Down But Not Out

Archer Sagebrush's week off...

Well, hello again. I realize its been a whole week since I've posted, here and not to worry, everything's kosher up in this bitch. I guess I just figured since Archer was out of comish I'd take this opportunity to be out of comish, too. What, with all the sleeping we've been doing lately. Not to mention the fact that since everyone I know is out of work including my husband (thanks a lot, writer's strike) it's hard not to be social right now. And a little depressed. And angry.

LA's no Baghdad, let's be clear, but there is some serious messed-up shit going on in these here parts. A lot of people I know are royally effed right about now and will continue to be for what looks like many more months (July, they're saying?)... Pretty soon I'm going to have to go back to writing porn copy like I did in the old days to help keep this boat afloat. (Yeah, right. Like I could get any kind of writing gig with 17298173891783 writers refreshing Craigslist for non-WGA work every five seconds.)

Regardless, we're still hangin' in. Archer's up and about, eating once again, back to his chipper adorable self, taking his meds like a champ (Only two more days of pink stuff! Wooo!) and for whatever reason talking up a storm. He went back to school Friday, which ended up being a disaster. (I would not recommend sending your child on a field trip on their third day of preschool, especially if you have agreed to chaperone. Talk about a clingfest. Oy to the vey, son!)

Anyway! This here ramble-fest was just me popping my head back in here to say wassup and let the people know we're still alive.

Also. Your comments on my last post? Incredible. Your stories... just... wow. Really empowering stuff, all of you. Thank you so much for sharing such intimate, emotionally complex moments in your lives. I think it's so-so important for us to continue (as a female community) to bring voice to choice. Honesty is power, people. And don't you know it.



Don Mills Diva | 7:01 AM

I hear ya on the writers srike. Hubby and I both work in the industry and it is KILLING us! They are back to talks Tuesday though so we are hoping...and then hoping the damn actors don't go out in June. It's always eomthing with this stupid industry. (ya, I'm bitter and depressed too)

Lindsay | 8:39 AM

I hear you as well. I hate to complain as you say, "it's no Baghdad" but this is dreary.

Anonymous | 12:33 PM

the writers strike is major sucking! but at lease leno has been helping my family pay out bills... most arent so lucky. :(