Wean Girls

***updated: contest winners, below!**
At the risk of exposing my nipple to controversy, I give you, Lindsay Lohan.

I've never weaned anything before. Actually that's not true. I've weaned myself off of cigarettes, my dependence on toxic relationships, white meat and dairy, but I've never weaned anybody off of me. As in my body. As in my breasts*.

I didn't have to wean Archer because you can't wean what you can't nurse, you know? And he pretty much decided he hated anything that came out of a bottle when he was seven-months old so that made things easy. He started inhaling solids at five-months-old and was like "whatever milk" and never turned back.

My goal was always to nurse Fable as much as I could for her first two months. Minus the fact that my teets felt like fireballs and I spent many of my days crying in my lanolin with blanched nips, nursing was a cakewalk.

"Can't nobody stop me now!" said I. "I'm going for three (months) bitches!"

One month later: my boobs were still throbbing, infected and completely scabbed over but what the hell, let's go for six-months! Pain can be pleasurable with the right attitude, right?

Of course, here I am days before Fable's six-month marker (boo!) and my crazy-infected-throb-a-sore-us tits decided to miraculously... get over themselves. Yes, folks. Six months of painful nursing and now there are no scabs, no holes, no blanching... no agonizing or even partially agonizing pain.

Perhaps le boobs are finally used to this whole nursing business and are like, "why stop now? Why not just go for six more months? Fuck it. Six more years! Be like that one chick who nursed her teenage girls in the English countryside while the poor father lied badly about how comfortable he was with it."

Okay so no. No. NO.

But I gotta say, my plan to put the breaks on nursing has been foiled again by the fact that I worked my ass off for six months for it to FINALLY be this easy.

Not that I have any new goals or plans. From this point forward, I'll be playing The Mighty Wean by ear. Eventually Fable will lose interest in nursing or I'll be whisked off on an island getaway (a girl can dream, yes?) or she'll decide solids are A-OK. (Fable currently says NO to rice cereal, avocado, banana et al.) But for now? I'll totally keep this party going, quite impressed, I might add, by my ability to go this long against the odds. A force of nature I call myself.**

Oh, whatevs. It's just a boob.

In the WEANtime (ha!) I have some fabulous goods to give away*** to my lady friends who plan to nurse soon-to-be-born babes, are currently nursing or have lady friends soon to give birth, because lordy knows, nursing is hard work and mamas deserve booby presents. Especially fancy ones. Behold:

1. The tre tre chic Bebe Au Lait (in chocolat). Been rockin' my "hooter hider" all over the Elay streets because using Lindsay Lohan's headshot over my boob? Totally brings the paparazzi to the yard and ... no thanks.

2. The magical Medela Freestyle Pump c/o the wonderful people at Medela, who just... duh! Are the best as far as pumps, lanolin and everything else lactation-y is concerned.

Once again, I'll pick two commenters at random to win these fab prizes. All you have to do is tell me where you think your baby was conceived.

I'll go first.

Archer was conceived in a motel room en route to San Francisco via Road Trip. Fable was conceived ... in our bedroom which is totally BORING I do realize but that's the thing about second children. Their conception stories are never as hot.

You have until Wednesday at noon PST to participate. Good luck!


*Except for the time I had a breast-reduction in the middle of a partial-relationship and one day, dude went to unhook my bra and... WHERE DID THEY GO? WHY DO THEY LOOK LIKE THIS? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? AHHHHH!!!!

**I'm still supplementing with formula, obviously. Have been since day one but that doesn't make my nature any more forceful.

***This marks the second of many amazing giveaways I'll be doing in upcoming weeks. Stay tuned!


Congratulations to the lovely (and pregnant! Congratulations!) Rosana for winning the Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover and Amelia (who doesn't have a blog so please email me with your information!) who is also pregnant (congratulations!) on winning the Medela Freestyle Pump.

Thanks to everyone for sharing your stories of sex and fabulousness! (Winners picked at random via random.org) More fabulous contests coming soon!


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Anonymous | 1:07 PM

Doesn't the WHO recommend breastfeeding up to a year old? It seems like you have plenty of time to wean. I'm glad it's gotten easier for you.

CecilyT | 1:14 PM

I'm so with you...I waited in agony for the 6-month mark when FINALLY! I wouldn't be the sole source of nutrition for my child. I think somewhere around 16 weeks I realized at least it wasn't getting any worse, and by 6 months we were actually pretty good at it. We only weaned officially at about 19 months, and that was just because I happened to be out of the house 3 nights in a row at bedtime!

As a SAHM, I totally thought a manual pump would suffice, *but* I made enough milk for 3 babies, and V only used one side, so I constantly had clogged ducts on the other side. So I would totally love a real pump for when #2 comes along.

We moved right after I found out I was pregnant, so we got a lot of 'made in NJ? or made in PA?' questions. She was conceived probably in the bedroom at our old house, but it could have been the living room couch too :)

GingerB | 1:15 PM

Babykins conceived in the bed, at home. Not as fun as the first but I do really enjoy sex with my husband, so not too bad to get the man and the baby even if the location was just old familiar.

Anonymous | 1:16 PM

My son was conceived in the guest bedroom of our house (we slept in there while we were renovating) after my husband and I had been apart for almost a week after I had been visiting family.

Don't pick me to win, I already have a pump and don't need a hooter hider. ;)

But I do have a question: Why do you want to wean Fable? Six months of exclusive nursing is what the WHO and AAP recommend, and afterward once solids have begun they recommend nursing until at least the second birthday. There are significant benefits for both Fable and you, and once they start solids they don't nurse nearly as much anyway so it gets even easier. So why stop?

The Edwards Family | 1:26 PM

The actual conception act took place in our bed. My darling husband was consoling me after my mother stood me up on our plans to go see a NHL game together. The best part: Mom was asleep in the next room. (Oh HE** with it! She didn't bother to show up for the game, I don't care if she gets a good nights rest or not! Bring on the bedroom sounds!) We know this was definitely the time and place because there was no flirty affairs for weeks ahead of time or weeks afterward because of hectic life schedules.

Abbey | 1:28 PM

Currently prego with #2, had a hell of time nursing with number 1, made it to maybe 6 weeks, but trying to be optimistic. #2 was, boringly, conceived at home in our own bed I believe.

