Mitt Romney as Michael Scott?

Mitt Romney as "the Republican presidential nominee hopeful":

Steve Carell as "Michael Scott" of NBC's The Office:

And speaking of politics, Liz of Mom-101 wrote a very important political post, re
quired reading as far as I'm concerned.



Anonymous | 11:54 AM

Ha! hysterical

And I second that on Mom-101's post. I've already had two conversations here at work with a Dem and a Rep about about it.

Mom101 | 2:07 PM

You are freaking hilarious.

and thanks for the mention mama - and for that lovely comment, impostermom! I'd be curious to hear what they had to say about it.

Anonymous | 8:18 AM

Too bad he hadn't said "Who let the Nard Dog out!"

That would have been PERFECT.