Wean Girls

***updated: contest winners, below!**
At the risk of exposing my nipple to controversy, I give you, Lindsay Lohan.

I've never weaned anything before. Actually that's not true. I've weaned myself off of cigarettes, my dependence on toxic relationships, white meat and dairy, but I've never weaned anybody off of me. As in my body. As in my breasts*.

I didn't have to wean Archer because you can't wean what you can't nurse, you know? And he pretty much decided he hated anything that came out of a bottle when he was seven-months old so that made things easy. He started inhaling solids at five-months-old and was like "whatever milk" and never turned back.

My goal was always to nurse Fable as much as I could for her first two months. Minus the fact that my teets felt like fireballs and I spent many of my days crying in my lanolin with blanched nips, nursing was a cakewalk.

"Can't nobody stop me now!" said I. "I'm going for three (months) bitches!"

One month later: my boobs were still throbbing, infected and completely scabbed over but what the hell, let's go for six-months! Pain can be pleasurable with the right attitude, right?

Of course, here I am days before Fable's six-month marker (boo!) and my crazy-infected-throb-a-sore-us tits decided to miraculously... get over themselves. Yes, folks. Six months of painful nursing and now there are no scabs, no holes, no blanching... no agonizing or even partially agonizing pain.

Perhaps le boobs are finally used to this whole nursing business and are like, "why stop now? Why not just go for six more months? Fuck it. Six more years! Be like that one chick who nursed her teenage girls in the English countryside while the poor father lied badly about how comfortable he was with it."

Okay so no. No. NO.

But I gotta say, my plan to put the breaks on nursing has been foiled again by the fact that I worked my ass off for six months for it to FINALLY be this easy.

Not that I have any new goals or plans. From this point forward, I'll be playing The Mighty Wean by ear. Eventually Fable will lose interest in nursing or I'll be whisked off on an island getaway (a girl can dream, yes?) or she'll decide solids are A-OK. (Fable currently says NO to rice cereal, avocado, banana et al.) But for now? I'll totally keep this party going, quite impressed, I might add, by my ability to go this long against the odds. A force of nature I call myself.**

Oh, whatevs. It's just a boob.

In the WEANtime (ha!) I have some fabulous goods to give away*** to my lady friends who plan to nurse soon-to-be-born babes, are currently nursing or have lady friends soon to give birth, because lordy knows, nursing is hard work and mamas deserve booby presents. Especially fancy ones. Behold:

1. The tre tre chic Bebe Au Lait (in chocolat). Been rockin' my "hooter hider" all over the Elay streets because using Lindsay Lohan's headshot over my boob? Totally brings the paparazzi to the yard and ... no thanks.

2. The magical Medela Freestyle Pump c/o the wonderful people at Medela, who just... duh! Are the best as far as pumps, lanolin and everything else lactation-y is concerned.

Once again, I'll pick two commenters at random to win these fab prizes. All you have to do is tell me where you think your baby was conceived.

I'll go first.

Archer was conceived in a motel room en route to San Francisco via Road Trip. Fable was conceived ... in our bedroom which is totally BORING I do realize but that's the thing about second children. Their conception stories are never as hot.

You have until Wednesday at noon PST to participate. Good luck!


*Except for the time I had a breast-reduction in the middle of a partial-relationship and one day, dude went to unhook my bra and... WHERE DID THEY GO? WHY DO THEY LOOK LIKE THIS? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? AHHHHH!!!!

**I'm still supplementing with formula, obviously. Have been since day one but that doesn't make my nature any more forceful.

***This marks the second of many amazing giveaways I'll be doing in upcoming weeks. Stay tuned!


Congratulations to the lovely (and pregnant! Congratulations!) Rosana for winning the Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover and Amelia (who doesn't have a blog so please email me with your information!) who is also pregnant (congratulations!) on winning the Medela Freestyle Pump.

Thanks to everyone for sharing your stories of sex and fabulousness! (Winners picked at random via random.org) More fabulous contests coming soon!


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Mrs. Amber F. | 1:43 AM

My son William was concieved on a windy cliff overlooking the ocean in Kolekole pass on Valentines day 2007, I know this for a fact (it was our last hanky panky before he went away for training and I found out I was pregnant). Kolekole is a hiking trail inside the military base we live on in Hawaii. Kinda risky, but worth it, in ALL aspects.

Stacy | 1:59 AM

I'm pretty sure our son was conceived in our bed, in our apartment. Nothing fancy or exciting, but it worked (quickly, too...I went off the Pill and like two weeks later I was peeing on a stick). :o)

Melissa | 2:03 AM

My grrrrl was invented in Masan, South Korea, in my bedroom, on my 31st birthday.

Bailey | 2:09 AM

Aaah, memories. Lilikoi was most likely conceived en route to Portland's Gay Pride festival, where I was performing on a float during the parade. Or, you know, at home in bed that morning. Or in Daddy's favorite chair that evening.

God, my life used to be exciting.

Anonymous | 2:13 AM

Heya, just wanted to say that I love your blog and good for you for breastfeeding for so long. It's a real accomplishment! One of the hardest "natural" things ever. I live in Australia so don't worry about including me in the competition.

Cate Subrosa | 3:05 AM

Congrats on the 6 months - loved the shot of Lohan but was even more impressed when you ditched her for the full frontal boobage ;)

Baby Subrosa, due in September, was conceived on Christmas Eve in the exact same spot on our made-for-conception leather sofa/chaise-longue where we got engaged exactly a year previously. Poetic, non?

Megan | 3:14 AM

Congratulations on making it to 6 months!
Our boy was conceived in a hut that my brother-in-law built in the native New Zealand bush (forest) with huge windows looking out to the Tasman Sea. Some photos of the area nearby can be found here: http://www.punakaiki.co.nz/photos.htm
Don't put me in the competition though, I just wanted to share :)

Anonymous | 3:27 AM

that is awesome! way to go rebecca! have you seen the WHO recs on nursing? they're on their website, very interesting.

anyway, i'm with you, after all that hard work stopping now would be kinda frustrating.

Anonymous | 3:27 AM

Ooooh... I just had a baby three weeks ago, and I'd love to win the hooter hider-- I already have a pump. Congrats on your nursing success!

NHmommy | 3:51 AM

well my little (17 months old) bundle of joy was conceived at our first house in the living room, on the floor or couch. hmm. We are currently ttc #2, which will most likely happen in the bed. *yawn

Fraulein | 4:01 AM

I conceived my Peanut on the very first try. I had been off the Pill for six months, per my OB's instructions, before we ditched the condoms. Exactly three weeks after that first time with no contraception, my boobs and back started hurting, and I knew it had worked!

As someone who had horrible nursing problems, with searing pain and a refusing-to-latch-on babe, my hat is off to you and your hooters. I pumped and pumped for 10 weeks and then gave up. I always wished I'd have one more shot at nursing with a second kid, to see if I could do a better job. Not looking likely since I'm 40 but I guess you never know.

Anonymous | 4:11 AM

So...these are lovely conception stories and all...but my sister's baby was conceived in a dish in the lab at the reproductive center. But it's all love, really. This was her 4th IVF attempt and it finally worked!

coleen | 4:16 AM

we had trouble conceiving our first, so he was made in a different sort of way. umm...home iui? is there such a thing? i had a raging uti & i was ovulating & so my husband was in our office, doin' his bidness (pardon) & i was laying in bed. he would bring me this syringe, that i stole from walgreens, filled with his, um... baby makers. so after the "home iui" was dispensed, i would lie on my back for an hour, legs up in the air, all old world style. also we were trying for a boy & so my husband was conuming MASSIVE amounts of caffine, so it would be late at night & he would still be going, going, going off the caffine & i would be serenely asleep. it was the most ROMANTIC conception EVER.

also i had trouble breastfeeding to start & i was all for using the lactation consultants at our hospital, but they didn't help. so congrats to you for going sooo long. i could only do 4 months as i went back to work & aaron decided that he liked the bottle better as he didn't have to wait or work.

Sara | 4:23 AM

My son was conceived on the hood of a car in mexico.

Not really. It was really my apartment before we got married. Shotguns anyone?

Mammy P | 4:26 AM

I'm 26 weeks preggo with Baby #2 (www.guesswhospregnant.blogspot.com couldn't resist shameless plug opportunity) and the cool thing about this baby is not where it was conceived but when! We'd been to see this UH-MAAAAAAAAAAY-ZING band at our local live music dive, and despite us both having The Worst Head Cold in the History of the Free World at the time, we enjoyed the tunes so much we came home and had a little party of our own! The band was this great English two-piece called Blood Red Shoes... allegedly so named after the time Ginger Rogers rehearsed a dance so much that her white satin shoes got stained from her mangled feet! Dang, brotha!

