Friday (Afternoon) Fashion

I have been known to splurge on pajamas because there is nothing more depressing than trying to decide between Carters brand and Thomas the Train at our local Target. Fug-to the-ly...

Until now...

These. Pajamas. Will melt. Your heart:

Sock Monkeys chillin' on Banana Moons by: Nick and Nora for Target.

FINALLY Target gets it right in the pajama department.

(For more Nick and Nora for Target jam-jams, go, here.)



Anonymous | 2:57 PM

oooh a pajama snob! i figure no one is going to see us except for the people in our dreams- should i be dressing better in bed? now you've got me wondering...


A pajama snob, yes, but only in Archer's case. I'm a wife-beater and running shorts girl, myself.

divrchk | 3:25 PM

My kids' both got Nick and Nora pjs from Target LAST Christmas. They are great!

Anonymous | 3:53 PM

I love them! I actually just picked those bad boys up the other day for my godson. I love the nick and nora pjs - I've got lots of pairs for my girl.

Scar | 4:12 PM

Im always a running shorts girl. Also, Target ALWAYS gets it right here. They've got good shit.

Molly | 5:12 PM

Oh, I just lurrrve the Nick and Nora's. Here's Max rockin' the dalmations and firemen ones:

Crazy Baby Lady | 6:21 PM

He looks so cute in those!

I am a pj snob too. I LOVED these at Target but they were all out of the ones in Layla's size (both the pink and the blue one). :( So I ended up getting her the light blue cloud ones which are still darn cute ( PIC HERE ).

clueless but hopeful mama | 3:05 PM

I just bought the blue clouds set for Zoe yesterday. I was astounded to see such cuteness there (even if they are coated with that crazy feeling non-flamable crap.

Unknown | 4:59 PM

Totally a PJ snob! Why exactly do we care what our babies are dressed in while they sleep and no one else will see them? I mean, seersucker suits for a wedding are one thing, but PJ's?? No way. Even though the sock monkeys are way cute.

Anonymous | 9:43 PM

I LOVE pajamas. I have always wanted a zip-up onesie. I'm still holding out, twenty years later.

Cheryl | 11:56 PM

If it's got monkeys, it's gotta be okay!

Anonymous | 9:16 AM

well, thank goodness!! i've been looking for cute jammies for my son for a while and since i'm just crazy about monkeys i luv these! thanks for the tip.

Richard | 6:06 PM

Old Navy does OK sleep suits, and if you have a granny in the UK, Mothercare's bedware rocks.

kittenpie | 2:12 PM

N+N has always had cute PJs. Me, I used to be a flannel sleep pants and a tank or T girl, but Misterpie indicated that it was, um, less than sexy, so now I'm snoring in little jersey slips that are just as comfy, as long as I have enough covers on.