This GGC Formally Known as CBH

Please update your bookmarks, links, whatevers and join me for the same shit, different domain. CHILDBEARING HIPSter has been copied and pasted (tediously) into Girl's Gone Child and minus the fact that there are no comments here, is identical to the beloved CBH.


1. Why did you Change your title?

I changed my title because there was already a Childbearing Hipster and rather than succumb to sloppy seconds and infamy, I decided to recreate my blog with a fresh name and new identity.

2. Do you promote titty flashing and all-nighters?

Of course. I only breast-fed for a few months and in all honesty, was not a fan, but I am all for the breastfeeding, titty flasher and non-breastfeeding titty flasher. The all-night mother-baby party is also something that excites me. In my past life as a GGW, I had no idea that my future life as a GGC would have such a similar sleep schedule. Like, wow!

3. Were you ever featured in Girls Gone Wild, the Filmz?

Sadly, no. I have had two breast reductions so although my breasts were surgically "done" they were not without serious scarring. In other words, my boobz are not as photogenic as say, most girls my age. Not a problem. I'm okay with that. Who the hell, cares. The filmz are boring anyway.

4. How Many websites do you have?

I own several domains, including (jealous?),, and I now have two blogs, not including CBH, which has been collapsed into GGC. Pointy Toe Shoe Factory is my original blog (launched almost three years ago) and I started a Baby blog because the PTSF was turning into one anyway. And also, everyone else was doing it.

5. I hate the new name. What were you thinking?

That is tough. I like it. I think it's funny and clever for I am a girl who has gone child and there is another CBH out there who deserves her own space.


P.S. Thank you for your comments, support and feedback during this transitional time.


tif | 12:56 PM

i love it and youse guys.
i remember getting some flak (yes flak) for breastfeeding in public and i delighted in the discomfort of them fools :)

bitemycookie | 2:40 PM

surprised you went to all that troble to change, but HUGE props for not wanting to be anything other than what you've been trying to be lately.


Jadenfish | 4:13 PM

thank god you are pro titty flashing. this pleases me.


of course, jades. (and one of these days i will shoot your boobies with my fancy camera.) Seriously looking forward to it.

Stefania Pomponi Butler aka CityMama | 9:16 PM

awesome. love the name. love.

The Zero Boss | 9:50 PM

Love the name. And the titty flashing. Rock on, mama.

Cait | 4:17 AM

i love this blog! i don't even like kids but this is adorable.



Dutch | 4:37 PM

zero boss comments on all the hot mama sites. I've just noticed this.