So -- an unforgettable concert turns into an unforgettable live-changing event!

Can't finish this without including a link to the band's videos so you can check out the brilliant rock-outliness of Blood Red Shoes, so here you go:

This is Not for You (video): http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=7Z8nnZuRvrg&feature=related
It's Getting Boring By the Sea (video): http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=9j7aGkZMGIo&feature=channel
I Wish I Was Someone Better (video): http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=lQ3HV0lRMOo&feature=channel

Marianne | 4:28 AM

I am 3287 months (or, you know, 8.5) with my first kid--a girl. Boring as it is, she was conceived on our anniversary, in bed.

Andrea | 4:34 AM

My daughter Amelia is almost 10 months old now and I believe she was conceived on the couch of my parents' work-in-progress vacation home in the Poconos of PA - the day after we announced our engagement to my family.

The funny thing is that I didn't know that I was pregnant for the 1st three months because pretty immediately after she was probably conceived, the church that my husband and I were in the process of joining asked us to abstain and we did!!! So as far as we were concerned, when we found out we were expecting - she was just about conceived immaculately. *HA!*

Unknown | 4:59 AM

Our first child is due November 9th, and the "meatloaf" was conceived on Valentines day of this year, in our bedroom. It might not be the most innovative location, but it certainly was exciting. We had been trying for about 5 months, and finally it happened.

Wicked Step Mom | 5:01 AM

Congrats on making 6 months! I am glad it got easier. I hope that you continue to have an easy time.

P.S. Don't pick me! Let someone else have it. My girls are no longer babies. ::sigh::

Maria Melee | 5:02 AM

Both my kids were conceived in our bedroom. Our bedrooms were in different cities with each though.

Nothing too interesting other than the fact that because of travel and guests, we only had time for nookie ONCE each of those months. So I know exactly what days my sons were conceived.

Hiker - Kelly B | 5:06 AM

My baby (due 5/20) was conceived in our Reproductive Endocrinologist's office via IUI. I can't even remember if my husband was in the room...

Rochelle | 5:11 AM

I gave up pretty quickly breastfeeding my daughter, but am 23 weeks pregnant with my 2nd and hope to last much longer.
This baby was conceived, also boringly, in our bedroom.

Unknown | 5:14 AM

My son was conceived in our bed just before Thanksgiving...so we found out we were pregnant for Christmas. What a present.
Breastfeeding can be tough. Congratulations on making it 6 months.

Miranda | 5:21 AM

Our bambino was conceived on Sept 12, in our bed, in our house. Very boring but not everyone knows the exact day they conceived. That has to count for something!

KC | 5:26 AM

I'm due mid to late September, and our child-to-be was conceived at home, on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. In our bed, in the morning time.

Thanks for sharing and congrats on less-pain (painless?) nursing!

WaltzInExile | 5:26 AM

Because I'm pre-caffeinated, this will have to be bullet points, because I can't quite organize a cohesive narrative paragraph.
A) I must be blinder than I thought because I just don't see anything objectionable in that second picture.
2) I'm not having a baby, but a really good friend of mine is, and so I'd like this comment to be considered on her behalf.
IV) I cannot possibly tell you when/where our first baby was conceived. See, I was on the pill, and those were the days when there was lots of teh seks going on :) Second baby, same answer, but condoms (oh, all right, and probably less of teh seks, but I still have no idea. It's not like anything broke and gave us a clue.)

Molly | 5:28 AM

Good on you and your hooters for going six months! Max decided he'd had enough right at the six month mark and couldn't have been less interested in my boobs once I put 'em back in storage.

Max was conceived on an Eddie Bauer camping air mattress from Target in our bedroom. We'd just moved to Maryland from Michigan, and both of our beds were so old and tired and falling-apart that we didn't think it was worth moving them halfway across the country, so we bought an air mattress with wedding money. Ten weeks of hot honeymoon monkey lovin' later, I was pregnant.

And...The New Girl (due in July) was conceived in our bed (not an air mattress) in our bedroom (not the same bedroom that Max was conceived in). Our bedroom is actually a big walk-in closet off the loft in our teensy condo. Sooo, technically, you could say we made her in the closet.

Kelly | 5:39 AM

Congratulations on getting to six months!

I'm pretty sure all three of mine were conceived at home. I know, I know. It's not that we don't have sex in exciting places, it's just that we don't conceive in exciting places. So there.

dcfullest | 5:40 AM

Having IVF makes this a whole lot less fun. If you consider sperm meets egg conception, then I concieved in Maryland, while I was in Virginia. If you wait until implantaion, then my couch (while watching bad tv), since I was on bed rest.
But, after 2.5 years of trying I am now 10 weeks pregnant with twins! It didn't happen during a wild romantic escaped, but they are worth it.

Decor Addict | 5:42 AM

My babe to be (due July 8th) was concieved on a Thursday night in our bedroom, after chasing my husband around the apartment yelling "but i'm ovulating!"

:-) Go for the home stretch! 9 months!!!


MirandaLea | 5:48 AM

My little man was conceived in a tent by the lake on Memorial weekend. I'd like to thank the little people, like tequila, Sour Apple Evil Eye, and my hubby for forgetting the condoms and going along with me when I said "What the hell? Let's do it anyway."

Congrats on the nursing! It really is hard!

Trish | 5:52 AM

My daughter was conceived in our bed. It was the first time EVER I wasn't on birth control. And now I am pregnant again with a son and exciting........conceived in bed again. Because that's how exciting we are. hehehe

Congrats on nursing. It is REALLY difficult. This time around I am going to give it a real try. It was hard with my daughter because right away the hospital wanted to give her formula because she had jaundus. My milk never fully came in!!

Michelle | 5:54 AM

I am currently expecting number 2 and she\he was conceived at home in our bed. Kinda was a surprise, as we both thought we were done, but it is still a blessing and I can't wait to met my new child!

kateypie35 | 5:54 AM

I am nursing my scrumptious 14 month old boy...
Who was conceived in a shiny new petri dish in the laboratory at the offices of The Reproductive Associates of Delaware on a lovely Spring day in May. Birds chirped, sun shined, bodily fluids swirled, and I was probably roaming the aisles of Target - praying for a miracle. Hooray for IVF!

Ryan and Katie | 5:55 AM

Positive that our first was conceived in our home, in our bed, in OKC. Boring I know but I'd still like free things!!!

Michele | 5:57 AM

First was in a hotel room in Chicago celebrating our wedding anniversary, 2nd & 3rd(due in May) in our boring old bedroom, but after even having one kid, finding the time/energy/privacy is amazing enough!
You're my hero, I had a Reduction 7 yrs ago. I didn't try with my first two, but, dammit I'm going to try with this one, so I'd love some BF gear, I've got none!

Liz | 6:00 AM

I could tell you the month of each conception (Little Boy currently 2 1/2 years, and due again in September) but not nearly even tell you the day or place. We tried for quite some time with both, which also means we just went at it everywhere and anytime... so your guess is as good as mine.

Congrats on six months! I remember how much easier everything got for us at 6 months! Mine refused bottles at 3 months... so thank God he was a pretty good nurser from the get go!

Bekka | 6:00 AM

Ha, I'm not pregnant (or married, or even in a god damn relationship) right now, but I can challenge you on the second child always being less interesting thing - I was conceived on an italian ski vacation, and my parents always told me that I must have gotten my brown eyes from the cute italian ski instructor (mom has blue, dad has green, brown eyes aren't recessive... hm....). My brother, on the other hand, is 3 and a half years younger than me, and was conceived in the front seat of a car on the way to a party. They promise they weren't driving at the time, just early for the party and trying to conceive so pulled over to the side of the road. Apparently the hostess opened the door, took one look at my mother, and told her she was pregnant. And she was!

I'm 21, not planning on babies anytime soon, please give the fabulous prize to someone else if my number is picked! Also, I'm such a total fangirl, Rebecca. If I ever come out to LA I'm going to try desperately to convince you to have coffee with me - I promise I'm not a crazy stalker, just think you're fabulous and your kids are gorgeous.

Anonymous | 6:04 AM

ok so I had to do this semi-anonymously because I am only 6.5 weeks pregnant and still haven't told many people...I have no idea. I used BC, so technically I should not be pregnant, that doesnt mean Im not ecstatic about it, but I wasnt actually keeping track you know? Possibly the living room floor of our new house?

Thats a good story to tell junior...see this spot honey? Right here by the couch? Thats where we made you!


Prasti | 6:08 AM

congrats on boobs feeling better :). i remember the first 3 weeks of breastfeeding my first and it would always make my toes curl (of course 3 wks. doesn't compare to 6 mos.). very painful.

anyway, this 2nd baby was conceived in an airplane bathroom...jk! i wish it was that exciting. it was our bedroom.

