Mom Sings the Blues, Son Learns his Instruments

Blues #2: Archer's teenage-like sleep habits. The day I finally need him to wake up at an early hour is the day he finally decides he wants to sleep in... Sometimes even past 10:00am. Crazy times.

Blues #3: Healthcare can be a real asshole fuckface: Please go here and read about a very important benefit concert happening next week (at the Glass House in Pomona, see below flier) for a very good cause. Please come out (if you can) and support an awesome dude. All proceeds go to Tony. Also The Glass House is great venue and the bands playing the benefit are super fun. Ch-check it:

Also, as promised (in the title of the post) here is an extremely long video of Archer learning his instruments. He says "guitar" really well and although "violin" needs some work, "harp" and "flute" sound pretty close. Makin' big progress up in hizzah. Go, Archer go!

For all you awesome folks who have inquired about book-tour-like things, I should be launching an author website in the coming weeks and will hopefully have a bit of a tour schedule then as well. What I know for now: Book Soup in L.A. (launch party), April 5th and Elliott Bay Bookstore in Seattle, April 26th.

Also a mighty congrats to my fab ladyfriend, Charlotte who just gave birth to her second beautiful boy. Welcome to the world, Elliott Simon!

Now if you'll please excuse us, we're off to a much-anticipated theatrical performance of Point Break. (I'm not kidding.) There is a good chance this will be the greatest night of my life.

Hal and Archer: stageside @ Echoplex

Stay classy, Blogisphere.



Anonymous | 6:39 AM

Too cute. The first 9 seconds are the best. He holds that note like a pro.

barbara | 7:26 AM

we just went thru the bday party thing. with us, we decided not to invite ANYBODY from school, just a few kids that m. was real friends with from the 'hood. maybe some moms don't flinch at having 18 kids plus parents plus siblings at their house, but i do. you are not alone, mama.

Kae | 12:23 PM

Yay for Elliott Bay!! :D