How Best to Compliment a Mother

Yesterday a woman peered into Fable's stroller, looked back at me and said rather casually. "She looks just like you. Your daughter has your eyes."

My ponytail was crooked, I had spilled smoothie between my fingers, my sweatshirt was caked in avocado, and not even my largest pair of sunglasses could hide the constellation of acne on my left cheek. 

None of it mattered. 

I felt more beautiful in that moment than I ever before in the history of my entire life of living.



The Mommy | 3:05 PM

yes, no greater compliment to a mother than being told the most beautiful person in their world resembles them. She does look like you.

Unknown | 3:06 PM

OH! Isn't that the BEST?!?! She is freakin adorable!

All I get from strangers is, "She's sooo cute!"

She's a he.


We get that too and I dress her PRETTY uh... feminine. "He's so cute! I love his dress and pink-striped legwarmers!"

Uh... Duh?

I've gotta write it to right it. | 3:26 PM

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous girl in gorgeous clothes on gorgeous bed

fallgirly | 3:34 PM

You seriously birthed a damn gorgeous little baby girl! I remember reading your blog entry with her first pics and I thought to myself she's not even looking like an alien, she's already pretty and she keeps getting prettier!

Pat | 3:39 PM

your daughter is such a glamorous baby!

Anonymous | 3:39 PM

She is beautiful! I love the second one.

Sandi | 3:40 PM

I am ready for you to open a baby clothes store. I have one Fable's age and I want to steal her clothes! She is freakin' adorable and you dress her so cute!!

Jenny Grace | 3:41 PM

Love her tamo'shanter.

Yesterday a girl told me (re: my 3yo), "I love his eyes! Oh. I guess he must get them from you?"

Well sheesh yeah, I know mine aren't quite so glamorous....

Anonymous | 3:42 PM

What a happy, sweet baby! Compliment, indeed~~

Anonymous | 3:46 PM

Fable is SO cute! It makes me impatient to have kids!

Anonymous | 4:02 PM

Awh! And she's right!

Anonymous | 4:17 PM

Sometimes all it takes are the words of a stranger to put things into perspective.

She really is a lovely baby.

Amy | 4:21 PM

I actually just finished your book (thought it was great) and when I visited your blog I was so excited to see that you have another adorable child. Congrats - she's gorgeous.

Anonymous | 4:23 PM

You have the most gorgeous child, seriously. Girlfriend can EMOTE more than any baby I've ever seen. Too freaking cute.

Erin | 4:35 PM

My favorite compliment in my whole life was from a little old lady at the park. She stopped me while I was play chasing Merrick and said. "I am laughing. It is so funny how he looks just like you. So sweet."
She touched my heart.

Classy Fab Sarah | 4:47 PM

She is absolutely gorgeous... and I think she's the most expressive baby I've ever seen!

Wicked Step Mom | 5:18 PM

I had a moment like that once. Someone said "Your daughter looks just like you. She is so beautiful." She was talking about my middle step-daughter.

Amanda | 5:23 PM

I cannot get over how cute her outfits are! I wish i had her wardrobe! She is so perfect.

Anonymous | 5:33 PM

ha i used to dress my daughter in a pink snowsuit with a white furry hood and still got told "he" was adorable!! what's wrong with people??

when she wore her periwinkle jacket i understood (although i had to argue many times about how it was NOT blue!!) but head to toe pink??? get outta here!

Anonymous | 5:52 PM

I agree she looks like you but want to remind you that a stranger (like me) saying she has your eyes (when your eyes can't be seen for the sunglasses)...

feel beautiful in your own right and know that you deserve that as much as your child does

Anonymous | 6:06 PM

She is positively one of the most gorgeous babies I have ever seen, no joke. And I love the name Fable. It's pretty awesome.

Anonymous | 6:33 PM

There is a wonderful photo of you holding Fable and both of your eyes are really big and clear. She totally has very similar eyes to you. You and Hal make a beautiful couple and beautiful babies! I believe you were "match made from G-d"! :0)

Anonymous | 6:35 PM

Where did you get them sheeeeets?

Banteringblonde | 7:20 PM

She is adorable ... and she DOES look like yoU!

Anonymous | 7:55 PM

I love being told that my daughter looks like me. It makes me feel amazing because I think she's the most gorgeous girl on the planet.

kittenpie | 8:12 PM

Well, you are both just gorgy and all...

Alisha | 9:45 PM

The best compliment!

Tiana | 5:02 AM
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Cate Subrosa | 7:04 AM

Oh she's *so* beautiful. That smile!

And you dress her just amazingly.

Anonymous | 7:04 AM

And she really has such a sense of style. :)

Desiree | 7:16 AM

Oooh she's so beautiful! I had a mother come up to me in a cafe yesterday and tell me my daughter was beautiful. It just makes you feel so warm and lovely inside!

Paulita | 7:24 AM

her lips are so kissable..she is so stinkin cute

Anonymous | 9:22 AM

What a lovely compliment! I think it's a compliment to both of you; those eyes are incredible!

Anonymous | 9:50 AM

Miss Fable is beautiful!

And what a sweet much better than the people out there who love to tell you what you're doing wrong!

Anonymous | 10:20 AM

She is STU-NING. And you are AH-MAZING.

I scoured my local B&N for your book yesterday and they didn't have it in stock. There was much pouting and foot stomping.

Whereever did you find that scrumptious pillowcase?


It's actually Fable's blankie:

(In GIO Lemon)

Prasti | 10:25 AM

awww...true that :)

Sonja Streuber, PMP(R), SSBB | 10:31 AM

OMG. Those round eyes are so beautiful! What is she wearing on her legs? Leggings or hose? Love those stripey things ...


In these pics, tights. From Janie and Jack. Got them for Christmas. Barely fitting her. Sigh...

Andrea | 6:48 PM

This happened to me today in an elevator. I was having a particularly frumpy day, but from that point on I walked with my head held a little higher.

She's a beauty.

Anonymous | 11:53 AM

I'm 4 months along and waiting for that glorious ultrasound. I have two boys already - and love them dearly - and I will love another, if that's what the universe sees fit. I feel somewhat guilty to admit that seeing pictures of your beautiful Fable makes me hope for a girl! Come on, leg warmers and pink stuff!

Anonymous | 6:10 PM

ah, I always get the "she looks just like you" and until this post I hadn't thought about how pretty it makes me feel, but it does. Thanks for putting words to the feeling, she does look like you!

Anonymous | 12:56 AM

that smile, those eyes - she is breaking my heart and making my ovaries ache.

Denise Karis | 1:45 AM

oh my goodness, girl, you are so so so beautiful! I can't imagine you looking a mess. Your daughter is indeed lovely - so cute

cindy | 8:15 PM

Fable is the cutest baby I've ever seen, she's incredible. :)
Hey, where is the sheet on your bed from? (Not the Dwell blankie...)? Love it!

Noob Mommy | 9:13 PM

Her eyes are so bright and soulful! They show a lot of character :)