Preggy Blonde | 6:09 AM

Expecting my first child in less than two months and she was conceived right in my bed. Because we planned it complete with fertility charts and all. I know - BORING. Maybe #2 will be conceived somewhere fabulous?


Madelaine | 6:12 AM

Nursing my first baby, 2 months now! She was conceived in our bed during a nap right before the kentucky derby.

Bethie | 6:13 AM

The baby that I am currently 15 weeks pregnant with (my first) was conceived in my bedroom. Boring, I know, BUT we're pretty sure it was on New Year's Eve, which is kind of neat/exciting!

Amber | 6:16 AM

My firstborn was conceived in a tent...second born in a motel...third and fourth born in out bed.

duck | 6:16 AM

In the middle of the woods in Northern Canada in a yurt. He wanted to give her a Mongolian name, but I convinced him other wise.

Sandra Pree | 6:22 AM

Both of my kids were conceived in our bedroom...lame.

@sweetbabboo | 6:23 AM

I'm pretty certain that Linus was conceived while at Carolina Beach, NC in a pretty skanky motor inn that my in-laws chose to stay at despite it being October and EVERYTHING else being available.


Anonymous | 6:24 AM

I was told that my soon to be born 1st niece was concieved the day after Thanksgiving in my spare bedroom. I will never look at that room the same again. Not very exciting, I know, but this is my sister's first. She is young, & going to do this on her own. Our whole family is very proud of her.

Anonymous | 6:25 AM

I have two girls, and both were in our bed...one was conceived on Christmas Eve, the other on my hubby's birthday. And since neither one was planned, or technically suppose to happen, I gave up on sex as a birthday gift, lol!

I breastfed my oldest for three months, during which she fought me every step of the way...always prefering the bottle. The second one was till six months, when work and stress caused me to dry up. I also supplemented her...both my girls were born hungry, so I had no problems with that as long as it kept them happy. Good luck with the next six months! I am so totally envious!

PS-I don't know anyone nor am I planning on having any children, so please take me out of the running for this contest. Just wanted to comment!

mames | 6:26 AM

i love the first pic and then the decision to just put it out there...much better au natural, that linsay is dirtier than any boob shot.

so, i am not preggers but i know plenty who are and can gift the gift to another so here goes...

tim and i decided to try about the same day we flew to the pacific nw to see family. we took a week long camping trip to canada and i am almost positive it was the mid afternoon get-in-the-tent-we-are having-sex-right-now session on salt spring island. i am a very determined soul when i set my mind on something.

i like the idea that our kids were conceived in another country. in a weird aside, i am pretty sure of the 'implantation' dates too because i was being hyper aware...the weird part to me at the time was it happened twice. which i found out 13 weeks later was due to whole two-babies-in-my-uterus thing.

that trip was so good to us. i still have to make them 'made in canada' shirts.

Desiree | 6:35 AM

oh yay! congrats on making is SIX MONTHS! I'm at just over two months now and things are STARTING to get a little easier.
My lifesaver? Domperidone AND Dr. Newman's nipple-tastic cream. OMG. Would die without it.

So where was little Gretchen conceived? In our boring bedroom at our old apartment... underneath a movie poster of Edward Scissorhands. How bout that.

Mom Interrupted | 6:36 AM

My daughter was conceived the old fashioned way in our bed, once we decided on babies, we had to wait untill after we got back from a trip to Belieze and off the maleria pills (preventitive) before we could try, went at it for a solid week based on the ovulation test kits dates. My son, on a trip to San Diego at my Brother-in-laws apt in, on the floor, on the air mattress, with him and his wife not so far away in the loft above us, did this for the time we were there as well, good old ovulation kit, got it right first month out of the gate with both kids....

Pamela | 6:38 AM

I miscarried on Dec. 22 at about six weeks pregnant. "Blighted ovum" seems to be the cause.
A week later, my hormones were slowly returning to normal, and the only thing I wanted for days was to be close to my husband. We had sex a few times that week and then nothing for a little while. But those times, they were magical to me. The closeness helped me heal.
I peed on a stick at the end of January and voila!
I'm now 13 weeks, doing great. Due Oct. 3 and plan to breastfeed :-)

Thanks for writing about it!

jami | 6:39 AM

Both of ours were at home. Boring I know, but we had one goal in mind and had no time for funny business. We must have known what we were doing because it happened the first month for both. We will be trying for #3 in the near future so I hope it is just as easy this time (and maybe a little more exciting)!

Pamela | 6:40 AM

Oops, I should add it happened in our bedroom! Boring perhaps but wonderful.
The first one I believe happened in Costa Rica on our delayed honeymoon.

Lindsey | 6:41 AM

My husband and I were working 3-4 jobs between the two of us and one weekend we both managed to have a Saturday night off...which lead to a lot of drinking and 9 months later...our bebe Grace...

shoutingforha | 6:43 AM

My son was conceived in a hotel room in Newark, NJ. We had flown into town to attend his Grandmother's funeral. Romantic, isn't it?

The hubby and I had decided that after seven years of marriage we finally wanted to have kids. The timing was right, so we gave it a shot. I found out I was pregnant one month later in a hotel room in Athens, Greece.

kelliq | 6:44 AM

Gwen was conceived in a friend's apartment... of which this friend likes to remind us, daily.

Julian was conceived in a bath tub! Hot!

Aaron & Cassie | 6:45 AM

Pretty sure all three of our children were conceived in our bedroom. Boring, I know. I have a two year old, who I'm still struggling to wean completely, we lost our second baby and I'm pregnant with the third.

Em | 6:53 AM

Amazing how a giveaway increased your comments, eh?

Anyway, Sierra was also conceived in my boring bedroom, but it is more interesting because it was a little fun before I went away without the man for a week.

I just want to say "yay you!" for continuing to breastfeed. Trust me when I say I KNOW how rough it can be in the beginning. Ieee! I was determined I would breast feed though, and despite many exhausting, miserable weeks, we are now going on 10 months. 10 months!! I will breastfeed for at least her first year, hopefully 2, and we'll see from there.

I know a woman who breastfeed her kindergartener ... but that's way beyond my comfort level. Yikes!

MeganL | 6:55 AM

I'm 10 weeks along and the babe was conceived in New York! :)
I LOVE your blog!

Jenn/hippygoth | 7:00 AM

Congrats on making it to 6 months! I made it to 3 through the dint of blood, sweat, tears, and supplementing with formula. I finally gave myself permission to stop pumping and only getting 1/2 oz a day so that I could stop crying at work. The stuff they DON'T tell you.

My baby was conceived at home in our ghetto apartment over a Puerto Rican Evangelical church....but it was the date that I remember. We had gone out to get our pictures taken, me and my husband and all 14 of my cousins/siblings, for my grandparents 50th anniversary. By the time we had the 50th anniversary party and presented them with the photo, my grandparents knew that their first great-grandchild was on the way! Boring location, but cool story.

Anonymous | 7:02 AM

No kids yet, but I'm hoping soon - and they'll probably be conceived in bed - boring!

Congrats on the 6 month mark! I say let her nurse as long as she wants :)

Erin | 7:02 AM

I am boring. I conceived both of my children in bed at home. One was an accident though. Does that up my street cred?

Kristin | 7:02 AM

Our little one was concieved while my husband was still on bedrest after a 3 story fall from a balcony resulting in a right hip fracture, 2 vertebrae fractures, and several pelvic fractures.
When he was finally healed enough...we couldn't take it anymore. The hospital bed that we had in our home had a trapeze over the top of it for the love of God. Who can resist that?

Sherrill | 7:05 AM

Our almost-five-month-old daughter was conceived on Valentines Day last year...in the bath tub.

I considered a home water birth just so she could have been created and then born in the same spot...but um, no.

thekettrickfive | 7:05 AM

My first born was conceived in Hermosa Beach, then we were transferred to San Diego. My second was conceived in San Diego, then we were transferred to Arizona. My third was conceived in AZ then we were transferred to WA. I just had my third here in WA...better not get transferred anytime soon! :0)

Hilary | 7:11 AM

I just think you're great. That's all.

Maureen | 7:11 AM

Congrats on the nursing! That has to feel good.
My son was conceived at a wedding, and the kiddo in me now was conceived while the Thanksgiving turkey was cooking (corny, I know, but true).

Christine Wilson | 7:15 AM

Just a warning- I thought my son would lose interest at some point and here I am at 16 months and still nursing! I am over it in a lot of ways but the more I try to wean, the more he wants to nurse. It will have to stop when he goes to college, right?
Anyway, Ronan was conceived in a doctor's office with me, a female nurse, and a turkey baster. My husband was where he usually is- at work. BUT, it was a miraculous conception to me.

