Top Ten Reasons Why Ear Infections Suck My Pen 15

1. They are painful and therefor painfully unfair (104 degree fevers for three-days straight is just awful and sad.)

2. No one in the house gets any sleep for days, which leads to fatigue and soon a household of grumps and sick mommies. For the third time in six weeks, I'm sick again. Which is insane because I'm a rather healthy individual. (Hal wanted me to add that when I'm sick I lose my voice, which he loves because I cannot talk. Real nice, Hal.)

3. Injecting a child's mouth with a large syringe of pink stuff three times a day for ten days is by far the most torturous thing I have ever done to anybody.

4. Somehow, by default I have been appointed the official shoot-Archer-up-with-drugs-in-his throat person. I get to watch my poor son cry and flail as I pin him down and force him to take his medicine. (Once again, thanks Hal.)

5. Trying to imagine how your son's ear could become (in less than a week!) "ravaged by pussy-goop."

6. Typing "ravaged" and "pussy" in the same sentence and then realizing that might not read properly. (I mean "pus" as in the yellow goopy... never mind.)

7. Getting the church-giggles after re-reading #5. Being unable to explain to Hal what's so funny. (See, Hal! You MISS my voice! You really miss it!)

8. Realizing that I should have titled this post "Five Reasons Why Ear Infections Suck" instead of thinking I could come up with ten original reasons. That was dumb.

9. I think I'm going to add "My Penis" to the end of this post title. You know, to make it more appropriate for those who find this post through... ahem... google.

10. Scratch that, this is a mom-blog. I'm going the mature route.


For more in-depth theatrics from Ear Infectionsville go here.


Anonymous | 7:40 PM

We're just getting over a double ear infection AND the croup over here. God Speed.

Chris | 8:04 PM

#3 needs to be first on the list. I hate giving my kids medicine. Neither are willing participants.

We've been through croup and strep since Xmas, so I feel your pain.

Sonja Streuber, PMP(R), SSBB | 8:30 PM

I want you as my mommy! I was laid up with a cold and a little ear infection from Tuesday through yesterday, and nobody gave *me* pink goop!

Anonymous | 9:56 PM

That sucks! I hope he feels better soon. And you and Hal.

I've found that FlavorX stuff really does make the medicine taste better. But then I also always put the medicine in juice, too, along with the extra flavoring. As long as they get it in their systems who cares whether it goes down in one shot or over 15 minutes, right?

Meemo | 12:59 AM

I hated having to squirt that stuff into my kids mouths. That was always the worst part. To this day they will not take anything. When they have a fever, they just tough it out. Silly kids. I think I used to put the pink goop in yougurt or something. It's been so long, I don't remember.

Hope all is well soon. Hang in there!

The Mommy | 7:02 AM

That totally sucks. We have had about 15 (Oy!) double ear infections between the 2 kids. 12 for the boy (10 before the age of 1 - hooray for tubes!) and 3,so far, for the girl. Nothing's worse. Hope you guys both have speedy recoveries.

Anonymous | 11:46 AM

Hey there GGC-I completely sympathize with you. I just wanted to pass on that the health of my family has greatly improved since we've been seeing a chiropractor. The boys haven't had any sinus or ear infections in over a year (no antibiotics to fight with!). We live in the mid-west where seasonal changes generally cause kids to get an infection. It's been an awesome change in our life. Sarah

Dawn | 1:32 PM

Baby has his first ear-infection right now and he is on week #3 of the pink stuff in the syringe. He seemed to like it for the first 10 days, but the infection didn't go away and he just CAN'T swallow it anymore! Poor little man...

Hang in there.

Anonymous | 1:53 PM

I'm sure it would be rude to say you totally suck if this is your first ear I won't. My 15 month old had (HAD!) tubes in both ears until 2 weeks ago when I took her to the Dr. He casually says oh her tube fell out and she has an infection. Too bad, you didn't even get a full year out of them! Yes, Dr. that really is too bad. Oh, damn I'm getting all ranty...I find the syringe part of the day goes best when she's in her high chair and has her favorite food in front of her. That way when I'm done pinning her arms down and getting red in the face from exertion she can have pears! Good luck and do better than me...give it to him the FULL 10 days!


Stimey | 2:03 PM

I used to work at a vet hospital and I got made merciless fun of the first time I wrote "pussy" in a chart. We ended up using the far less amusing "pus-sy."

Anonymous | 2:26 PM

Oh thank god! For a minute there I truly thought pussy goop came out of one's ears during an ear infection! And I flashed on the image of you spooning Monistat-7into Archer's ears.

Anonymous | 4:19 PM

Similar to Stimey... as I was training to be a nurse, one thing our instructor strongly enforced was that we were to write "pus-like" instead of pussy. :) But it sure does provide for a rather immature giggle when people write it without thinking.

tricia | 10:23 PM

I'm a nurse, and we make fun of people who write things like 'white pussy fluid' in charts! I tend to use 'purulent discharge' instead...
Hope the kiddo feels better soon!

kittenpie | 8:43 AM

Pumpkinpie loooves taking medicine, which scares me for a whole different reason. At least it's not eyedrops, which NO ONE loves.

Anonymous | 7:02 PM

You put it so perfectly. But what's weird about ear infections is that they seem to only really happen to young kids who don't know what the f is going on, but that it hurts. To sleep. It's not like you see a lot of 30 year olds with a raging ear infection. Totally unfair on the little ones! Oh and I have a total theory that boys get them more than girls. All my friends who have boys have been ravaged by them, and girls, well not so much. My ENT doctor father doesn't agree, but well, what does he know. Ok, I'll stop rambling now!