Friday (Afternoon) Fashion: Rainy Day Edition

The last few times it's rained in L.A. we've been out of town so when I woke this morning to the sounds of drip-drip against the window I was ecstatic. Looking forward to a late-morning pajama fest, catching up with the last few weeks of New York Times Sunday Editions and skidding around the house in slipper-socks, and of course, dressing Archer up snug in his raincoat and boots, two items that rarely make an appearance 'round these here parts. (A crying shame.)

Frog Raincoat by: Kidorable
Rubber Alligator Boots by: "Puddles" which I can't find online so Kidorable will have to do.
Dark jeans by Osh Kosh for Target (Not available online, sadly but I found Archer's at our local store for any of you locals.)

Happy splashing!



Anonymous | 3:37 PM

Pfft... I'll send you some rain!

We had 29 straight days of rain last February. It's been sunny for MOST of this month, but the winter rainies will be starting soon. Booooo... Though rain IS better than snow!

Maybe I'll get a snazzy raincoat like Archer's and then I'll be less grumpy about rain. ;)

Anonymous | 3:18 PM

adorable!! ~jjlibra

Meemo | 8:57 PM

I'm loving the rain. It's so fun to snuggle up in a sweater, without breaking out in a sweat. We haven't had rain in months. I'm loving it.

That rain coat is adorable. Too bad my old boys wouldn't be caught dead in that.

Anonymous | 11:27 PM

PS: It's snowing like a mofo here today! BRRRRR!

caramama | 2:18 PM

That outfit is so adorable! And, oh, the boots! The alligator boots! Love it. Thanks for sharing.

Mom101 | 6:33 PM

What's amazing is, at the top of the page, he's facing you, profile to profile, and I just gasped at the likeness.