Ah! Sean Preston Stole Archer's Face! Ah!

Ah! Ahaldhsalkapow9q79384yrugehfjkabsaklk2kioeu!!!!!!!!! OH MY GAIUWEYAUYHDKUEURYT73GAJBSBXJZ765E9Q287R9!



Karen Bodkin | 10:37 AM

DUDE! When I wrote this this morning: http://www.babble.com/CS/blogs/famecrawler/archive/2008/01/10/britney-furious-about-more-stolen-photos.aspx

I thought the EXACT SAME THING! I was going to email you but I had to have a nap. Like right after I woke up. uh huh.

Anyway - uncanny, eh?


That's where I saw the photo, Karen! And then I was like, um... wait. AHH!!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!

Anonymous | 10:48 AM

wow, what a resemblance! but how crazy is it that i actually had to think of who the heck "sean preston" was? ha! i mean, it's kind of insane that i didn't even recognize brit's face from the nose down as much as they show the poor girl on tv.

Jaelithe | 10:58 AM

Eh, it doesn't work without the soulful brown eyes. Sean Preston is a cutie, but he's not nothing on Archer.

That reminds me, though, that I've been meaning to tell you to check out my flickr page because there is a photo of my own son Isaac on there right now that I thought made him look SO much like Archer that I kind of freaked out.

Jaelithe | 10:59 AM

Not nothing? Eh, I meant to say got nothing. But you get my drift. I think.

kittenpie | 11:51 AM

Pshaw. Archer's way more gorgeous. Poor little SP looks a little lost, and who came blame him?

Ali | 12:14 PM

that's hilarious!

Sonja Streuber, PMP(R), SSBB | 12:49 PM

I'd bang my head into the keyboard, too!

Archer is way cute. Poor little SP, though. He probably wishes his mom were as cool as you.

nashvegas | 12:52 PM

Naahhh...Archer's MUCH cuter.
AND he has better parents.

Elissa L. | 12:54 PM

no contest, archer is way cuter.

Anonymous | 2:28 PM

You know, I actually think they photoshopped those poor kids into looking less chubby. The colour is off; too saturated or something, and the faces have all been airbrushed of course.

It all just looks a little fake to me, which I guess means that Archer is a natural!

Anonymous | 2:42 PM

The truth is out. You really are the nanny.

And Archer is Britney's son?

Is that what you're saying?


Anonymous | 5:36 PM

so let me get this straight -- first nicole richie's son stole archer's name, and now britney's son stole archer's face? those bitches. you should take archer on a field trip to kick some ass.

Anonymous | 6:33 PM

Or maybe you are not the nanny, but K-Fed has been spreading, um, more of himself around L.A. than we thought. Please say it ain't so.

Anonymous | 3:35 AM

Poor little SP indeed. That picture looks more than a little photoshopped, I think it's getting pretty close to those creepy child pageant pictures. Ick.

Laura | 4:05 AM

Holy Crow! same expresion for sure!

AbbieBabble | 6:54 AM

Aaah! That's just creepy!

Micah & Brooke | 8:07 AM

OMG, I totally thought the same thing when I saw that photo!

Anonymous | 10:22 AM

Being an official grandparent, I favor Archer, I guess that's a given. That aside, I have to say I don't see any similarity at all! Different noses, different lips and jaw, really different hair... what am I missing???