Thanks for the Memories

a GGC Thanksgiving weekend pictorial:

We spent the long weekend with my fam in San Diego. Check out the brown plaid golfwear. Arch had suspenders but they kept falling down and we were all getting caught in them. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I am still trying to digest aprox 876 pies.


Herself | 5:10 PM

oh my freaking lord that is the cutest baby alive!

Anonymous | 6:16 PM

Oh gosh Archer is super cute. The bow tie is perfect for him. I am sure he will grow out of that!

Anonymous | 6:57 PM

Goddamn, that kid is CUTE!

btrute | 1:04 AM

I HAVE TO know where you got that is soo adorable!!


I bought the get-up at a baby expo when I was pregnant, before I knew he was a boy. I had too. It was too cute.

Anonymous | 10:03 AM

awww.. I love him! He is SOOO freakin cute! He's getting so big! Love you!

Anonymous | 12:32 PM

Oh man, so sorry to have missed you guys this weekend! You guys look so good.


i had to*

bleh- that's going to bug me.

p.s. thanks everyone. blushing from all the love.

jdg | 10:04 AM

yeah I have that outfit (or one just like it) for our little girl. . .

Anonymous | 3:54 PM

Yes, that baby is definitely cute. But I think I have crush on his mother.