Liz L. | 1:37 PM

My son Brewer was conceived at a Brewers game. And no, that's not why we named him that, we had already decided that was our boy name, but my husband was just so happy to get luxury box tickets, we had to celebrate in the private bathroom.

Anonymous | 1:40 PM

I'm pretty sure I conceived these babies in bed, at home. Boring.I know.
I don't need to win anything, since I doubt I will be able to breastfeed twins. I just wanted an excuse to say omfg, I'm having twins. <3

Dr. Charrier | 1:40 PM

Great job on six months with all that work! I almost got discouraged in the hospital when the lactation looked at my bleeding nipples and said she was surprised I was still nursing on day 2. (We went 10 months).

Sadly, I'm another "conceived at home" person for my 19-month-old son. It was a very memorable romp though, even if it wasn't his conception date.

Dami | 1:50 PM

was son was conceived on the floor of a relative's house. my husband was in the military and had just gotten back from a deployment. i'm 12 weeks pregnant w/ #2 and this one was conceived in our bed, i was charting so yea pretty boring.

i just wanted to tell you how much i love you site and your kids are gorgeous!

Unknown | 1:58 PM

My daughter was conceived in the guest bedroom at my in laws' house in Lyon, France. It was a trip to return with our 7 month and reflect on how much things had changed since our last night in that bed. :) PS: You go with the breastfeeding. I am in month 10 now, and feel the same way. It was so damn hard at the beginning that I am not giving up now that it has finally gotten easier....for the next couple of months anyway.

sunnywalk@sbcgobal.net | 2:00 PM

Beck was conceived in our bedroom...yes, boring but quite unbelievable because my husband was traveling ALL THE TIME. When I did tell him I was preggo he didn't even believe it. How? he asked.

Luckily, Beck looks exactly like his two older sibs...so we did not have to call Maury :)

Anonymous | 2:06 PM

We have predeployment and postdeployment babies. Our first was conceived in our bed right before my husband left for the desert. I had to tell him over the phone that I was pregnant and he missed out on all the morning sickness! Our second was conceived in the same bed(we must be boring people)after he got home from a deployment and then a few weeks later we went to Italy. The day we got there I started in with morning sickness again... it made for a very 'fun' trip. When we got back in the states-and were trying to get through customs I felt the need to vomit.... I ran to the bathroom and didn't make it in time.... I got sick on some woman's shoes who didn't even speak English... oh, sorry about that and welcome to America!


Tricia | 2:13 PM

After four months(which seemed like forever to us, sperm+egg= baby right? haha) of trying our daughter was conceived in our bedroom, in our bed...I was in our bathroom and noticed the some "signs" of ovulation that I hadn't seen the whole four months and then bum rushed my husband. Pregnancy test 2 1/2 weeks later came back positive and I jumped him again to show him our lines :D

Nicole | 2:14 PM

Well, this is boring, but it was in our bed.

However we are mucho talented because that was the only time we did the deed that month and that was without doing any sort of planning or sharting short of not actively preventing.

Anonymous | 2:16 PM

My son was conceived on Valentine's day while we were visiting Cape Town, South Africa. My husband wanted to name him Nleek Kwantu Tsuteeleoo (click click) Abuloo but since we are the whitest couple in all of the midwest his name is Levi.

best of luck with continued nursing. It's hard work!


Hensley | 2:21 PM

My baby was conceived at my girlfriends Christmas Ugly Sweater party. My husband and I who never get too crazy, we are school teachers, were not only drunk, but smoke some hippie lettuce that night for whatever reason. We had been trying and my husband was all about making it special.. well we sure did that. I turned into Amazon women and he turned into paranoid conspiracy theorist. I was trying to get some while convincing him that the light in the fire alarm was not a camera and no one was taping us. Congrats baby, that is one story we will never tell you! But I'm sure Auntie Sierra will!

Lisa Dunick | 2:22 PM

We decided to try for number 2 pretty much on a whim. I'm pretty sure the little bean was conceived the one night we were both like, "I'm tired. Do we have to?" "Yeah, let's just do this quickly." I don't think I'll be telling him/her that story any time soon-- or ever.

Margaret B | 2:27 PM

Our son (due June 11th) was conceived in our bedroom. Days after we got back from my cousin's wedding in Spain, and only days before my cousin conceived (as her husband so daringly volunteered at the most recent family event). When asked if our baby was conceived on his wedding night, in front of my siblings, I had to say, uncomfortably, no. We did not think that was the date. But thank you for asking.

Meghan J | 2:27 PM

Our baby (due Sept) was more than likely created on the couch in the living room - we had to give the dog a new bone so he wouldn't creep on us - haha.

I think its awesome you have had the experience of being able to nurse this time around, I really hope to be able to nurse and reading about your experiences is very encouraging!

Also since this is my first time posting - dude!! you make such cute babies!!

Mary | 2:30 PM

IF I am pregnant (I'll find out this week), our baby will have been conceived in our bed approximately 3 days before my husband was laid off, when we decided to start trying because we both felt secure in our jobs. HA! So bring on the free goods!

Lynn | 2:31 PM

Pretty sure my unplanned little dude was conceived in the back of my tiny scion xa when me and his daddy were on "break" The baby made us realize how stupid being apart was. Our baby is going to be 6 months Wed. and my boyfriend finally proposed!
L-U-V your blog.

The Lungos | 2:32 PM

Made in Mexico. Really. On our belated honeymoon.

Way to go on hitting 6 mos. I nursed Peanut roughly 10 mos and supplementd most of that time. She self-weaned when I had to gout of town for work. I say keep it up as long as possible.

Nicoolmama | 2:40 PM

You go woman! I love that you just showed it anyway- breastfeeding(and bottle feeding) is beautiful and should be showed off...
I conceived my oldest son, Mason, in a bed- BORING right?
I conceived my second son, Will, on our couch.

This little baby boy growing inside was conceived in the bathroom. :) Hey, with two boys PLUS a stepson and stepdaughter, bathroom= fast, uninterrupted sex.

I plan to nurse and would love the goodies!!!!

