Sunday Snaps

1. She went to bed with three teeth,
and woke up with four.
(Toothless grin no more.)

2. Pretending his bed was our boat
we fished for stuffed animals
with plastic golf clubs.

3. We sat them side by side,
then watched as they
banged away on bongo drums.

4. Too hot to stay inside
so we played with tiny leaves
as the sun dropped and gave us twenty.

5. No matter the challenges
And what the years change
Her first word was "mama"...



Cate S | 1:08 AM

Mama! Congratulations :)

Stacy | 1:28 AM

My son's first word was also "mama".

Of all the wonderful things I'm sure he'll do in his life, I'm positive that I'll always feel that was his greatest accomplishment. ;)

Sarah @ | 2:27 AM

Beautiful =) Congratulations on the happy memory of Fable's first word!

Courtney | 4:30 AM

Such beautiful children! Congrats on the tooth and the words!

Anonymous | 5:08 AM

congratulations. Awesome shoes by the way, dude.

Unknown | 5:49 AM

An eventful weeks. Congrats Mama, your children are beautiful.

Unknown | 6:59 AM

OH, yay, she said MAMA!!! Sawyer called me mama for a while. Now apparently my name has changed from 'mama' to 'ba'. I'm 'ba'.

GingerB | 7:44 AM
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GingerB | 7:46 AM

GingerB said...
I love your blog and I love your family. I have heard one "mama" but I am too chicken shit to think I can really count on her knowing and saying it willfully . . .but why not? Of course she did! Thank you! 11 months of age is such a fabulous age!!

Babing at High Altitude | 8:25 AM

I think teeth and words are just around the corner here, too! My daughter is clearly is saying mama, but her dad is convinced she is saying 'nonono I love dad more'. Congratulations!

Amber | 9:32 AM

What an great weekend full of new milestones. So exciting, can't wait to hear Fable on video saying her new word :-)

Jill Pilgrim | 9:39 AM

Oh yay!! That is so wonderful!!! Go Fable!

Bex | 10:21 AM

what does it take to de-lurk your readers?

how about casually inserting a super cool fashion statement -like your awesome sandals!- in a picture. where did you find those?

pawpaw | 11:35 AM

Bex - I think the sandals were posted on twitter. Steve Madden, perhaps?

Unknown | 12:45 PM

Sounds like a fabulous day!!

I am so jealous, Lola has been saying "dada" for months and when I say to her, "say mama", she laughs in my face... Hopefully someday. ha ha


Oh, sweet Fable! Four teeth and saying "mama." And wearing a dress you made for her! So awesome...

Jessica | 5:01 PM

these things happen every day but the way you stop to appreciate them makes me want to do the same. thank you.

Loukia | 7:02 PM

There is no nicer first word... and it will continue to be the nicest word your children will ever say forever and ever, I think. I even love hearing "Mommy" in the middle of the night, yelled out by my almost 4 year old... love it. :)

Amy | 8:25 PM

Your kids are so beautiful.

Fable is getting so big it is unreal!

Maggie May | 8:49 PM

You know, my son Dakota is 15 and this is the beginning of a rough, rough year for us, already
starting out rocky and difficult.
But nothing will change that he
was my nurtsie boy for two years
or that he ran after my car down
the sidewalk crying for me and i
stopped and held him and took him
to class, or that first word
was Mama. Your are right, nothing
will change that, and it is
the foundation to get us through.

Rebecca | 9:23 PM

Pretty pretty Fable!

Can't wait to hear her first word on video. =)

Armonia | 10:11 PM

can't wait until my daughter does the same, And wonderful to hear that the tooth came with no pain :), wanted also to comment that your last entry made me cry! you write wonderfully! thanks for sharing your life with other moms like me it truly helps. | 7:35 AM

What a nice way to capture her first words. Beautiful pictures and children!

Mrs. Cline | 10:22 AM

Ah, she is too cute! Her little teeth-y smile is adorable!

Anonymous | 12:55 PM

Hi! I'm a newcomer to your blog. I loved it so much that I went back through your archives and read everything!

Your writing is amazing. Your children are beautiful.

Congratulations on Fable's first word!

Renee | 5:35 PM

What a beautiful post! That dress is too stinking cute!

Marie-Ève | 5:59 PM

Wow time flies by so quickly, Fable is so big now! This post made me very emotional... I am extremely prone to bittersweetness and it made me remember the day my son was born, 30 months ago. How that's exactly what I thought: there will be times when we will be terribly angry at him, times when things will be extremely difficult... But no one will ever take away this current moment of utter bliss and perfection from me.

Cath | 6:58 PM

Oh my god, everytime I see her I want to be a mom more. She's the most adorable baby I've ever seen.

Rebecca | 8:06 PM

Thank you so much for your blog. I think Fable has in her mouth what we around here call a "doo-doo." My 2 year old has never taken a pacifier yet she has spent the last 600 days of her life sucking on a soft pink doggie-blanket-thing while she sleeps. I laughed out loud when I saw Fable with what looks like the same doo-doo.

BOSSY | 10:47 AM

The sweetest sweetness.

nancy | 6:06 PM

Some love for the dude: how long are that boy's eyelashes? Wow--he's going to be a serious heartbreaker before you know it. He looks like he's already got poetry in his eyes...And love the plaid shorts and barefoot-dirty feet. He's awesome.

Oh, yeah, Fable is adorable too! :-)

Haley | 6:30 PM

How wonderful! She is getting so big and more and more beautiful with each passing day. My mom got gipped in our family. My first word was "dada" and then my brother's first word was Heidi...for the dog!

B | 8:28 AM

I've been reading your blog since Fable was a tiny infant, as I was nursing my tiny infant Béla for hours on end. Fable is just one month older. I can relate to a lot of the sentiments you are experiencing. <3

carrie | 1:27 PM

Lovely snippets of life! Thanks for sharing them.

L.A. Stylist Mom | 10:46 PM

WHERE did you get the gorgeous dress that Fable is wearing?! Who makes it? You know it's good b/c I have 2 boys and still want to know! TIA


Thank you! I actually MADE IT so you totally made my day, er, night!

L.A. Stylist Mom | 8:19 AM

NFW! I look at crappy kids clothes basically for a living, and you rule even more now, if that's possible - not that you need another thing to do (*snort*) but you should sell those...simply gorge!!

Ray | 1:23 PM

OMG, that last photo. Wow! Your children are absolutely beautiful. Simplicity seems to be the best thing for children. Like no matter what you do it's always fun. I love that you went fishing for stuffed animals on Archer's bed. That is too cute. ;o) Childhood is pure bliss. Wish my life was like that now.