Sunday Monday Snaps

1. He waited all weekend to pick
the cucumber he had been watering.
And when he did, he gave it to her.

2. He called for me like he used to
so I went. And I scratched his little back
until we woke up and it was morning*.

3. I pulled him through the whitewash
until I was so tired I fell over
and we both got water in our noses.

4. We floated the sand out of our hair.
Them in their rafts and me hanging on
to keep from going under.

5. In my rear-view mirror I watched
as their eyelids flickered closed.
I turned up the music, merged into the carpool lane.


*which is why these are a day late. Whoops, life.


AVB | 12:29 AM

Yay! I'll tell my mom (Monday) Snaps are up.

Love you! xoxo

Krystal | 12:48 AM

Archer is the sweetest little man, giving Fable his cucumber!
I love Sunday, I mean Monday snaps!

Anonymous | 2:32 AM

It's always nice to enjoy what you have grown in your own garden, huh?

My Grandma has started a garden and shares the love. I wish I had a green thumb. I havn't tried, in fear of killing everything. Hahaha.

Your babies are so darn cute!

Brooke | 6:23 AM

Those were worth waiting for!!! I miss the sand and surf..... thanks for giving me a little dose.

mrs.notouching | 6:35 AM

Wow Archer looks so grown up in these pictures. Love your lazy summer pictures on whatever day you post them =)

alex | 7:06 AM

I missed No Snaps on Monday, glad they're up!!

angela | 7:27 AM

Beautiful post. Any recommendations for the best LA beaches for kids? By "best," i mean least obnoxious. I've got two little ones too...and I have totally said the word vagina in a crowd of uncomfortable people, so don't feel too bad!!

Martie | 8:00 AM

Looks like good times were had by all. I love those sort of days.

GingerB | 8:01 AM

What a lovely day for you and your babykins. Everyone got up on the right side of something!

I showed my Hannah (11 months old) a picture of Fable and she squealed with joy.

Jackie | 8:02 AM

Must have been an especially relaxing weekend, if it took you a whole extra day to get back to posting :) We all need one of those! So glad you were able to cool off at the beach/pool!

Sandy | 9:03 AM

Love the snaps. Nothing like fresh garden produce. These pictures are mouthwateringly summery. I am so jealous of the ocean and the pool.

Jasie VanGesen | 9:10 AM

I love seeing them interact. My little man was begging for a sibling last night... I feel horrendous that it's just not the right time to give him one yet. But when we do, he will shower ridiculous amounts of love on him or (hopefully) her.

Amy | 1:03 PM

Is that pool in your backyard? Luckyduck.

ZDub | 1:17 PM


Anonymous | 2:01 PM

those the good moments. when life is nice to us. and all makes sense.

Haley | 3:30 PM

These new additions to your blog are my favorite feature! I look forward to them like I look forward to PostSecret Sundays. Thank you for sharing your little slice of heaven with us!

BonJoey | 5:41 PM

OMG Vaughn has the exact same blue Lacoste shirt! Seriously, is there anything cuter than a shaggy-haired little boy in a preppy French polo? I think not.

Anonymous | 6:15 PM

Aww it really looks like you all had a great time, do you mind me asking where the pics were taken? Very beautiful.


Thanks, all!

I WISH we had a pool in our yard. We spent the weekend at my parent's house in San Diego. (Where we spend a LARGE part of our summers because they have a pool and A/C and because they're awesome.)

The beach is Beacons, one of my favorite beaches growing up.

Steph | 9:09 PM

Love the pics. What camera do you have?

Anonymous | 5:39 AM

I'm digging your Track Tuesdays, by the way. I've probably watched that video of "Nantes" a dozen times.

Tracey | 11:01 AM

Rebecca, where did you get that bathing suit? Super cute!

Anonymous | 11:34 AM

Wow. The way Archer behaves around Fable is wonderful. Can you please write a book about how to bring up such amazing children?

carrie @ dear tucker | 8:48 PM

For a moment I thought you trekked across county with kids in tow for the Blogher convention and the pictures were from Chicago's North Avenue Beach. Thought you were crazy for getting into the water let alone allowing your kids to play in the white wash! I stand happily corrected (or just informed).

Love to pictures of the kids playing with the cucumber!

Andrea | 2:06 PM

I love this. My son would give anything to his baby sister, and she would take it in an instant - and then step on it!