Valerie | 2:41 PM

Our baby was conceived on the floor of our apartment which we called the "tree house" because of it's location - on a hill above the city, on Maple Ave, in the top story of our building. It was one of the most beautiful and intimate experiences we'd had and when we found out by surprise that we were expecting we both shot a glance toward each other and said simultaneously, "It was THAT time."

Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com | 2:53 PM

We're a little sketchy on the conception.

We conceived our first baby, a pregnancy which resulted in miscarriage, in our bedroom.

And this baby, we're not sure what the date was. If it was what we think it was, then we conceived in our bedroom. And if it was what the doctor says it was, then we conceived in our bedroom.


Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com | 2:55 PM

Oh hey, also?

Stephanie, from Casa de Kaloi, who won your last giveaway? Had her baby boy last Friday. You probably already know, but you seemed to really like her blog, so I thought I'd pass along the good news just in case.

(I'm big on the good news, obviously).

Ashley Remignanti | 3:05 PM

Way to go on the breastfeeding front! It's great to hear that it's gotten easier for you. I just weaned my son at 2y4mos and am pregnant with my second...

My son was conceived, it seems, at home, in our bed, boring boring. Based on the evidence one would assume he was conceived around Valentine's Day, which is funny because we basically ignore and avoid celebrating Valentine's Day.

My second child, Due late July, was conceived right around my son's second birthday. You might think I finally gave in to that baby-longing watching my first turn two, but the truth is that we were trying for almost a year when she (YAY!) was conceived. Again, in our bed, at home. Blah, blah, that's the very dull part. (Although there IS a chance that she was conceived at my parents' but I can barely stand the idea, so it's been dismissed.)

Jenna | 3:10 PM

My oldest, the planned one, was conceived at home in our bed after a "hey, you should come home early--before your parents get here" sort of call. The new one, the unplanned one, was conceived in a gorgeous hotel in Montreal after vastly underestimating my natural family planning skills. But look at her now. Delicious.

Minerva Jane | 3:19 PM

My son was conceived in mendocino!

sharon | 3:26 PM

Just want to say congrats for making it to six months! I also had an extremely difficult time for the first six months and then out of no where POOF no more pain, engorgment, infections or scabs...at that point I was taking it a month at a time. I'm proud to say my son will be one year old next month (eek!).
I'm also trying to figure out the whole weaning thing, please pass along any nuggets of wisdom.

Kendra | 3:31 PM

I couldn't read through each and every one of those wonderful comments, so I don't know if I'm the first to say it, but: beautiful nursing photo. I only have one picture of myself nursing, and I look like I'm trying to squeeze the pus out of my chest or something (I didn't really get the hang of it for a while). You look just beautiful, and though it's probably not the kind of picture you'll want to pull out on prom night, that's really a picture to treasure.

My first was conceived at home, but I'm pretty sure it was the night that I thought to myself "Wow, if anyone comes of this particular night, it's going to be a very... creative... person." And he is! #2 was conceived right here at home too, in our very own bed. #3 (our little surprise) was either created here at home or at my aunt's house in Washington; that was quite a vacation, with some spectacular results!

Christina | 3:33 PM

I love your blog! Awesome job on the BF front.

I just gave birth on Friday, March 27 to the most amazing baby girl, who I believe was conceived on the 4th of July, in Niagara Falls, Canada, on our 3rd wedding anniversary.

This sounds like the start of a romantic story, right? Well, it was supposed to be--we were planning to try to knock me up, so we decided to take one last big vacation, full of sex and site-seeing. Except that I got a bladder infection, and then my husband got a nasty cold, effectively foiling my plans for a sex and romance filled anniversary trip. I was sure I was ovulating on July 1, so by the 4th, when my poor bladder was healed, I thought we had missed our window for the month. But what the hell, it was our anniversary, so I had sex with my still half-sick husband, promptly catching his cold--not the vacation I had envisioned.

Two weeks later we were home and my period didn't come, so I peed on a stick, and lo and behold, I was knocked up! Now last summer's trip of sickness has become one of my favorite vacations ever.

ready to blow | 3:36 PM

my baby isn't born yet, I am due TOMORROW (!!), but it seems as though he is gonna stick it out for the long run.... I believe however, that he was conceived in the spare bedroom of my mom's rental apartment in Seattle, where my husband and I went to stay for a semi-free vacation last July. And yes, we were sneaking it while my mom was in the next room, gross, I know! The vacation was awesome though, and it turned out we got a going home surprise

*Tanyetta* | 3:40 PM

Our kids were all conceived in the bedroom.

Yawn. I know. :)

Gibberish Momma | 3:53 PM

My daughter was conceived in the closet of the guest bedroom at my in-laws house. I was taking fertility drugs that weren't working, and went to visit my husband while he was travelling for business. We had a few drinks at a bar, went back to his parents house, and decided we better go in the small walk in closet because it would be quieter. I got pregnant that night, and I know for sure because it was the only time I saw my husband for weeks!

Audrey CL | 3:54 PM

The first - our bedroom.

The second (currently in the belly) - in Reno.

Elizabeth F. | 4:02 PM

Hi Rebecca! Our babby girl was conceived on our regular ol' bed in our regular ol' apartment. The exciting news is that she's our first and is due Aug 17 and we couldn't be more joyous! (and overwhelmed...but joyous!) <3

Andrea | 4:16 PM

My oldest was conceived in a hotel room in ohio while in the state training for a new job. My newest addition was conceived in our bed...hours before I went to the brickyard 400 in Indianapolis where I was living at the time. It's nice to know that there was serious amounts of alcohol involved in both conceptions in one way or another...but I have two beautiful healthy boys and for that I am so grateful.

Mike and Kate | 4:25 PM

Our baby (which the technician says is a girl!!!) was conceived in our bed (not very exciting!) 10 weeks after our wedding day on the night we finally received our professional wedding photos. My hubby promptly fell asleep while I sat up organizing all our photos. When I tell people that, he says he was tired from the "impregnating"!

Sarahw/3boys | 4:37 PM

My 3rd son was conceived at home in our bed. After seeing my Grandma for the last time before she passed, I came home and told my hubby that I wanted another baby. Voila!

Thanks GGC!

