Month Five: Brave New Girl

Five months ago (Monday) she was born

This video comes two days late but it's like I always say when I forget to send birthday cards to my parents: "Better two days late than three days late, right guys?"

I know I say it every month but how fast the months do pass... 

Seriously. Slow your roll, sister. 


*Music Credit: the aspidistra files by Stars
**Fable's "MOM" headband by Lou and Lee


Unknown | 2:45 AM

Those photos and videos are priceless! Especially the photos of Archer & Fable cuddling together.

Also loved the soundtrack. What was that song?

Anonymous | 2:47 AM

Beautiful baby.... Sweet, sweet video!

Mine will be 3 months Monday, and I completely agree the months do pass seriously too quick!

HeatherK | 4:43 AM

In those pictures of her in the blue poncho, for the first time I saw Archer in her. Her eyes are getting deep and serious just like his.
love it!

Anonymous | 5:05 AM

My 6 month old Noah, was captivated by the video...he doesn't sit still for anything, but LOVED watching your little girl. How 'bout it, a good, strapping Canadian boy and your beautiful little girl? :D

Prasti | 5:16 AM

what a cutie! love those lips! and the headband is awesome :)

Katy | 5:34 AM


Also, she is such the stylish, young, ingenue. I know you have mentioned that you make her clothes? If you make the majority of them, you need to start selling them, because she looks fab and I would love to send my new niece (she's around Fable's age) some Hollywood Threads.

Angelica | 5:39 AM

You have such a beautiful daughter! Mine turned 5 months on the 22nd of February and it does seriously feel like it goes by so quickly. I love looking at your little the headband.

Anonymous | 6:04 AM

How does it feel to have THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BABY IN ALL THE LAND?!

Also? Kudos on always picking sentimental, but not shmaltzy, music. Your choice is always perfect.

My Bottle's Up! | 6:25 AM

my 10 month old was completely taken by fable's latest film. he sat in my lap, watching and pointing at her, and then looking back at me as though to say, "who is that spectacular gem?!"

mom2nji | 6:26 AM

I agree she is the prettiest little girl! You make me want a girl. The pic of her sleeping on Hal made me a little teary...

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 6:30 AM

AH! I just ordered Ivy some of those Lou and Lee headbands the other day. Fable is precious.


Badness Jones | 6:40 AM

OMG! Those lips! She is too yummy! Keep enjoying every minute.

Anonymous | 7:23 AM

you can tell that archer and fable are siblings, they really look alike. beautiful.

Anonymous | 7:23 AM

hal in the hoodie had me cracking up. she's too presh.

Auntie Ann | 7:59 AM

Your little girl is as beautiful as they come!

Amanda | 8:34 AM

Fable Filmz- "Fun for the whole family!"

My son Jack is but 4 days away from his 1st birthday. I'm in a complete state of disbelief over it. So much so, that I even broke my rule of advice giving for parents when I saw a couple with their 2 week old baby in the stroller, and said "seriously, enjoy it. Enjoy IT ALL right now." I then held back tears as I looked at my own 'baby' and marveled at how fast it really does go by.

Fable is such an amazing little spirit. Which is weird to say because I don't actually know her. She simply radiates it off the screen.

The Kellys | 8:41 AM

Seriously, she is THE most stylish baby I have ever seen. And so gorgeous!

Unknown | 9:12 AM

Damn, she's gorgeous.

Dana | 9:31 AM

omg! that's it, i'm having another one.

Stacy Quarty | 10:04 AM

I miss that age. So precious!
Thanks for sharing.

Sonja Streuber, PMP(R), SSBB | 10:09 AM

OK, I need to start putting those videos together myself before my little girl gets to be 3 months old ... what software do you use?

Fable's so cute. I love her hats!

Unknown | 10:19 AM

I love how you put together videos like that. Fable will love to see those when she gets older.

I just ordered your book from can't wait to read it!

Anonymous | 10:28 AM

She is so beautiful. Most parents think their kids are beautiful, but feel reservation in saying so because they don't know if it's just that they think their kids are beautiful because of parental love. Fable and Archer are just beautiful people. Just thought you should know perfect strangers see it too.


Thank you!!!!!

I use imovie to make all vids. Program comes standard on MacBooks. And the song is by one of my favorite bands, Stars. called The Aspidistra Files, Twas on Fable's birth mix.

Jenny Grace | 12:39 PM

That headband is much too much cuteness.

I wonder if they make it in my size....

Heather | 12:54 PM

So. Absolutely. Gorgeous. Thanks for making me smile today.