Shannon | 7:20 AM

Congrats on the 6 months! You can do it!

Both DS and #2 (due Sept) were "made" in bed. #1 was scheduled, planned, fertility charts in hand and fertility meds taken...do it NOW! #2....was a surprise. I'd not yet gotten my period back, was still BF'ing #1. Tada! No drugs and no charts, amazing!

beyond | 7:22 AM

i am not pregnant and i don't think any of my friends are right now, so i don't need you giveaway goodies. just wanted to say congrats on the breastfeeding. i think you can continue for a few months without fear of turning into that british mother you linked to. i say kids are too old to breastfeed when they ask for it. in an eloquent sentence.

MomE | 7:23 AM

hey there!
i'm one month behind you... my baby boy just turned 5 months!!

congrats on going string for 6 months.... that's a REALLY BIG DEAL!!

breastfeeding has been one of my greatest accomplishements... that, and labor! makes me feel like superwoman, and i can see it does the same for you! BRAAAAVVOO!!

so, my 1st baby was conceived in NYC/Queens, in our bedroom (and no, it was NOT BORING - trust me) after 13 months of trying. as far as i'm concerned, some of the best xxx happens in the bedroom where all distractions are out of the way :) anyway, then i got layed off at work, and i found out that i was pregnant THE DAY i came home from my last day at work!! severance in hand, i enjoyed my first pregnancy at home :)

my second baby was also conceived in our bedroom... with equal vigor;) this time we got pregnant lickety-split, as in, like... the second try. and now he's 5 months young.

i can't believe i have a girl AND a boy.

how lucky are we??

good luck with continued breastfeeding... i'm pressing on, too!

xoxo, MomE (EileenJay on twitter)

*I've GOT TO consolidate my blog/twit/etc identities!

Ashley | 7:23 AM

In our bedroom... if I told you the position, would that make it more interesting?

Thanks, Becca!

Dyar Baby Momma | 7:24 AM

My first (20 months old) was conceived the night after a football game (my team lost) - I could tell I was ovulating at the game (I was on fertility meds and it was kind of painful). Couldn't wait to get home to try and make a baby.

My second (17 weeks pregnant) was conceived a Friday night at home. The fertility meds were sitting on the counter but we had decided to try a month au naturel. Took an OPK that morning, it was +, and I swear I felt O during the deed. Ironically I couldn't get DH to feel up for it the next night (never happens, he is always up for it), so it had to be that night.

I breastfed 6 months with my first, until I had to finally take antibiotics that were not safe for BF'ing after having tried many others for a recurring sinus infection. This time I definitely want to BF again, and the pump I used last time was a loaner (the kind you can sterilize) - so I could totally use the pump! I will go back to work at 12 weeks, so I NEED the pump to keep it up. Thankfully we have mothers rooms here to help out with a place to pump.

So proud of you for sticking through the last few months - because its what you wanted, and you did it. Great job!

William Ryan | 7:24 AM

Our son Will was conceived in my husband's (boyfriend at the time) bed after a drunken night on the town. Condom broke and the rest is history. It's amazing to look back on. I always knew our little boy was a miracle, but now that we are TTC with no luck, I realize how perfect the conditions were at that very moment and that it must have been written in the stars for that condom to give way.

hoppytoddle | 7:25 AM

MiniMe was concieved in our bed. Boring? Maybe. But, we had been eating breakfast @ Cracker Barrel when I looked up at him & said, "If ya want a kid, we need to go home, because I'm ovulating." Yep.

The guppy currently in mah belly is all Rebecca's fault. It was in our bedroom, again, just this past Fat Tuesday. I knew I was in the Red Zone, but had just been scanning some Fable Pics while MiniMe napped & when The Huz hit me up for some naptime nookie, I said to myself, "Aw, God wouldn't do that to me: Hella pregnant in the summer in South Florida!" Yuh- Huh.

But I worked pretty hard at the nursing thing, too & got to be where you are, Bec. Don't fret about the weaning. It was much easier than I thought it would be & we were done for the most part @ 16 months, completely by 18.

I don't need no hooter cover or Medela, because I already have both. How about a swimming pool, though?

Erica | 7:27 AM

I'm super-boring. Both of my children were conceived in our bedroom.

Megan C. | 7:31 AM

love your site - i believe we were in our newly remodeled bedroom, just starting what we thought would be months of trying. go figure that it only took two attempts!

Katy | 7:31 AM

I don't have a conception story, but that English Breastfeeding lady is the most, AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK!

I'm all icked out, now. Just. no.

Ashley | 7:35 AM

I'm almost positive that our baby was conceived on the arm of our sofa (it's just the perfect height you know). I squirm with delight whenever my anal,ocd sister-in-law sits on that end of the couch.

Rose | 7:35 AM

I'm pretty sure my little lady was created in the living room of my very small apartment. on the floor. after a little too much captain morgan spiced rum. doggy style. with my then boyfriend (now no where to be found).

pamela | 7:39 AM

first of all, your dedication to nursing is awesome! and it makes me kind of sad i didn't stick with it longer, but maybe the second go around i will!
my conception story is kind of funny... mike and i had been separated for about 2 months when we decided we couldn't be apart. we rekindled our relationship with afternoons of sailing on a terrifyingly decrepit sailboat which we promptly turned into the love boat on windless days!
zoe was conceived in the middle of a river on that boat in the middle of a hot august day. HOT.

Sarah | 7:43 AM

My first was conceived in a hotel room in Chicago. My husband was working there during the week, and I was traveling for business constantly. His contract there was ending, so I took a vacation to spend some time in the city with him. It just so happened that the trip was during prime baby-making time. He was sleeping while I watched an episode of Cathouse on HBO. I woke him up to try a new position I saw, and it appears it was successful. Our second (due in a few weeks) was conceived in our bedroom. So exciting.

katie d | 7:45 AM

We (I) were (was) hoping that our second child would be conceived at a wedding that I was in back in October. No not at the ceremony, but at the reception where I was convinced it would be the last time I could cocktail, so proceeded to get very drunk and got my husband to take me outside to a rental car (eeew) and give it a go. It didn't take. Which is probably a good thing considering the state I was in. So I ended up getting knocked up somewhere in between the back and forth of the Christmas holiday. By that point I was obsessed and had given up on the fun spontaneous "let's get pregnant!" idea and it was probably in our boring bedroom, too - confirming your second child theory. Please don't pick me, I already have a Hooter Hider and Pump & Style because it's baby number 2.

denese | 7:45 AM

i almost feel bad about this. embarrassed? whatever, just don't tell my baby: i'm pretty sure she was conceived thanksgiving weekend at my mom's house in my old bedroom which she had recently converted into the guest room. it was the first time my family had met my husband (then-boyfriend.)

if it didn't happen then, it happened three days later back at our apartment, on the couch, and i had to forcefully persuade ronnie to have sex with me. he "had a headache." yes, HE had a headache. i had hormones. and then we had a baby.

*Amy Leigh* | 7:49 AM

Well...I am pregnant now with out first and our baby was conceived after a night of drinking and rocking out to Old Crow Medicine Show...in my brother's basement. Don't tell him though . . .

linuxgrl | 7:49 AM

My glorious babe was conceived at my apartment in Syracuse while my husband was going to school in Pittsburgh. We got totally lucky with the timing because we only got to see each other every other weekend. I don't know how we got so lucky - we conceived on the very first try!

Alyson | 7:52 AM

7 weeks ago in our bedroom, which makes me 9 weeks pregnant, yes? I'm feeling like crap right now so I'm cursing the fact that I gave into my sex drive. I'm sure I'll get over it - I just hope it's sooner rather than later. And I'm all about the breast feeding - I feel I can take anything that doesn't make me wanna toss my cookies constantly.

Unknown | 7:52 AM

Haven't commented before. But love the nursing photo! I have one of my son and I when he was 3 weeks and it is one of my favs. No nipple, not offensive, just sweet. So, on to the prize eh? I would love, love love to have that pump. I am stuck pumping 3-4x's a day on an old outdated pump that my husbands-co-workers-wifes-friend had. You get the picture. It is big, ugly and I totally need a new one. as for the hooter hider? I just whip them out in public, no need! :)

jill (smyth) | 7:52 AM

So I'm due September 3rd.

I know our baby was conceived in our bedroom, on our bed - doggy style. What can I say? Mama likes it from behind.

Later on, we were at my mother in-love's and I realized I was ovulating (I've been able to feel it since I was 17, a little strange maybe - but helpful when you're trying to conceive, right?) I told her this, as I was laying on her exercise trampoline in the middle of the floor. She asked me if I wanted her to go in the other room. *shrugs* Lady, if I'm getting knocked up, it's happening THIS SECOND - because we already took care of that this morning.