Shannon | 5:06 PM

Our soon to be born little monkey was conceived at Breitenbush Hot Springs resort in Oregon. My husband took me there for a romantic get away right before he left to work in Italy for 6 weeks. I found out I was pregnant 4 days after he left.

Julie | 5:10 PM

Our son was conceived in CUBA... shhh... don't tell the US government. A week of sun, mojitos and the rest is history. The best is that we convinced my mom that we were going to name him Fidelito the whole time I was pregnant, and it freaked her out, but she wouldn't come out and say it.

Kendra H | 5:15 PM

First, congrats on 6 months breastfeeding Fable!

My son, Trent, was conceived in our new (to us) house in our hot tub for Beltane two years ago, with our neighbors spying on us.

Amazing thing is, it was 2 years after we started ttc, and 6 years after I was told not to get my hopes up on conception.

Kelli | 5:21 PM

My son was conceived...erm, in our bedroom. My soon-to-be daughter was conceived...erm, in our NEW bedroom. We are WILD ANIMALS.

Meghan Elaine | 5:31 PM

I know exactly where my babies were conceived...in a cold IVF clinic in Redondo Beach. In spite of the clinical setting, we were blessed with 6 'Grade A' embryos (yes, they actually rate them). Now...I have three week old twins, Maxwell and Ella, who have forever changed my life. I can't even write that without crying tears of gratitude. I love my babies.

Katie | 5:53 PM

My first was conceived in our hotel bathroom or hotel floor on our honeymoon. Our second was conceived on the living room floor while the movie Kinsey was playing in the background. For some reason that movie got us in "the mood".

Hopefully, this next one won't ask where he/she was conceived.

Nina | 5:54 PM

our daughter, due to greet us on august 2, was almost certainly conceived in our bed during our grueling bataan sex-march when we were arduously "trying" to conceive.

it's not flashy, but it's damn efficient.

posthipchick | 5:55 PM

Ha, I know exactly where both my babies were conceived. #1 in a tent in Yosemite, #2 in my best friend's apartment. Didn't realize it was three years apart TO THE DAY, and hence having the exact same due date with both. Although this guy better not also be two weeks late.

Rosanna =) | 6:01 PM

Our soon-to-be-first-born (due at the beginning of June) was conceived through IVF.

I sure hope my baby loves my boobs like Fable loves yours!

jjlibra | 6:02 PM

don't need prizes for pregos but here goes....
daughter was conceived in my bed. we *ahem* "arrived" at the same time- it was fabulous. but so fabulous that our little pull out method was put on hold. i immediately said "what did you just do??" he siad it would be alright but i knew. i just knew. not that oh i bet i'm pregnant kind of know. it was the real deal. and i was right. and we weren't ready. the timing was wrong. our apt. was small. we were poor. and she is the best thing that's ever happened to me. (don't tell my other 2- ha!)

Susie | 6:30 PM

Pretty sure Baby X (due October 16th) was conceived the day I got fired from my job. We'd been trying for months and all that crazy, procreation sex was exhausting. I "knew" I wasn't ovulating but I was feeling so down I just wanted to get laid. Luckily, husband obliged and several weeks later we lucked out and got a positive test. Yay for getting fired!

Anonymous | 6:44 PM

it's nice to hear that someone who has had a breast reduction can nurse. it's something that has been a slight worry for me. i know everyone is different, but it's good to hear you have had success with Fable. Thank you for sharing that=)

P.S.-I love your blog more and more everyday. Buying your book soon too! Can't wait for that!

Bethalea | 6:48 PM

my daughter was conceived in a thirty-year-old, single wide trailer with mold. And seventies gold shimmer patterns on the walls. It was probably IN the bed, though... 'cuz I got me SOME class.


Just wanted to give you props on keeping the BF up. You rule.



Jennifer Lissette | 6:49 PM

I'm currently pregnant with my first baby and he was conceived in Ixtapa, Mexico! We like to laugh about how the weather and accommodations were both so bad that there was nothing else to do.

Jen P | 6:54 PM

My 2-year old was conceived in our bed and I knew that we were pregnant immediately. I'm currently pregnant with our 2nd baby and this one was also conceived in our bed...I swear, I wasn't always this boring!

Huffaker | 7:05 PM

I wish I totally had an awesome conception story. But alas, we decided we were ready, discontinued the pill, and found ourselves amidst a horribly crazy and busy post-holiday month. We managed to sneak it in a couple of times, once in the shower and once on the living room couch and lo and behold - a pregnancy! My husband was soooo angry because he was looking forward to a few months of "trying." Should have known better since we had a similar lightning fast conception sotry with our first child.

I nursed my son until he was 11 months old. I went back to work full time after 11 weeks and was extremely fortunate to work in a supportive environment where I could pump 3 times a day at work to keep up my supply. I had to supplement a little formula in the last couple of months while he was at day care, but never needed formula at home. It was really satisfying. I hope to be able to do the same with the one currently baking :)


I had a similar experience with breastfeeding: one day, MAGICALLY, it stopped being painful. And, much to my surprise, I'm still nursing an almost-16-month-old.

Westley was conceived at home, in bed during a major post-vacation sex-fest. Rob and I both had a gut feeling that I'd gotten pregnant during our vacation to Monterey, and we were kind of stunned when we got home and my period came a couple weeks later. So we had lots of unprotected sex to uh, console ourselves, I guess? And then we were surprised when the pee-stick said "positive." Yeah.

34weeksandcounting | 7:13 PM

I am currently 34 weeks pregnant. I am positive my baby was conceived on my birthday, august 08th (my boyfriend when away for the week that followed and I found out I was pregnant soon after that).
It's amazing how things turn out to be sometimes....I always had the fantasy of giving birth to my first baby on my 30th birthday, which was 08/08/08 of last year. I could not conceive when I had to for that to happen, but then I ended up conceiving exactly that day. It was perfect.

Lindsay Collins | 7:17 PM

Am I jinxing it? Possibly last Saturday, or Sunday, or Monday. First time trying. Marital bed, marital bed, kitchen.

