Back Atcha With XXXtra Room

We are all moved in. Minus a couch and a few chairs we are set! Archer has his own room, complete with curtains and alligator throw rug and a crib! Finally we were able to take the crib out of the box, stashed in my parents garage. Our house is so friggin huge I even bought a baby monitor today. I know. Imagine!!! The one-room palace had nothing on the new digs.

Our Move: In Summary

-Four exhausted lovers quarrels, one resulting in tears.
-Four kiss and makeout sessions.
-Two out of three of us came down with some kind of "Moving on up" sickness. (Me and the Archer were snotting and sneezing the whole weekend long.)
-I pulled my arm out of its socket. (I am pretty sure.) My old man fucked up his shoulder and between the two of us, we managed to collect two dozen bruises. (Seriously, we counted.)
-Got in a fight with the manager at Best Buy.
- Moved a giant television in and out of my car twice. Dropped it. Broke it. Made up excuse for its behavioral problems and managed a new one (with a fight, hence above.)
- Gave away couch before we found a new one. I had no idea the wait for couches is 10-20 weeks on average, except of course if you would like to purchase the couch in the stock fabric which is always tacky. (Why the hell is that, btw? How hard is it to make a stock fabric that isn't repulsive? )
-Ran into Punky Brewster at the local baby boutique and those two witches from Sabrina the Teenage Witch.
- Got one parking ticket.
- Survived move with sicky five month old, sicky momz and overworked popz.
-Decided that the next time we move will be when we leave Los Angeles...