Then I showed her my ovulation dance. The crazy thing about that dance? I think my 67 year-old wildlife photographer neighbor made it up. No shit people. His Gemini-ness reaches out to mine.

Unknown | 7:53 AM

oops.. concieved my son in our bedroom... boring as well!

AlbertMom | 7:58 AM

First baby was conceived in the shower, most likely...and subsequent pregnancies started old-school bedroom way :)

Samtastic | 7:59 AM

my son was conceived on my now-husbands bed, 6 weeks after we had MET and on the same day my grandpa died. the transfer of life, my friend.

A | 8:01 AM

Scooty #1 was conceived somewhere between our bedroom, the guest room at a friend's house and Royal Caribbean's Enchantment of the Seas. We were trying at the time and had just started our first Clomid cycle. SO, we were basically like rabbits. All I know is, after a week of cruising Mexico, I was pregnant!

And now, we're not ttc #2 yet, but I have several friends who are pregnant who could def. use the new swag.

Also, thanks to all the boring ol' "in our bedroom" stories, I've now made it my mission to conceive #2 somewhere totally awesome. Holler!

Lindsay Q | 8:05 AM

As cheesy as it sounds, I'm a long-time reader, first-time commenter, haha!

Currently, I'm in the 9th month of pregnancy with our daughter, and I believe she was conceived on our couch in the living room. We had just moved into our first apartment together, and it was our first piece of furniture we bought! So, we figured we should ceremoniously break it in... :-)

ec | 8:09 AM

baby #1 ... definitely conceived in our bedroom (you may see a trend) shortly after our wedding when nothing was better than doing it. pretty sure we conceived on halloween though ... wicked.

baby #2 ... in our bedroom. HOWEVER, we were living for summer employment in orange county, CA which seemed exotic and exciting, because you see, we're from a place called saskatchewan.

baby #3 (WHAT? 3?) definitely in the bedroom. because now there's two older girls wondering the halls of our home.

Meg | 8:10 AM

My daughter was conceived in a shower in Dallas. We were staying in a hotel with a bunch of friends, so the shower was the only private place. It was my husband's birthday, so I call our daughter the gift that keeps on giving.

I'm not going to be nursing anyone soon, but I have plenty of friends who are. I would love to be the friend who gives the amazing gift!

becky | 8:10 AM

My husband and I have this tradition of consummating our Christmas tree after we've finished decorating it, so our sea monkey (our first!) was most likely conceived on our parlor floor, under the lights of our tree. A little cheesy, I know. Really, we just like to use the word 'consummate', so we find reasons to use it as often as possible... with appropriate actions to follow.

Allison the Meep | 8:13 AM

Oh my GAHHHHH. The tiny hand on the chest KILLS me. It makes her teensyness seem all that more teensy. I used to love that the most about nursing my son.

So, I know I don't qualify for the giveaway because I'm not knocked up (yet) with my second child. And that's cool - because it should totally go to a new mama who needs the nursing help! But, I think my son was conceived in my old crappy L.A. apartment, 4 months into knowing his father, who was 4 months later, my husband. Wooohoo! Shotgun wedding in the Valley!

Margie S. | 8:19 AM

The one I'm expecting in about a week was conceived in our bedroom, which seems boring, but in reality was incredibly fun : ) Thanks for sharing the love with the fantastic nursing giveaways!

Brandy G | 8:21 AM

I know exactly when/where baby number two (that I'm currently carrying) was conceived. At home in our bedroom. Boring, I know, but I had just returned from a work trip to New Orleans where I missed my honey considerably (NOLA is meant for play - not work!).

Congrats on making it to six months - I would have loved to have nursed my first peanut longer but unfortunately the practicality of toting a breast pump on the road with me for work swayed my decision to go ahead and wean her off sooner versus later.

SkittleSkattle | 8:22 AM

My baby was conceived in my bedroom, pretty boring, but it was my birthday and my hband got me a gorgeous pair of diamond earrings, so I had to thank him properly.

leila | 8:26 AM

sydney, australia ... in someone else's bedroom. when the husband and i reunited after two months apart. conception may have occurred the first time we ... uh ... tried. (i already have a bebe au lait, so i'm gunning for a breast pump!)

erika | 8:30 AM

Oh Gawd, I really could use the pump or the adorable cover, and I've been reading your blog for a year without commenting. So here goes, I'd really like to say that Connor was conceived on our trip to Italy, but the mild morning nausea I attributed to all the red wine would say otherwise. I'm pretty sure he was conceived two weeks before in our very boring bedroom. But when people ask I usually say Italy. Much more interesting.

Love the blog. I have my first (6 week old) and will be interested to hear more breastfeeding news. I've wondered how weaning was even possible. I'm sure you'll let us know. Best of luck!

squeem | 8:30 AM

I believe that first baby and only baby, who is due quite soon, was conceived on somewhat painful twin bed in our bedroom after simultaneous orgasms. I like to think that being created in such a rare, awesome way will make him a rare, awesome person.
Or maybe he will just have the super power of simultaneous orgasms every time.

Anonymous | 8:33 AM

My first, due on May 4th, was conceived on August 13 in a tiny flat in Edinburgh, Scotland. We'd been apart since I was in the States visiting family for a month, so needless to say it could have happened anywhere: the bed, the couch, and the kitchen counter are all possibilities.

Kira | 8:36 AM

My daughter, who was due YESTERDAY, and no, I'm not cranky WHY DO YOU ASK, was conceived in my bedroom, with my husband.
If you think that's boring, you aren't doing it right.

Unknown | 8:38 AM

Our one month old twins (you think your nipples were sore?! lol) were conceived on our wedding night, in a hotel room that was a gift from my godmother. It was a day beset by one calamity after another, as beautiful as it was, and I thought I'd never make it. But I did, and as soon as we were finally alone as husband and wife, it was magic.

Much like the pregnancy turned out to be.

I'm Heather | 8:38 AM

G was conceived on our very last night in our Atlanta house, we were sleeping on the cold hard floor as all of our belonging’s were packed up on a moving truck headed to Florida, but hey when the OPK says it’s go time, it’s go time comfortable or not!! Our angel baby whom we lost in December at 16 weeks was conceived in our bed… boring with much less rug burn!

Unknown | 8:41 AM

Also wanted to add: way to go with breastfeeding!

Stacy | 8:47 AM

Our baby was conceived on NYE in our bed...boring place, but oh well...we are having our first baby!

christine | 8:49 AM

I'm 15 weeks pregnant with our first who was conceived in the shower on New Year's Eve after a long hike. What a way to start the new year!

The Go-To Girl | 9:00 AM

Harper was concieved in her father's apt. on January 2nd while we both nursed hangovers, ate Chinese food and watched Kill Bill volumes I & II.

Chalsey | 9:02 AM

Both my boys were conceived in our bed. Totally boring!!

Congrats on hitting the 6 months breastfeeding mark!! We are almost to 7 months!

verilium | 9:02 AM

We'd been trying for 3 months to get pregnant (I know, not a long time) and to boost our chances I'd stopping drinking and started on one of those "optimal" diets What To Expect touts. A member of our extended family passed away, and being Irish and all the liquor flowed like water. So although it's kind of morbid and not at all romantic, I think we got pregnant while drunk on whiskey after the wake in our own bed in our own home.

Bryna | 9:04 AM

We are pregnant with our first little fish; about 12 weeks along. After 15 years together we've been married for almost a year and it seemed like this was the time; if we were going to do it, let's do it now. :) I ovulated on 1/11 and had a positive pregnancy test on 1/24. Do we get credit for how diligent we were with birth control for 15+ years? Who knew that we were this fertile? The actual conception could have happen on any weight supporting surface in our house that week. The first time having non-protected sex can be a little heady! I'm sure our neighbors could pick out a few likely nights.
I'm a total information whore and I found and read your blog in the last few weeks when I was looking for pregnancy and birth stories; thank you for yours!

Kayt | 9:08 AM

My son was conceived on Saint Patrick's Day last year, after some serious drinking in a crappy motel room. We were living in Denver but working in Vail (over 100 miles each way), so we stayed in this cheap, grimy motel during the week. We were so depressed that we owned a house we couldn't live in that my fiance and I hit the motel's bar and got schnockered, then knocked boots. In May, I was feeling ill and still commuting, my fiance had found a job in Denver. We tell most people that he was concieved in our new house the weekend after St. Patrick's.

Chrissyfeen | 9:14 AM

My son was conceived in a rental home on the beach in Monterrey. Pretty hot eh? Except that we were sleeping in the loft and the other occupants were my grandparents, dad, sister, sister's husband and my step-son. Whoops.

titosan | 9:19 AM

Our boy was conceived while we were visiting my grandparents' house in AZ while everyone else was at church. Ahem.