K | 7:18 PM

In my husband's Aunt's bed on his birthday. Gross, I know. :)

Debbie and Lane | 7:25 PM
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Debbie and Lane | 7:26 PM
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Debbie and Lane | 7:27 PM

In our bedroom on the bed, completly boring and she's our FIRST! The kicker, we weren't even trying yet but we're excited all the same.

mrs.notouching | 7:29 PM

In Dublin, Ireland! We call her our little souvenir :-)

Anonymous | 7:46 PM

Our newest one (4th kid, 3rd boy) was conceived at home, in our bed... boring I know. I figure with 4 kids we will have more excitement than we can handle.

Marie L.

Lauren H | 7:49 PM

My baby girl (due June 4th) was conceived either in our bedroom or the living room. Not too wild but between the schedule my hubby and I have it's great we were in the same room! :)

Amy | 7:56 PM

OK, so I'm still nursing and those prizes would so rule. Hmm...let me see. I'm pretty sure both my kids were conceived at home. Boring, I know. But we have a good memory for my baby. He was conceived in our old house right before we moved. So in the midst of unpacking boxes at the new place, I find out I'm pregnant.

Tara @ Suburble | 8:02 PM

As a first-time mama with six weeks of breastfeeding under her belt, I commend your six-MONTH committment to breastfeeding Fable. It's a beautiful thing.

Our daughter was conceived on prom night; it wasn't MY prom, but the prom I was chaperoning. I left early - teenagers awkwardly grinding to Kanye West has a fairly short expiry date - and my hubby met me at the door with a glass of white wine. Booze and prom night... my mother warned me it would get me knocked up!

9.5 months later... sweet baby Lila came roaring into the world. Now you know I deserve that coveted breast pump: I went 12 days overdue with this girl!

And she was worth the wait.

Kerry | 8:02 PM

My little guy was conceived around my husband and I's birthdays (mine is 3/13 and his is 3/15), and the lil bundle was born on Christmas day!! We had just moved into our apartment in March, so we were still breaking in the bedroom, which is where I believe we conceived.

Claire | 8:03 PM

Our baby (that is still percolating inside of me after 7 months) was conceived in our bedroom, which is totally boring, but I have to say that I've never been as turned on for sex as I was when I knew that we were trying to make a baby.

Unknown | 8:04 PM

I'm pregnant with my first baby and planning to BF, so I'd love the goodies.

My story is pretty boring. Baby to be was conceived in our bed.

c | 8:09 PM

At home in bed!

Anonymous | 8:19 PM

Well, I'd like to enter for my very best friend, who is due on Easter, but will be induced on the 7th, when I'm in town, if she doesn't go into labor by then. It would be pretty creepy if I knew the exact details of conception... but I will say - she is such an amazing friend that I did not care that she called be at the buttcrack of dawn on my last day off work before my first school year (teaching) started, to tell me that she was in fact, preggo. I do know she waited until her and her hubby came home from Germany (Air Force), and the magic happened within a month.
Even though I'm ten hours away, she has kept me posted on every detail as though I were right there with her, and I am so grateful that even though I'm single, nowhere near marriage, and she is married and starting her family, she keeps me close. She is the best and I can't wait to watch her be a mom! She will be amazing and she deserves the best!

Carlin | 9:29 PM

Yikes you have your work cut out for you! Lots of entries here. :)

My daughter, Hannah (2.5 years) was conceived in our bed. Boring. But with #2, I have absolutely no clue. I'm currently 10 weeks pregnant, and I have no idea where he/she was made. It might have been on the kitchen counter, or, it might have been in a lovely hotel in Calgary after a friends' wedding. :) Fun times.

Babe in Babeland | 9:33 PM

My apartment in the East Village! Sighhhhh. So many good memories there.

Great post, by the way. I have also blogged a great deal about my boobs and breastfeeding. It is hard ass work!!! Congrats to you for doing six months. I'm been nursing for about 4 and a 1/2 months, and it has been one difficulty after another, but I am determined.

stephanie | 9:38 PM

I'm not trying to win, because I won the other day, so I you pick this number, IGNORE ME! :)

BUT! I will say, oh my god, nursing is insane. We had Jasper last Friday (he's early, but healthy! He's in NICU), and my boobs are like..two huge throbbing messes. I'm exclusively pumping, and..aaaaaaaaaaah. One of them is already burning. I don't understand this business. I'm hoping actual babies are nicer than pumps. We shall see...

ALSO, he was conceived at home. I don't know where at home, because we are quite adventurous with locations, but somewhere!

amyinbc | 10:09 PM

I know EXACTLY the day my kids were conceived. How weird and twisted is that?! :)

Son is now 16 (mad passionate afternoon romp) and twin daughters an anti-depressant (which made even TOUCHING me painful let alone sex) virgin Mary conception (with a condom for crying out loud!!)

But love, love, love them all (and even the 4th had hubby not gotten fixed!)

Kelly | 10:12 PM

Way to go on 6 months!!

My girl was conceived at the inlaw's. Oops.

Christina | 10:26 PM

At a friends cabin after a lovely meal and a bottle of red wine. Right around my birthday. Now my baby's almost two! How time flies...


Holy Jeebs, you guys. I'm so impressed that everyone knows the conception details! The only reason I know when Archer was conceived is because Hal um... yeah... in my... yeah. And well? Yeah.

Meredith | 2:08 AM

Natalie was conceived on my birthday in wine country. Great souvenir.

Robyn....but call me Rob | 4:16 AM

Our first child,Kara- in Maui on vacation.

Our second child, John- at home, on the kitchen counter.

Love your blog, your book and your awesome sense of humor. You have a wonderful family.
We're lucky bitches for sure.

Unknown | 5:18 AM

I think he/she (due in September) was conceived at my husband's parent's house. We were there for a Christmas visit.

PeaPod | 5:21 AM

My unborn child was conceived on the couch, New Year's Eve, because really...who wants to listen to Ryan Seacrest and the Jonas Brothers babble on before the ball drops?

Lady Liberal | 6:08 AM

We are contemplating conceiving our second soon.
Our first, Vivian, was conceived on the floor of our walk-in closet. My sister and her highly-impressionable Down's Syndrome adolescent daughter were staying with us the night before we left for my other sister's wedding. (Husband would follow in a few days.) Naturally, I wanted a little good-bye sumpin' sumpin' and I knew I was fertile and we were trying. But I was all freaked out that my sister's kid would hear us and our bed is creaky and oh-my-God-we'll-scar-her-for-life... so the closet floor it was. My daughter was conceived with a random plastic hanger sticking me in the back.
Romantic, no?

