I <3 Station Wagons

Oh yeah, baby...

Because seriously, people.... What else are you gonna do with all that junk? All that junk inside your trunk?

Am I right?



BOSSY | 8:37 AM

You're right - you're always right. Which is why Bossy is auctioning you off at her Virtual Yard Sale - come take a look and purchase many fine things such as other bloggers and a few bad advertisements:


Anonymous | 4:08 AM

yup, you're right!

Fairly Odd Mother | 4:38 AM

Did you ever ride "Deep Six"? That was that seat that faced backwards and was the best ever. They don't still make station wagons like that, do they?

Jen aka Evilynmo | 6:37 AM

I <3 my Subaru Forrester =) I love station wagons too! And I need all the room because I got a lot of junk in my trunk ;)

Anonymous | 12:45 PM

Don't try to tempt me with your station wagon ways! LOL

Meemo | 9:42 PM

I've got some much junk in my trunk, I need a mini-van.

Anonymous | 8:13 AM

The junk I got I keep firmly in my pants.

(But congrats on the new(?) wheels.)


No new wheels here... my ride's been riding for years, now. just spreading wagon love to all.

Unknown | 7:10 PM

Ha, I have an old school honda wagon and a new school saab wagon. I love them both, but.... with a B2, we might be headed the minivan direction. There is only so much a wagon can do, and camping with one is hard but with two babies it would be impossible.

I wish the US still had Honda wagons though. They rock the house.

pnutsmama | 8:25 PM

my first car was an 86 ford escort station wagon- got me through college like a champ and no one thought it was lame when it could haul all their asses around. we now rock the 96 taurus wagon and god help me i love the damn thing, i freakin love the wagon. i have no use for a sedan or an SUV and my husband drives a full size van so we have that when size matters.
wagon = good.