Karen | 9:23 AM

My baby was conceived at my husband's office under his desk...which was awesome, because we normally don't do things like that.

We're still not sure whether it was caught on the security cameras. He's still employed, so we figure they don't get checked very often.

Hello my name is Amy | 9:28 AM

Our baby (due June 3rd) was conceived at home, in our bed. I had one week at home between multiple weeks of work travel, so plenty of sexy time was had :)

Heather | 9:29 AM

My 1st son was no doubt conceived on a rock in Great Falls, MD park at 1am on the way back home from Georgetown. And I wasn't even drunk or 16! It was a dare and "dare I say" I have my own little rock of memory now. June 2000.

My 2nd son was conceived during hot passionate "we don't have any small more children YAY!!! let's ravish eachother sex" while on vacation in Aruba. And yet again we come home with a token of a great trip. September 2006.

#3, who is due May 2nd and also happens to have a penis was conceived in August 2008 while in the fabulous Ocean City, MD during a lacrosse tournament. Another token of a not so great trip. OC is not too fabulous :(

Saskia | 9:29 AM

Out little bun bun (due 8/12, our anniversary, collective "aaaawwwwww...", please) was conceived in the marital bed. But hello people, NOT BORING! My GOD, we just made a KID! And on month 11 of trying (OK, sweetie. Tonight's a sexy-sexy night, now drop trou and do me.)

This is our first kid, and we had no idea if either of us were "viable" if you will, so the double line on the stick was one of the most magic things that has ever happened to me.

So to recap, conception = not boring regardless of geography.

Jackie | 9:33 AM

You GO girl! Good for you for sticking with it this long...I've been fighting with the same pain, holes, and scabs for the fast few months...not cool. I finally broke down and started to pump, and thanks to my Medela PIS Advanced - my 4 month old son is still thriving on "boobie juice"! I'm supplementing with formula as well, but am still happy that I'm able to give him breastmilk, sans pain. I had to stop nursing my daughter when she was 3mos, because my supply decided to pull a disappearing act - so it feels great to have made it this far! I still nurse the little man when we're out and about - it hurts, but I grin and bear it. Reading this post has inspired me to keep trying - thanks!

As for your contest - I'm in Canada, so not sure if I'm eligible...but I'll give it a go anyway! Abigayle was conceived in my childhood bedroom, while visiting my parents house...and Austin was conceived here at home, in our bed. I know, nothing too risque about it - definitley not as exciting as some of these other stories!

Sorry for such a long post...but just wanted to say - LOVE your blog! It's always great for a laugh, and I adore your "tell-it-like-it-is" attitude. Cheers!

Erin | 9:36 AM

My first (due Oct 24th) was conceived in my fiance's bed, in Phoenix, on his birthday last January...making this baby the BEST present ever...even if it's also the latest present ever!

Erin @ Furry Murray | 9:42 AM

Hmm...my daughter was either conceived in a Memphis hotel room or at home. Who knows?

And dude?!? The possibility of winning a Medela Freestyle Pump...seriously? You rock! I want one sooooo bad. My daughter just turned 7 months old and she's still breastfeeding, which means I'm pumping at work with an ancient Medela pump. Blah. Love you blog!

Allison C | 9:44 AM

Lucy was conceived in my now husband then boyfriends freezing attic apartment after a drunken night that eventually led to me falling off the bed and him deciding to pee out the window to save time.
We have big plans for baby #2 though, hopefully something a little more romantic and not as alcoholic.

Unknown | 9:49 AM

We conceived Lili during an all day sex session one lazy sunday in October. Not sure which "session" conceived her as there were several. ;)

I am due in July and I am planning to nurse as well as pump, so your giveaways are totally awesome and needed.

fallgirly | 9:52 AM

Our baby, who is due in May, was conceived on our HONEYMOON. Yes, I had an appointment to get back on the pill (got off to look skinny in the wedding dress yo) and TOO LATE. TOTALLY PREGNANT! So Sandals resort, St.Lucia is where she was made. Mad props for the breastfeeding too, we JUST took our class this weekend and they expressed how incredibly important yet DIFFICULT it is. Go Girl!

Diane | 9:55 AM

Ava was conceived on our couch, a few hours before New Years Eve...we were going to be out of town and we were going to be drinking, we needed to sleep at my Grandma's, so we figured we should do the deed before hand, best decision of our lives. ;)

Nicole | 9:57 AM

Our daughter was concieved in a tent on the Skeleton Coast in Namibia (country just above South Africa) while visiting my sweetie who had been away for four months ;-( doing anthropological research. (The way things are going I will have barely weaned before #2 gets here and I start all over again- I'm O.K. with that, I have a huge sense of accomplishment.)

Whittney | 9:59 AM

Totally in the boring bedroom.

Deanna | 10:02 AM

We decided "let's go for it and try to have a baby" while on vacation. So, bottom bunk of a youth hostel in San Francisco because we were too cheap to shell out for a real hotel room with a queen bed. First time trying, too! No need for a pump, though.

Heather | 10:07 AM

This one is due and June and was conceived SOMEwhere in our house. But I'm not sure which room ;) I just know that was a very long week and we were...goal oriented.

Leslie | 10:10 AM

Our baby boy was conceived in our old apartment in our bedroom in our bed.

I know, totally boring.

Love the LinLo nip cover. ;)

Amy K | 10:15 AM

Eira (two weeks old today!) was conceived in our bedroom unless I'm forgetting some hot out-of-bedroom experience around that time. I don't normally enter prize draws, but my manual pump sucks, and the thought of owning a real pump makes me very happy.

Therese | 10:15 AM

I am due with my first child in a short 7 weeks. He was conceived in our bed, Pretty boring, I know, but the interesting part is that we had been trying for many months and had been most unsuccessful. It seems that my husband's employer (he's an airline pilot) didn't really give a rat's ass about my ovulation schedule... Anyway, the only reason my husband was home this particular week was because my beloved grandfather had passed away and my husband was granted bereavement leave for a few extra days. One last awesome gift from my wonderful grandfather!

Linda | 10:19 AM

All three of my children were conceived in the bedroom-so so boring (the conceiving, not the sex!) BUT
my grandaughter was conceived on the floor of the nursery that was never ever used as a nursery because their 2 year old was sleeping in their bed.
At least it was on the floor-not rockin' the never-used crib!!

Cloud | 10:19 AM

I don't need the pump (I have one already), and am hoping to be so proficient with nursing baby #2 that the bebe au lait thing is not necessary, either... but I wanted to say "good on ya!" for breastfeeding this long and welcome to what one of my breastfeeding books called the "reward period".

I only completely weaned my daughter at 23 months. I started out thinking I'd go a year, and lo and behold, at a year I decided to keep going. She was never a great eater of solids (still isn't, really) and the breastfeeding made me worry less about that. In fact I pumped at work until she was 17 months old. No one was more surprised by that than me.

Breastfeeding an older baby/ toddler is wonderful. I finally gave my daughter a push towards dropping the final nursing because I was pregnant with #2 and finding nursing uncomfortable. But I was still a bit sad to see it end.

Oh, and baby #1 was probably conceived in a hotel room in Maine (long story). Baby #2 was definitely conceived in our bedroom in San Diego.

Beth Noel | 10:19 AM

My son's due date was December 20th and based on that due date his conception was March 29th which was a year and a day ago. It also happens to be the day I got married which would make his conception locale the Society Hill Sheraton in Philadelphia, PA. He was not born on his due date, but rather 10 days late. That would make his conception the tropical island of St. Vincent and more specifically the resort Young Island. If you ever have the opportunity to drop a couple thousand dollars (like if 120 of your friends and family give you a bunch of money) I recommend it. They have amazing food, specifically the 7 varieties of bread they bake daily, and their private cottages are perfect for baby-making.

little sara | 10:25 AM

Our little surprise was conceived the night of August 27/28. In our bed, in our apartment. Boring! But hey it was good! heheh.

and congrats on the successful nursing!! i don't think i would have that much will power, but hopefully i will!

Jme | 10:26 AM

My 1st son was conceived in Chinatown, Toronto Canada when i was up visiting the then boyfriend while he was living there and going to university, so we always thought of getting a sticker that said "made in China" and putting it on his foot.. haha
and my 2nd son was conceived the good old boring way of the bedroom.
and I hope when i have a 3rd, s/he is conceived some fun way..haha


WHOA! You ladies are ADVENTUROUS... As in all these amazing travels. I'm so impressed! And envious! And impressed!

Also? Anywhere a child is conceived (including a bedroom or a lab) is badass awesome miraculous.

