Sunday Snaps

1. "You can do it, Fable!"
And we cheered until she did:
Crawling for the very first time into my arms.

2. "Choose your art," we told him. "Whatever makes you happy."
Two hours later, we left the craft fair
with a rolled-up print of a cowboy riding a seahorse.

3. Over dinner I looked around
at my husband, children, new friends
and thought, "how fun it is to be a grown-up."

4. I cut his hair myself. Messed up the layers,
accidentally cut crooked bangs. And yet...
"I love it, Mommy! You made it so I can see now!"

5. I rocked her in my arms
on the foot of his bed,
singing them both to sleep
with one song.



Carly | 12:52 AM

Ugh, I want Fable's dress.

Krystal | 2:25 AM

Great job Fable!

I love Sunday Snaps!

Valerie W | 5:16 AM

I second that! I totally love Sunday Snaps. You do have a way with words, woman.

Anonymous | 5:46 AM

I cannot wait for Monday morning, and your Sunday Snaps. I don't know which I love more, your words, or your pictures...

Mo | 6:09 AM

YAY for digging grown-up land!

(love those "this has paid off!" moments)

Bethany | 6:26 AM

I was browsing some blogs before I started work this morning and realized "Ooh! Sunday snaps today!" They're beautiful as always.

Jackie | 7:39 AM

Sounds like you had a lovely weekend!
Just wanted to add that I love your "Sunday Snaps" as well...I love that you celebrate seemingly "every-day" moments that happen while the rest of the blogging world takes a break - a nice way to "stop and smell the roses" :)

Anonymous | 7:48 AM

Our daughters are the same age - love reading your updates about Fable.
Love your outlook on motherhood and life.

Sarah @ | 8:06 AM


Jennifer | 8:43 AM

So, one day I might like being a grown-up? How long does that take?

Sarah | 8:52 AM

I, too, love your Sunday Snaps. Congrats to Fable! And every time I read the words "Sunday Snaps" I think of the opening scene in So I Married an Axe Murderer where they're at the poetry club and everyone snaps instead of applauds... which makes me smile even more because that is my favorite movie EVER.

You know what I was thinking would be totally awesome if you did in addition to Sunday Snaps? A weekly recipe! I'm vegetarian too and I love reading about your grocery shenanigans and always wonder what you end up making out of the items you buy. I'm not very kitchen-savvy and am running out of ideas!

Jen | 9:01 AM

OH EM GEE look at Fable's hair - there's so much of it! And she's got your pretty big eyes! Way to go, Momma - you made a pretty little girl.

Unknown | 9:18 AM

Ahhhhhhh. You make me happy!

sam | 11:18 AM

totally love sunday snaps. i think i am going to do it too!

Anonymous | 1:52 PM

Hi You, my better carrie bradshaw for mommie's!
I love your blog. I look at your Blog everyday. Sometimes several times and hope you posted something new again. I read your posts over and over again.
I saw your website in the German "cosmopolitan". You are awesome!!
I'm a young stripper mommy of the greatest little boy, reading your posts give me hope and smiles.
Can i get your book anywhere over here in Germany?

Unknown | 4:53 PM

Does "young striper mommy" mean the same thing in Germany as it does here?

Jill Pilgrim | 5:02 PM

I will also jump on the Love-The-Sunday-Snaps bandwagon. Definitely something to look forward to on Monday.

ZDub | 6:54 PM

I am going to jump on the Sunday Snap bandwagon too.

Love your family, they are too precious.

And I wish I had a print of a cowboy on a seahorse.

Anonymous | 7:17 PM

I love the sunday snaps - alwasy look forward to your posts.


Ray | 7:56 PM

What an awesome Sunday. I love 4 & 5 especially. =D

Anonymous | 11:58 PM

Hi Billie! Yes dancer.why is it a bad thing?

mpotter | 7:02 AM

very cool. very.

Rita Arens | 7:11 AM

It ebbs and flows, doesn't it?

Unknown | 9:19 AM

Sunday snaps = the best thing online.

Allison | 10:13 AM

I second the idea of occasional vegetarian recipes. :)
Your snaps are beautiful, in the last one Fable really looks like her father's daughter!

Unknown | 3:48 PM

My dear anonymous, dancing is NEVER a bad thing!!!

Karen Dietrich | 7:58 PM

I am NOT a fan of Sunday Snaps and I'll tell you makes me too envious of your lovely life and your Adorable with a capital "A" family :)

Oh, and doesn't Fable looks a mini-female-Hal in that last pic? Priceless.

Sarah | 11:16 AM

always love reading your sunday snaps.