Photos of the Week

It's been heatwave central here at Casa de GGC, so we've been doing what we can to stay cool, like three-hour bed-jumping a-thons in the only air-conditioned room in the house:

too cool for unmade beds...

...and pants (pants are sooooo last season.)

And then when THAT gets old, there's always good times to be had with splish-splash on the stoop-stoop:

Rock out with your water spout!

Baby, it's hot outside!



Anonymous | 6:27 AM

Seriously, he could model someday....that hair, those eyes and he obviously isn't shy about being in undies in front of the camera...half the battle. Oh and he has the cool name to back it up. Cutie cutie cutie.

foodiemama | 8:01 AM

omg, just like our day. our bedroom is the only air conditioned one so we do a lot of playing in there. and just lke you, we are out on the front with the hose taking "showers" while popsicles run down our face! too bad for the passer-bys cause they get water as well!

Christina Rosalie | 8:37 AM


Anonymous | 5:10 PM

Looks like you two had a lot of fun! On a side note... I love the painting in the background!!


BOSSY | 7:36 PM

What. What what? you may ask? What. A cutie.


let's have a skype slumber party tonight? we'll hunker down with our ac in the laptop in bed and you can bring the popcorn. brit will bring the frozen peas. archer gets to lay on our side after he gives bubby a bath. bring hostess cupcakes, too. i just had a thought about that thick icing layer.

bub says: l;kjhggvbnhhjjhgferjuy (i.e. 9 sound good?)

Anonymous | 1:00 AM

Hey I just had to stop by and say your blog is adorable! I've been reading it for a bit now and think it's one of the sweetest ones out there. :)


barbara | 10:54 AM

you got a yummy kid.

Anonymous | 3:02 PM

Are we done with the diapers??
How did he/you do that??
I can't get Bub to even sit on the potty!
Please, an inquiring Mama wants to know..:)


Hell no! He's just wearing these really cute big boy undies over his diaper. When it's hot I dress him in them like they're shorts (really SHORT shorts.)

We DID just get a baby toilet and will be toilet training soon-ish, but I'll be writing about it, I'm sure. Poop is my favorite subject to write about.

Blog Owner | 9:28 PM

Cool. Once you get him potty trained, can you send me the cliff notes?!

Meemo | 11:17 PM

The heat seems to agree with Archer. What a cutie.

We're going stir crazy with the heat in Arizona. There's no where to go, no where to run. The pool feels like bath water. When I walk outside, I'm always convinced that my flip flops are gonna stick to the pavement. Yup, it's hot.