Street-sign typo: NW corner of Beverly and Vista

Today I saw a bum flipping through his Itunes on his laptop, displayed neatly on a shopping cart he was pushing down the street, full of the usual stacks of towels and bags of cans.

Homeless man + laptop = Itunes shufflin' down Beverly.

Gah. Remember when in the old-days bums rocked boomboxes? The future is weird.



b*babbler | 7:48 PM

That is some seriously messed up shit, but really? Doesn't everyone need a bit of music in their lives?


Totally. Everyone must embrace the rock or go home.

Dragon | 10:26 PM

how completely bizarre. Itunes = yay... but bums with laptops? I don't even have a laptop. I am not as cool as that bum. :(

motherbumper | 5:31 AM

He probably has an agent too.

Anonymous | 7:22 AM

Maybe it was Michael Lohan:


ImpostorMom | 7:54 AM

Where does he charge said laptop?

I have to say that I find that absolutely hysterical.


Yeah. I was wondering about the plug issue as well but there are public sockets at some parks. Or maybe he has a friend with some electricity? Or... uh.... He was Michael Lohan. Hee.

Anonymous | 8:55 AM

Dude, a homeless man has an iPod and I don't? What is up with the world? I wonder if he would teach me how to use one?

You L.A. is truly weird. Our bums just have cell phones. We are so 1999.

kittenpie | 1:55 PM

Oh jinkies. I don't have a laptop. But then again, I do have a home, and I don't listen to music nearly enough anymore. Maybe choosing the rock is the way to go for some.

Lynsey | 4:40 PM

We all have our priorities :)

I used to live on a street called Limoneria. There was three signs at different intersections for this street. One was: Limonera, Two was: Lemoneria, Three was: Limoneria. Not kidding!

Just ran across your blog today and thought I'd say hello so HELLO.


Sonja Streuber, PMP(R), SSBB | 6:29 PM

For crying out loud! I don't have an ipod or any other mp3 player yet ... does this mean I'm behind the big-city bums now? Whoa ...