Lady Liberal | 6:08 AM

Oh, and I nursed Viv for a year. Which was HARD. No one talks about that. Nursing is a beeyatch.

mamastecker | 6:09 AM

My little nut was concieved on the first try. In our bedroom. It was not romantic in the traditional way. I knew when I would be ovulating. We were so tired that night, but knew we wanted to make a baby. I told my husband, "We have to do it tonight." "Fine;" he said, "Bend over, let me put a baby in ya.You better not enjoy it. Wanna a magazine?" It was all in good humor. We kid like that :-) Anyway, we NEVER thought we would get pregnant the first try and we did. And that is our conception story.

Anonymous | 6:09 AM

My baby was conceived in our bed. At home. Which is kind of boring, but interesting at the same time: the people who sold us the bed we had before (for 20€) said that they sold it because "we want to have children now". This struck us as odd at the time. Four years of unsucessful "trying" (ie infertility) later, we finally bought a new bed. One of the first times we had sex in it, our baby was conceived.
I'd love to win to breast pump - "hooter hiders" just aren't done here in Europe.
Love reading your blog!

Amelia | 6:27 AM

uhhh, our baby was conceived in our bathroom while our guests were sitting in the next room watching football and drinking...no one ever knew what was going on in the next room (I don't think?)

I would LOVE to win a Medela freestyle pump!! THose things ROCK! Which is the ONLY reason I shared this information! ha!

P.s. your blog is the coolest and your babies the cutest.

Amelia (again) | 6:30 AM

Forgot to add that the reason this crazyness all took place (the conception in the bathroom, I mean) was that I had just finished nursing our first baby, finally, and had several drinks to celebrate and, well, things just got a teeny bit out of hand.

sorry for the multiple posts but wanted to add that, to show that I don't often have sex with my husband in bathrooms while we have guests.

mfk | 6:51 AM

I can't believe how many comments there are on here! Awesome. I love the story (ok so now I forget the name of the poster and can't find the post again) where it is ALL REBECCA'S FAULT for having such a gorgeous baby and making her get pregnant.

LNesmith | 6:59 AM

Our son, Jacob, was most definitely conceived at our friends' new home, which we were helping them move into. Two weeks later they returned my underwear to me, which another friend found in the sheets, and a few weeks after that we found out I was pregnant. The most I can say is thank god the guest bed was unloaded first.

Unknown | 7:08 AM

Hey there lady! I'm not expecting but my close friend Anne, whom I've known since 7th grade, is expecting her first beh beh in June. She's thrilled but the babe was the result of a spur of the moment, drunk, "I love you" "No, *I* love YOU" type of thing, which I think is great. Not planned, but conceived in love regardless...


laura | 7:17 AM

The boring bedroom strikes again :)

JH | 7:25 AM

My baby girl was conceived during a power outage. We'd been trying for a few months, and when the lights went out around 7 pm after work one night, my husband and I took it as a sign & got down to business. The Medela pump caught my eye, I feel like I've had 5 total days of easy nursing after a fight with mastitis and now round 3 of thrush. My girl is 5 months, just hoping everything miraculously heals soon like you - otherwise I'm counting down to weaning at this point.

Anonymous | 7:48 AM

Pretty sure Parker was conceived in the shower one morning. Although we were trying to conceive, it didn't occur to me that I was pregnant until my birthday about 3 weeks later. We spent the day in Montreal wondering and hoping that we were going to be parents. It felt like a wonderful secret, just between the two of us.

Sarah | 7:54 AM

Our Surprise Baby was concieved (at home) the one time we had unprotected sex on the day I was ovulating, way to keep track of my cycle!! But we couldn't be more pleased and can't wait to meet the babe in October!

Megan | 7:56 AM

I'm impressed with your breastfeeding success! Way to stick it out. Our first is due October 13th. He/she was conceived in a friend's spare bedroom in Washington, DC over inauguration weekend...a Barack-o-baby for sure.

The Allisons | 8:02 AM

Our little girl, due in just 3 short weeks, was conceived on an exam table in my RE's office; it involved me, my husband, a syringe full of his goods, and an overly sweet blond physician's assistant! It wasn't romantic, but the many tears leading up to those 2 pink lines made it so worth it!

Kirdy | 8:18 AM

My best friend, due in May, most def. conceived in her bedroom, but best part was, her and her husband were totally wasted, totally thought it was the funniest thing not to use a condom, and that one time is all it took! Not really that funny the next day when they rehashed the night, but we are all VERY happy about little baby boy due very soon!

Anonymous | 9:34 AM

I'm so glad nursing has gotten easier for you. It's great that you can let Fable help decide when nursing is done.

And good for her--I'd say no to rice cereal too--that crap is gross!

Chrystal | 9:56 AM

I am about 10 weeks pregnant, and this little one was either conceived the boring way (in our bed) or (and this is only mildly more interesting) in the shower. I am hoping for the shower since that would make this little one's start to life that much cooler:)

Rebecca Carpita | 10:12 AM

My son was conceived on a garage floor. i was hanging out with an old friend, drinking in his garage, and the sex just happened sort of. So did a pregnancy! Haha so modest, I love the look on peoples faces when I tell them my little guy is from a drunken one night stand. How progressive!

I've gotta write it to right it. | 10:19 AM

both of my two boys were conceived after I jumpa humpa raped my husband. knew I was ovulating, was horny and knew we had to get these boys cookin'. I'm now 40 and fixed and finally getting to have sex without std or pregnancy risk looming. halleluyah. rebecca - your writing is wonderful, your spirit fantastic. thank you. luv, Rachel

Jes Morales | 10:26 AM

#1 was conceived in the Costa Rica rain forest. No electricity on that vacation, so, you know...
#2 was conceived on the couch. Or possibly in the shower.

whatthekel | 10:40 AM

Our second son, due to make an appearance sometime in the next 8 weeks, was conceived at home, while avoiding our soon to be 4 year old son for a few minutes (thanks, Spongebob) :) Can't wait to meet the newest member of our family soon!