Good on all of you. And keep these stories coming! They're great fabulous fun!

Birdie | 10:28 AM

Um...I KNOW where my baby was conceived...the guest bed at my in-laws house. *blushes*

And I know what you mean about the weaning! My goal was one year and now my kid is 18 months and we are still going strong- nursing at least once a day...At this point it seems like such a part of our routine and I know its good for him so why not? (although, I can't say I wouldn't push weaning were that "island getaway" you mention to materialize...:)

Kara | 10:28 AM

Way to go! I'm still nursing my nine-month-old, with no plans to quit any time soon. I find it one of the most empowering things I've ever done.

Said nine-month-old was conceived in our bed. The one in which she now sleeps with us, pretty much guaranteeing that baby #2 will be conceived elsewhere. ;)

Sandra | 10:37 AM

I just wanted to let you know that you are awesome! I have seen so many women give up on the way because they had the same problems you had and I can't blame them. All the more - and considering your personal circumstances - I think you did a great job keeping it up. I myself hardly had any problems with breastfeeding. Good for me because I had expected my son to wean himself around 9 months, and here I am, at 16 still breastfeeding him 4-6 times a day. It is finally getting less but it will take him another day or two.
(Not 8 years, though!!!)

Sandra | 10:38 AM

16 months, that is!

Unknown | 10:41 AM

Our little peanut (due 11/10/09) was conceived on the floor of our bedroom in front of the fireplace. Valentine's weekend. Nine days after I had my IUD removed. We knew we wanted to have a baby, and I thought it would take a while since my insides are all wonky... who knew! We're baby makin' machines!

Anonymous | 10:44 AM

Dudes I can totally use the pump ~ I am currently 31 weeks pregnant and unemployed.. A pump is one expense less I have to "budget" out.

My daughter, Emily, was made while in the bedroom. We had sex so little that I do remember the position, me on top. Totally uneventful.

My current in utero baby was conceived during a f*ck fest weekend:) My daughter was still away at grandmas for her last weeks during the summer break and my husband and I decided to have a whole weekend of wine, take out and sex! Three days of that got me a fetus:)

9 weeks left

HUGS and Kisses

Barina | 10:47 AM

Our own bed at home (boring, I know), but his parents were visiting from out of town (felt like high school all over again). Thanks for supporting us lactating mommies!

Anonymous | 10:49 AM

My bun in the oven was conceived in a house where we house and pet sit every holiday season. Ironically, the same place my husband and I first got together. So I think it fits pretty well. :-)
Sarah R--from MD

Theresa | 10:50 AM

My son, Samuel, was born exactly twenty four hours after your Fable! So we're gearing up for the big 6 month celebration too.

He was conceived on the couch in our house. Pretty dull, but still got a beautiful babe out of it.


EdenSky | 10:52 AM

My dairy days are sadly over, but this is fun! I'm really surprised at how many people KNOW where their kids were concieved. For me... First kid: no idea whatsoever. We were teenagers, and yes we were using protection but still, when I say it could have been anywhere, I mean it. Most likely candidates would be my boyfriend's parents farm. Possibly in the bush outside, possibly on the kitchen counter, but probably NOT in a bed. Second kid: well, it was winter, so I can narrow it down to Someplace Indoors, Probably, Unless It Was In The Car.

Jessica | 10:57 AM

I honestly have no idea where my son was concieved. Most likely though, it was in a motel room on valentines day.

Unknown | 10:59 AM

#1-the shower
#2-the couch

I must say, you go mighty boobies!
I nursed both my babes for 3 years and then they finally lost interest. Thank God. No nursing teenagers for me, but I was close.

Anonymous | 11:02 AM

My first was conceived in a hotel room in London. The second was conceived on our sofa in the living room.


Beth | 11:02 AM

Way to go with your nursing success!

My twins were conceived ala in vitro fertilization... so I know the very time sperm and eggs were introduced. :)
And my surprise baby was conceived on the bedroom floor a few days before Christmas after a late night wrapping session. :)

Aloicoius | 11:03 AM

In our bed. Not super crazy but it's OUR place, so it's also romantic.

Courtney | 11:06 AM

Um totally boring but in our bedroom or the living room.

Lindy | 11:13 AM

My soon-to-be first kiddo (a boy, due June 16th) was conceived on a small island in the intracoastal waterway area of south Georgia. My partner and I currently live in exile in the frozen wastelands of the upper midwest, but he and I are both Georgia born and bred. I had been hoping very much that my child could get his start in my homeland (we were on vacation visiting my parents). I was totally thrilled to learn that it had worked! (Despite mosquitoes). So my child will be born up here, but he still has authentic roots.

And congrats on making it so far with the nursing. In all honesty, I am pretty anxious about that whole thing, especially since I'll have to pump once I go back to work when the baby's about 2 months old. But you (and Fable) rock! (And I love the name Fable).

Moon Whaler | 11:14 AM

Mirabel (born Feb. 28th) was conceived in our bed, in the house we share with my mother-in-law, two dogs, and two cats, on the first day of trying. Apparently, we are so fertile that I no longer let my husband handle the eggs at the grocery store (ha ha). Even after taking two breastfeeding classes, I never realized just how hard nursing was really going to be. I also had no idea how little I would care who saw my boobs!
Love reading your blog!

Jamie | 11:15 AM

My son was conceived in our apartment just a few days after my husband and I witnessed a friend give birth!

LissaCris | 11:16 AM

My son Coleman was conceived at home before a long business trip. I am currently pregnant with another one who was conceived on vacation in Charleston, SC!

Becky | 11:19 AM

This contest couldn't come at a better time. My first is due in 2 months (May 28th), and I just got laid off (I know... how DARE they!?). I've been following your blog for months, and have to say that I really appreciate your non-judgmental opinions on and your dedication to breastfeeding.

The babe was conceived on our first try. We were on a road trip vacation, so the baby could have been conceived anywhere from a hotel room after a friend's wedding outside NYC to a friend's house in Boston to my grandmother's house at the beach in NJ, but I'm pretty sure conception occurred the day we got home (when I had to practically BEG my husband to "do it" ONE MORE TIME). Talk about a shocker when I realized it worked!

Congrats on making it to 6 months... your perseverance is inspiring!

Lori Kelly | 11:23 AM

We are expecting our first child...due August 26, 2009 and conceived on December 9, 2008 in our bedroom. Now we are praying that I come to my milk, because at the age of 34 I can honestly say I've never had to wear a bra and at 18 weeks pregnant I still don't have a need for a bra. So, Lord, please help me come to my milk!

Morgan | 11:25 AM

Boring mcdoring...in our bed. But I'm seriously impressed with all the great stories above.

Debijuck | 11:31 AM

My first was conceived on my Ikea ottoman (before marriage!!), and my second (and third, who is still in utero) were conceived in bed, as you said, Boring.

MommyLisa | 11:31 AM

My daughter was conceived by inserting the sperm directly into me using a syringe-like tool at our OB/GYN's office in Edina, MN - I beleive it was a weekend, they went by your cycle not their hours.

Fun huh?

And my daughter was never dis-interested in nursing. I breastfed her until TWENTY-TWO months and decided finally MOMMY had had enough....She STILL grabs my boobs at the age of three and says, "Can I try it?"


twisted momma | 11:35 AM

my daughter amelie was conceived at our family beach house after two bottles of wine on a last minute get away before we opened a restaurant. i am pregnant with our second baby who was conceived in our bed in our apartment after a long stretch between intimate nights...

Unknown | 11:37 AM

Our first baby, due 07/08/09, was conceived in our bedroom. We got pregnant the first month of trying, even though I was entirely convinced that it would take several months to achieve a positive test. Apparently, getting pregnant really is as easy as all those teenagers say.

After that first stick showed a plus sign, all I could think was, oh shit, what did we do? We can't go back! The panic has since subsided, and I'm excited to meet our little girl.

Allyssa | 11:39 AM

So happy for you, mama! Nursing beyond 6 months is so peaceful (unless you count the distracted pinching and constant pulling off at the breast), but I wouldn't trade it. I'm actually at the end of weaning my 18 month old right now...but I could always use this stuff for the next one that we are going to TTC in Nov. Bennett was conceived the day after I got back from a trip to Canada to visit my aunt in the hospital. He was conceived in our bedroom in Texas. The crazy part was we had been TTC for 8 months and while I was in Canada, I recognized that I thought I was ovulating. I remember thinking, "oh great, another month and I didn't get pregnant." So when I got home, I jumped my man and voila, pregnant at last! LOL!

Michaela | 11:40 AM

We conceived in our bedroom as well...not too interesting but I was on birth control and much like your story, we had only been dating 4 months...AHHH. We're about to get married June 6th and our daughter London is now 2. I know the sex position we were in when it happened at least!

