Putting the Dead in Deadlines

There is a good explanation for my MIA status in the days to come (and days past) and my apologies in advance for posting less frequently. I try to post as often as I can but right now it's just too much-- I'm pooped on the subject matter frankly and exhausted with writing about myself.

Note: writing a memoir and two personal blogs simultaneously = major burn-out. I'm so bored with everything I have to say I just want to throw in every towel I've ever owned and buy a new set, something a little less "me-me-me"... (You never thought you'd hear me say it, huh?)

Anyway, at the risk of becoming whiny, I'll spare you the details of my minor existential crisis and say this: I'm dead tired. I love blogging. I'm not going to quit blogging but I need a break, or a collection of mini-breaks. And after this book is finished (days, now) I'm going to need some vacay time... from myself.

I'm pretty sure this blog will benefit from some air, anyway, so it's a good thing that we'll be seeing less and less of one another in the coming weeks. At least until I can regain my lust for self-reflection and sleep.

As it stands now, I can't even write my name without bursting into tears. And poor Archer can't even say, "Hi!" without me racing to my computer to compose a post about it. This is not good. This is not healthy. This is turning me into a narcissist and if I don't nip it in the bud right now, or at the very least, trim the hedges a bit, we're all fucked.

This isn't an end. This is a break-- like in a relationship when you kind of want to be single but the sex is too good to call off the relationship completely. I could never leave this blog, but I would like to spend some time writing about other things for a little while. At least sporadically...

Thank you for understanding and I promise I'll be rocking and rolling as soon as I regain my bearings and close the book... on the book. Etc.



Unknown | 1:15 PM

Good for you. We'll miss you terribly, but you are a wise woman to recognize ALL of that! It's a lot. Me, I need to actually start writing down ANYTHING that my son has done. Ugh. The grass is always greener. Anyway, best of luck on finishing the book, etc and I can't wait to reserve my copy.

Anonymous | 1:23 PM

thank god. i'm sick of you, too.


mmhmmm. there ya 'go.

Anonymous | 1:41 PM

I hear you friend. Break away. You know we'll be here.

foodiemama | 2:01 PM


Anonymous | 3:11 PM

well, everyone else can say good for you but I, for one, am not happy about this. I work hard all day and then come home to my kids and cook and clean and then I take night classes online. how am I ever going to procrastinate if I don't have your blog to read. I think you are being really selfish and Scarlett (one of the only other blogs I read) is just going to have to pick up the slack. or perhaps your nanny can take time out from supervising Archer to write more sheNANNYgans. think of someone else for a change. jeez.~jjlibra

Denice | 3:20 PM

Yep, sounds like a good plan. Everybody needs a nice summer vacation -- like when we were kids and summer meant that you didn't have to do anything but play all day for two whole months…God I'd love another summer like that!!

Scar | 3:48 PM

I'll miss you. But i love you. And that just means ill have to road trip to la and attack you. xxxo.

Bringing Up Ben | 4:53 PM

Does this mean you will have some time to grab a coffee soon? I promise not to ask about your life at all, and only talk about myself.

Anonymous | 5:29 PM

That, I can understand. I only sporadically write one blog and I get sick of myself and run out of stuff to say. But I think I might be more boring than you are, too.

Fairly Odd Mother | 5:58 PM

Understood. See you when you return and have a nice "break".

metro mama | 6:40 PM

I understand completely. Enjoy a break and come back with all kinds of new material.

Mom101 | 8:56 PM

I'm with BMC. Get lost. You can't write anyway. Who needs you, you hack. It's not like I check your site religiously every day to see what you've posted lately or anything.

Anonymous | 9:14 PM

a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. besides, how the hell have you maintained this writing frenzy for so long, are you some kind of machine? sheesh. I'll miss you but i totally get it and it'll be all the sweeter upon your return. can't wait for the book! :)

Anonymous | 9:16 PM

you will not believe this but when I signed out to publish my last little comment, the word verification was VERBATIM:


What The Fuck!!??

oh my god, I'm dying here I'm laughing so hard!!

Anonymous | 4:24 AM

Don't worry about us...ve'll just sit here in the dark...no, no...it's okay..I prefer it...vaiting here like a dog...'tsalright..


Heather | 5:52 AM

Have a great break! you'll still be in my reader when you come back!

clueless but hopeful mama | 6:19 AM

You and your crisp prose, will be missed.

How about a few photos once in awhile? We'll need some soulful Archer gazes to keep us going....

Anonymous | 7:05 AM

You gotta do whatcha gotta do. I'll miss you.

Have you thought that maybe you could write some of the "other" stuff here? Or is that just me being selfish? Probably.

Smoochy booches! When the book is released, I want to send my copy to you to be signed. The first in my future collection of Rebecca Woolf books to be signed. :)

Anonymous | 9:00 AM

Whoa, man, I am so effin' excited for this book!

Anonymous | 9:30 AM

we will miss your but totally understand dude. have some fun and relax a little. sounds like you need it. see ya when we see ya.


I'll still be updating, just not as often and photos will def be up and rocking. no doubt about that.

Anonymous | 3:52 PM

You'll be missed, but it sounds like you really do need a break. I'll come back for more when you return...

Anonymous | 7:53 PM

I feel like you've just broken up with me. I'm vacillating between trying to get you back and talking smack about you.

Crazy Baby Lady | 10:25 AM

Any idea on a release date? i know it will be awhile but i hopenot too long. I can't wait!


January '08! Will be posting amazon pre-order links when they're in!

Kyran | 2:10 PM

i can relate to the mental blogging being simul-cast with whatever's happening. it's good to slow down, chew carefully, let things digest. much less likely to come back up on you. ;-)

enjoy the fallow time...it sounds well deserved.

Her Bad Mother | 7:52 AM

TOTALLY understand. I'm sick of me, too, and I'm not even writing a memoir. Time to transition to writing military histories, I think.