Anonymous | 10:50 AM

My son was conceived in our good ol' bedroom after Halloween. Gotta love a crazy costume party.


lauren | 11:08 AM

my little man was conceived in our bedroom but i am proud to say that it wasn't in our bed. my hubster and i mixed it up and did the dirty on the floor. of course, we weren't planning on conceiving a child that night which made it that much sweeter not to mention scary once we found out!

Pam | 11:15 AM

Logan was concieved on a sheep skin rug in the middle of our storage room. Storage room being the one room in the house that stores stuff, a lot of stuff. Okay a junk room! :)

Mar | 11:33 AM

Our baby girl was conceived in our bed during my Twilight phase :)

Heather Tull | 11:40 AM

My oldest was conceived on a double mattress in the tiny room my ex had at his dad's house, most likely while there were at least seven other people in the house who we could hear through to very thin walls. My newest was almost definately conceived in our bed or on the old couch that has since been sold at a garage sale. The couch with a bendy back that I was always afraid would break during our marital congress and lead to me breaking my face.

SaraMinerva | 11:43 AM

Our second baby (a boy, who I'm hoping will be welcomed, not scorned, by his 2.5 y/o sister) was conceived on August 24th, in our bed. Totally boring. You are so right about the second baby conception being not as hot. To other people anyway. Baby planning sex is the best we've ever had.

Way to go on the boopfeeding. My daughter weaned herself at 5 months and totally broke my heart. Hoping her brother is a boop man.

Amber | 11:46 AM

i'm pretty sure it was another bout of sexin' at the top of the stairs in our hallway. we live (well lived) alone...so once in a while we actually left the bedroom for some naked time :P

Laura | 12:03 PM

I'm so glad breast feeding worked out for the two of you!!! You really are a champ for dealing with that kind of pain for 6 months.

I'm expecting identical twin boys in June, and am hoping to breastfeed them like I did my 15 month old son. I'm not sure when they were conceived besides roughly in the month of September, I was still breastfeeding my son, and on the mini pill and they were definitely a surprise!!!! Alas, I know they were conceived in our bed since I agree with your comment of conceiving second children (and third!) can be slightly less exotic. :)

Amy H | 12:06 PM

my first was conceived on a Wednesday night in between Lost and The Daily Show. We had been trying for months so it wasn't anything amazing.
My second was conceived on a Saturday morning when I was using nookie to get the hubs in a good mood to help me run errands all day.
....and they say romance is dead...

Marie M. | 12:12 PM

Our 7-week old daughter was conceived in our bedroom. Boring, I know...

I love your breastfeeding honesty. I have struggled from day one and am currently just pumping so she gets the breastmilk goodness. I hope to have better success with #2. Maybe #2 will be conceived somewhere much more exciting. We'll see...

Lisa | 12:35 PM

Baby K was conceived the old fashioned way. On the bed, in the bedroom. How boring?

nan | 1:17 PM

This baby was conceived in our brand new mattress and lovely sleigh bed! Can't wait to find out if it's a boy or girl!

Katie Alpert | 1:40 PM

Our son was conceived on our bed. We were trying and after one particular time my husband said, "There's your baby" all proud-like. It was really cute and he may have been right because I did get pregnant during that cycle.

The Kellys | 1:42 PM

Our son was conceived at my husband's grandparents house...while everyone else was sleeping. :) We were there for Christmas and were only one of those flimsy folding doors away from my in-laws. I still haven't decided if we should tell them yet. HAHA!

Pirate Momma | 2:15 PM

Boy-childe #1 was conceived in a park, while taking a quiet walk with his Father, on the ground atop tossled skirts.

Boy-childe #2 (on the way) was conceived in the throes of passion on my 4th Anniversary with the upgrade husband ;) Seriously, after 5 years of trying all it took was a Doctor to put me on a diet pill, tell me NOT to get pregnant, a trip to an erotica store and hours of foreplay. LOL

As a personal note to you, Yes, keep up the good work. Nursing #1 was a nightmare for me and we only lasted 6 mos before I lost supply, I'm really hoping to do better with this one, but am a realist too, not sure I can endure that pain again. Wish me luck!

Jess | 2:25 PM

Congratulations for the 6 months (thus far)!

My son was conceived in my bed at my parents' house (oh God) while they were away shopping. This story would almost be better if I was, say, 15 but, no, well into my twenties. Is that nearly as sad as it sounds?

Heather Maxwell Hall | 2:32 PM

i'm due in 13 weeks and if you're picking based on outrageous locales, i'm outta luck: in our bed at home, days after we returned from greece, where it would have been far more glamorous for him to have been conceived.

still hot, though, and still one of my favourite places in the world to be.

Jennifer Woolsey | 2:52 PM

In our bedroom...and trust me, it was not boring!

Erin | 3:32 PM

The current baby chilling in my womb was conceived in our bed. Totally boring, right? But it's a second child! However, I did find out that I was pregnant on Election Night, which made it the coolest night EVER.

Anonymous | 3:34 PM

Wow, I'm impressed, and so glad for you that they decided to get it together at last! I am doing the pumping thing again this time, as I couldn't last through the pain and his habit of chomping on me until the ends of my nips were turning purple after a feed. But I can still provide him with the milk, so I think it's a fair compromise. (Which also means - if my name should come up in your draw? The pump would be beyond awesome, making things easier, but the cover might as well go to someone else!)

As to The Bun's conception? I *think* he was made as the last hurrah in our old bedroom right before we tore the walls down to start our reno. It was that same week, anyhow, so it was either that or after coming downstairs all covered in plaster dust and showering. Which is kind of romantic in our odd, home-renovator way...

And my word ver is stable... rhymes with Fable!

KH | 3:44 PM

I'm pretty sure my son was concieved on our couch. We'd been trying for 5 months and were thrilled 2 weeks later seeing those 2 lines!

I weaned my son at 9 months - my body eventually gave up. He was a really fussy eater - said NO to all the standard first foods. What eventually worked was pureed mango.

I weaned slowly, introduced a bottle for the lunch feed (I made one up in the morning and let him sip it through the day to get used to the taste) and now he digs his bottles. I was still breastfeeding through the night (1 feed) when my body just said 'no more' over christmas and that was it!

Now he's a year old we're now weaning to cow's milk!

