays fun for a lifetime.

Mom101 | 6:27 PM

You may be the only person that could make me wish I was in Palm Beach-ish right now.

Carry on with the fun-having. Safe trip.

Anonymous | 12:20 AM

jealous, cause i'm out gettin' mine, archer with the gauge and rebecca with the nine... squirt guns, that is. have funnnn :)

Cherri B | 8:13 AM

My guess is you're not a dope fiend, so you'll enjoy your visit to A1A. LOL Glad things are getting better for you! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

A Mom Two Boys | 8:19 AM

WOW...that place looks awesome! I'm pretty sure we'd never be able to get my son away from the trains, or me away from the disco lights!
Keep having're not missing anything here but cold nights & more smoke in the air!

BOSSY | 8:33 AM

Ahhhh, no jackets.

Loukia | 11:36 AM

They have an awesome children's museum in Miami, too! And go to Bal Harbour Shops....

NH Yocal | 7:53 PM

Cute pics and love the name Archer, how cool.

Tracey | 8:22 AM

have an irrational hatred of florida, but love ze pitchers!