Prose Hos: A Book Club for Humans

It all started as it so often does, with a snappy idea for a name.

"I kind of want to start a book club so I can call it Prose Hos! Isn't that funny? Like pro hos but you know... prose. For people who want to make sweet love to their books."

"Yeah, Bec. I got it."

"Oh, right."

"You should do it. Why not?"

"Oh, right!"

So I sent a call out to twitter and the rest was history. 

A twitter book club you say? 

A twitter book club I say. 

Perfect for those of us inundated with commitments and children and jobs and families and lives with little time for book clubs and a tendency to flake on group projects. A book club for all of us book lovers (prose hos) who prefer to comment succinctly, discuss on our own time, read when we are able with no pressure to commit to meetings. 

Basically, a book club to get our heads out of our computers and into a good book. Or if you prefer... your Kindle.*

I'm a human. Can I join?

Here are the details for those interested. Our first book is Geek Love by Katherine Dunn. You have six weeks to read the book and you may twitter about your thoughts, insightful tid-bits or not, as you read. Just tag your tweets #prosehos so fellow members can seek out your insights, as well as follow your updates on twitter.  

It's experimental so the above information is all I know for now. The rest we'll just make up as we go along. Think of it as a choose your own adventure type book club.... A place to notate and bookmark and pass along ideas to your fellow human book humping prose hos. A cozy little nook by the fire, safe and sound with like-minded ladies, gentlemen and everyone in between. 

Consider this your personal invitation to spoon your fellow hobags


*No offense but Kindle scares the living shit out of me. Books without pages = ahhhhhh!!!!!!!