Jaida | 3:52 PM

Haha - so right on the second baby's boring conception. Am currently 33 weeks with her, and she was conceived in bed.

Well, ok, being honest, our first was conceived the same place - only after a much more hedonistic night out!

Anonymous | 3:52 PM

I'm totally offended by your millimeter of Areola, and Lindsey Lohan. You and that lil' dame are gorgeous.

Lane | 4:26 PM

I think that our son was con. in our aparment and our daughter who was born Mon*ekk* on our aniversary trip up on the north shore along lake superior. So hotthe 2nd time around!

Sarah | 4:59 PM

Bedroom :::cue lousy porny music:::
Uh, did I mention that I have two-year-old twins and am pregnant with numero tres? I think the fact that we did it at all is some kind of miracle.

CraftyPlott | 6:08 PM

Mr Needy, our beloved babe-in-utero was conceived in our bed in Twentynine Palms, CA 5 days after we got married in Joshua Tree National Park. I'm due July 10th and DH will miss the whole things as he's deployed to Iraq (boo!).

Anonymous | 6:31 PM

My son was conceived in our bedroom on a hot June night. I had been trying to get pregnant for almost two years and we were not about to give up. Our persistance paid off and I got pregnant that month.

Danielle | 6:46 PM

My son, Nico, is almost seven months old. He was conceived in our bedroom. Sounds boring -- but it wasn't!

Jae | 6:49 PM

My husband and I had been trying for almost 9 months with no success while I was working a horrible, horrible job. I quit said job and we went on a month-long road trip of the South/Southwest portion of the States.

We decided while we were out there we'd visit Las Vegas, which is where we were married four years earlier. I'm almost 100% positive that our baby was conceived there, too.

Ainsley | 6:50 PM

Our son was conceived on the fourth of July, 2008, in our studio behind the house. It was the ten year anniversary of our first date together, on the fourth of July in '98, and if you ask me, he's the best thing we ever made in that studio!

Mrs. Cline | 7:31 PM

We are currently TTC, so there hasn't been any conception yet. BUT, my little electronic calendar says this whole week is pink, so excuse me while I go jump on my husband.

Then my answer will be "in the bed, while husband was watching 'Intervention'". LOL

JessicaT | 7:54 PM

Our baby girl was conceived at home, in bed, one morning before we both went to work - not terribly exciting. I found out I was pregnant on the last morning of a trip to Hawaii, though, and went for one last snorkel with my tiny, bitty positive plus sign baby!

A Lev | 7:59 PM

My daughter Anakalia, who is 7 months today (yay) was conceived in our bedroom as well. Although my husband swears she was conceived an a trip to Seattle and that she's part American (we're Canadian) -I just can't explain ovulation clearly enough!

alice | 8:26 PM

our baby was conceived sometime during my finals week last semester... probs on the couch or bed. no more couch sex after baby gets here! boo!

Real Life Mom | 8:29 PM

As corny as it sounds...my husband (to be at the time) and I had just been to a wedding and got caught up in the romance of the evening. Needless to say my daughter was conceived in the entranceway of his house- we did not make it upstairs or to the bathroom where the birthcontrol was...

Serial Mommy | 11:01 PM

which child? there are 7 to choose from...let's go with the current pg, the twins..at home, in bed..my hubby is a prude, though i do believe it involved a fun game of "naughty nanny" or possibly pulling out the plaid skirt and ruffled ankle socks for "afterschool detention"...what can i say, we like sex, we like to keep sex interesting...by the way, did i mention SEVEN kids?

Britney | 12:34 AM

I just spent about 30 mins reading through these hilarious comments. Congrats on your successful breastfeeding. I hope and pray that I am able to breastfeed my daughter.

My daughter was conceived at my Grandma's on Thanksgiving night. Don't judge! She's due August 28th and Thanksgiving will now be VERY special to our lil' family :)

samantha jo campen | 7:41 AM

CONGRATULATIONS on successful breastfeeding and an even BIGGER congrats on it finally being easy now! And I love that picture--she looks so happy.

Theo was conceived in our bed in our apartment, around July 4th 2007. We basically looked at each other and I was pregnant. Hooray!

samanthajocampen at gmail dot com

mom2nji | 7:43 AM

My youngest was concieved in the week following hurricane charlie here in Florida. Nothing says baby making like a week without power and 90 temps. But we not alone 9-10 months later there were a ton of babies born!

Seth, Sarah and Finley | 8:19 AM

Well, I think we conceived during a Wednesday morning quickie before work. After months of trying who knew that was all it took! Oh, and I can't wait to have those raw nipples from breastfeeding, we are due in the fall!

Melissa | 8:24 AM

I'm 27 weeks pregnant and our baby was conceived in the guest room at my father-in-law's house. We had just decided to try and didn't want to miss our first chance, but my husband had to be in his hometown for work that week. So I tagged along and commuted 3 hrs. to school for a few days... it was totally worth it!

genagee | 10:16 AM

My beautiful baby girl was conceived on my bday in our bedroom closet!!


Evelynn | 10:37 AM

I had gone to NYC for a week and "sexytime with the bf" penciled into my calendar for the day I returned. I came home, sexy times were had, and then came baby. I'm not allowed to go on vacation anymore :)

Natalie | 10:57 AM

Congrats on 6 months! My little guy and I are now working on 8 months, and I thought with the cutting of the first teeth we'd be done. However, he seems to be liking it enough to not bite Mommy! :)

I'm pretty sure the little guy was conceived at the in-laws. What can I say, we were trying, I was ovulating and it happened to be Thanksgiving...what were we supposed to do? I just hope the in-laws didn't figure it out!

fidget | 11:11 AM

Child 1: We have no idea, I miscarried twins right before her, she was either a triplet or some freaky-deaky got pregs while pregs with twins and lost the twins

Child 2: In our bedroom

Child 3: On our bathroom floor, aka the only room with a locking door at the time.

Child 4: God only knows, I was on BC!!

fidgetblogs at gmail dot com

bloggiemommy.blogspot.com | 6:36 PM

My son Jareth was conceived on my friends living room futon while she was letting me and my then boyfriend crash there we were there about a month and i'm back home with my parents now he's ... some where i guess? he hasn't been involved

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