Sarah | 2:39 PM

These videos are amazing! Brought me to tears, love the song!

Anonymous | 4:44 PM

gah! You and Fable are making THE EXACT same face at 1:27. Ridiculously adorable as always.

EdenSky | 6:44 PM

I love these videos! The snuggle shot with Hal was my favorite. Fable is better dressed than me by far, please branch out into adult fashion design.

Anonymous | 7:10 PM

Fable is so, so cute!! And I love these videos you are making her-I bet someday she does too. I wish I had something like that from my babyhood/childhood. Your love for her shines so clearly through.

As an aside, what's happened to the list of blogs you used to have on the right-hand side? I don't see it anymore...



All my links are under my "Inspired By"... Where it says "Friends and Links" :)

Anonymous | 8:27 PM

Fable should model on the cover of baby magazines--seroiusly!

I was reading an article that talked about how they pick the babies for all of the baby models and PERSONALITY is one of the number one things they look out. And she's fab! (Did I just say that?)


M | 8:56 PM

I totally just saw you or your doppleganger on Perez Hilton. Were you on Hollywood Blvd today?
I'm pretty sure it is you and your skinny jeans.

Anonymous | 9:28 PM

At 1:26 you’re both doing the same expression! How awesome/adorable is that?! ;o) The lyrics to the song are adorable as well. I especially love: “All the umbrellas in London cannot hide my love for you.” SWEET! And I absolutely love 2:58-3:06 of daddy rocking his princess to sleep. That is absolutely precious. At 3:46, “OHMYGOD!” Oh and at 4:25, “That’s such a great shot!” I love those ruby colored shoes. They remind me of, “The Wizard Of Oz” (I love that movie). Okay I loved the whole video. =P Happy 5 months to Fable and you. <3


Em - Not me but totally looks like me! Ha! How funny.

Anonymous | 1:46 AM

Oh sigh - how beautiful you all are! :) Your Fable is a week younger than my little guy and when you post these I always wish I'd started a little video story for him too. Oh, and the shoes totally rocked!

Anonymous | 8:41 AM

Ok, that picture in the link to your delivery... of you pushing in agonizing pain, has me completely freaked out now. Thanks alot, man! ;)

Anonymous | 9:25 AM

you are beautiful. your soul radiates. your children are amazingly gorgeous and i love you all. seriously. you are my favorite e-person. wish we could be friends.

Anonymous | 10:14 AM

That was priceless. Absolutely. You are amazing. And Fable is stunning!

M | 10:43 AM

Does this mean you have an evil twin? oh no!

Anonymous | 2:10 PM

I love love love the sushi chef outfit! Where did you get it from?

Oh and by the way, Fable is precious. =)

Anonymous | 5:06 PM

I don't have children of my own... and watching this makes my ovaries cry "yet"...

Anonymous | 7:23 PM

So cute! My son turned 8 months not too long ago and it amazing how fast they grow up. Seriously, I think someone is time warping us or something. Here is my son at 5 months and honestly I can't believe how much he's grown in 3 short months!

Mrs. Melberry | 10:07 AM

You children are beautiful!

PS-I love the "mom" headband :)

chantalart | 7:28 PM

Fable is just so beautiful! Girls rock. And I have been admiring your photos as well...aside from your obviously great eye, what camera do you use?

Anonymous | 8:00 PM

adorable baby! but jesus christ woman, is her diaper super glued to that green couch?! A large percentage of the photos are taken on that couch. Count them. What's the deal?


That's because I've been taking photos of her in the same place for my Drooling Closet:

Mindy | 10:05 PM

My uterus hurts!

Captcha word? "blessess." With an extra "s." The feminine form.

Anonymous | 5:23 PM

I couldn't get through the whole thing because this is so sweet it makes me want to cry.

My baby boy is 8 months now, and I am already wondering if (someday) I should have another. Some days I ache for that future baby. Some days I just don't think that I could do it.

Some days seem long, and sometimes I wish for a piece of my old life, my pre-child life, my life filled with vacations, nice dinners, uninterrupted nights, and long talks with my husband. A fine life it was. Sometimes I think that another child would not make me much more happy, and would prevent these pleasures even longer. I think that it would make life less happy for us all, would make me a stressed mother, a worse mother - but god how I do love my son. I cherish him.

And then I see this and I think how incredible Fable is, and I see how much you love her, and how she has enriched your life. I think, maybe it would be like that for me too.

I am an only and have no idea how multiples work. Tell me how you do it. Tell me I can do it. Tell me I could do it well. When I want to. Someday.