IUD, Chapter Three: Womb Squad vs The Hurt Locker

...I should have felt relieved leaving the doctor's office but instead? I felt paranoid and insecure.

What if I made the wrong decision? What if condoms aren't enough and I get pregnant again...?

Maybe hair loss isn't so bad. Hal seems perfectly happy bald.

And not having a sex drive? Eventually that would have changed. Maybe.
I sulked for the rest of the day. And then that night? Not twelve hours after getting my Mirena pulled, I started my period. My first period in two years. Five pounds of rolled-up toilet paper in my underwear later, I was sulking once again, doubting myself and my body and my decision. Except this time? I was crampy and wanted chocolate Pinkberry. With mint shavings.
But then? Two days later? A miracle happened:
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