Heather | 11:41 AM

My currently gestating baby was conceived in our bedroom, with my husband laid up with a broken foot from a mountain biking crash. Apparently, it was too urgent too wait! We meet baby girl in June and are very excited!
I hope I win!
hpaulus at hotmail dot com is the email, if you need it.

Amber | 11:45 AM

Our currently in-utero daughter was conceived in our bed, in our house, sometime between Halloween night and election day (go Obama babies!). In her last ultrasound her frontal face picture kind of looked like a scary mask, so we're leaning toward Halloween.

Miss M | 11:47 AM

Holy Hell you sure get a lotta comments when you have a giveaway!

Baby number 1 was conceived on Prom night. Except we didn't go to prom. She's 7 now... And baby number 2 (currently in my belly) was conceived 2 weeks after our wedding in our boring bedroom in a fit of newlywed bliss before the pregnancy blahs set in.

I hope I win, because I'm gonna need something cute to hide my hooters in a few months!

Jessica | 11:47 AM

Well...there I was, swinging from the sex swing when the third person walked in...

No. Kidding. Those are my dreams NOW!

Our first child (due in September!) was conceived on a Wednesday night (January 6th, 2009 OH MY GOD) because my husband came home from work and wanted to have sex and I told him if were were going to do it that night, we had to do it NOW because I wanted to go to bed early. Annnnd.... there you go.

My selfishness will get me, I swear.

Also, the husband remembers this sex as MUCH better than I do, but isn't that always the case?!

KT Schoges | 11:49 AM

amazing what people will share when hiding behind a computer! Great stories and I'm shameless so I'm have no qualms about sharing our conception in order to possibly win some booby prizes. ;)

I'm due in 3w 2d and our little nugget was conceived after polishing off a biiiiig bottle of Run Swizzle in Bermuda, in a glorified tent/cabana-house on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Pretty sweet location, turns out to be the most expensive vacation we'll ever take since we brought back a bit more than we ever expected.

Ashley | 11:51 AM

However you want to look at it, my little embryo was conceived in the same bed that I was likely conceived in. I inherited an old iron bed from my parents, who were as poor as we were when I was born. I haven't decided if this is really disgusting or a way of coming full circle. Either way, I'm excited!

Anonymous | 11:51 AM

Congrats on six months! I don't know how long I'll last with breastfeeding, but we'll see... I'm due July 30th (it's going to be a very hot pregnant summer) with my first. She was conceived at home in bed... pretty boring I know.

Unknown | 11:55 AM

My son and the baby to be were both conceived in our bedroom at our house. BORING!! I nursed my son for 1 year and hopefully can nurse the next one just as long. 6 months is GREAT keep up the good work.

Stacy | 11:57 AM

Myah was conceived on 12/17/2008 I believe with the help of My Partner's brother and his magical long living swimmers. He was painting preparing for an art show that was the next day..It was around midnight and he hadnt came home yet so I called and informed him we needed his donation as tonight was the night. He stated he needed food so I drove the 20 min to downtown to trade a pizza for a brown paper bag holding what would be my daughter. I drove it home with it between my legs to keep "the goods" body temp and my girlfriend sucked it up in a syringe and inserted it and tada...9 months later we have our beautiful daughter, Myah!

I still can't believe it worked but Im so thankful it did!


Maddy'sMama | 12:03 PM

I'm pretty sure Madelyn was conceived in our bedroom. I had just gone off the pill a couple weeks earlier and my husband said "do you want to make a baby tonight?" and it happened right away. She is now 11 months old and I'm still nursing. My goal was 12 months, but I think I'm going to play it by ear. I will miss the nursing - it's only time she snuggles with me...ahhh little girls are so wonderful...

JuJu | 12:08 PM

Child One = a musty basement. We had been dating for over 2 years, but had broken up a few months before. It was a total booty call. That I wouldn't change, obviously!
Child Two = In my best friend's kids' playroom. Long story.
Child Three = Our bed. He'd been away for awhile before that, so believe me, it wasn't boring!
Child Four = My bed. I think. But quite possibly the downstairs bathroom, the sofa, or our storage room. Deployment does a lot for the old sex life! ;)

Anonymous | 12:12 PM

I'm due Oct 3rd...conceived in my parents guest room...ha! If they only knew!

Crystal T. | 12:13 PM

First I want to say I'm proud of you, Rebecca! That is just so awesome!

Secondly, my best friend is in the hospital right now having her first baby. She doesn't have a pump yet and I'd love to win one for her. I'm sure she'd love the nursing cover, as well. I don't know where her baby was conceived (ew!) but mine was conceived in my bed in Humboldt County. Nothing exciting but I did take a pic of me and daddy smiling afterward. I had a feeling...

Becky | 12:13 PM

Funny. We had a lot of trouble getting pregnant with our first, and thus she was conceived on the examining table at my doctor's office while my doctor impregnated me with a fancy syringe. (Hubby was present, by the way).

Number 2 was conceived sometime during the month of June 2008, a month of great and frequent sex that proceeded three barfy months of hardly any sex.

Janel | 12:15 PM

the first girl: in a motel room in mackinac city, mi called The Capri! the second one is, as you point out, much more boring: our bedroom.

Overanalyzer: | 12:16 PM

love the blog. my child will be conceived very shortly, i'm hoping, on a dr's table. my relationship is missing a penis ;-)

Heather | 12:24 PM

First- congrats! Huge, huge congratulations for holding out this long! :)

My son was conceived on a camping trip to Lake Ontario. After 3 years of trying and my 3rd miscarriage we had gived up on having kids. Silly us.

My daughter was conceived at home, I'm sure. Most likely in bed, although it also could have been on the kitchen counter.

Anonymous | 12:36 PM

I am due in July, plan to breastfeed-and i am almost positive that this one was conceived on the couch while the little one was napping....hey-you take what you can get, when you can get it....lol.....

nmg915 | 12:38 PM

Pretty sure it was the livingroom floor, after rolling off the sofa. Guess its a good thing that the movie we rented was boring!

Knittysaurus | 12:46 PM

My son Hudson was conceived (after a long time of trying and hope was all but gone) at some point over a weekend spent drinking and BDing all over our flat, maybe he's a shower baby?!

And yey for you getting to 6 months. My first goal was 6 weeks, then 6 months, then a year... he's 2 in a couple of weeks, I fear I may become that English countryside lady :/

thecitycradle | 12:55 PM

My babies were conceived in the wonderful Dr. D's office:) Gotta love the technology, so romantic!!!

Little Dude's Mama | 12:57 PM

I can't wait until A & F read this very post. Priceless!
I got pregnant on our bedroom floor. We had been trying for 6mo. and were paying attention to each cycle. It came to be go-time that particular weekend in March 2007 ... a weekend when my Mom was visiting. So, after assessing our situation and realizing it was too loud on the bed for my Mom was right below our room ... the floor seemed a natural choice. As I experienced nasty floorburn and tried to keep the dog out of my face, I finally knew how (crazy) determined we were to get pregnant. And, hey. It worked.
The best part was telling my Mom as she held her newborn granddaughter!

Unknown | 12:59 PM

1-year old Lucie was conceived the day before our wedding? Or maybe at the Royal Park hotel? At Mackinac Island? In Petoskey? In our bed in Livonia? In our bed in Rochester?

It was a busy two weeks.

wantbitty? | 1:00 PM

In the O.R. of a reproductive andrology clinic in the posh Yorkville neighborhood of Toronto, the first of my two little butterballs (aged 7 and 1) was delivered into my uterus via the business end of a very turkey baster-like instrument. My ovaries had been perforated and so had my husband's balls. Before the Atavan wore off I decided we would go home and ravage each other just for good measure, but as it turned out we were both so sore later it was not possible (stitches and all...) for days. It was Good Friday and I will always remember the doctor referring to the procedure as an "Egg Harvest". With our second they just thawed her out 5 years later. We call her Baby-Pop. Both clinical and sex-less, but no less loved.

Janna | 1:00 PM

OK so I'm not pregnant but plan to conceive sometime later this year, and it'll probably be in the bedroom ...but a girlfriend is due on May 5, and I'm thinking this would be a double duty win because she could pass it over when she's done!

Inside Out | 1:02 PM

My son was concieved in Vancouver in a hotel overlooking the most beautiful assortment of trees and flowers, I am from Utah, so we don't see a lot of green. Does this make him foreign? Love your blog.

Bellamarin | 1:04 PM

Our daughter was conceived on our brand new mattress that we got for Valentines Day. we were breaking it in! We had tried for two years to get pregnant and I think this is the one time we didn't even think about it we just did it. So boring but memorable!For us anyway!

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