even in rain, she is sun

Happy sixteen-months, dear Fable.
You are our light.



foodiemama | 8:30 PM

she's beeeeufitul!

Maggie May | 8:31 PM

she's got such a smile, that girl. and her dress- the red cheeked girl in rain- is perfection.

Amy | 8:38 PM

She is beautiful and starting to look like a toddler. My little girl is sixteen months too and I can't believe she is now this walking talking little person.

Ray | 9:51 PM

OMG, that dress with the little girl holding the umbrella is adorable! Your little girl is beautiful. Bless her. Happy 16 months Fable!


Aga | 10:17 PM

She is gorgeous! And she totally started looking just like Archer, overnight!

Meemo | 10:17 PM

She is toddler perfection.

I love this age.

Desiree | 10:32 PM

She's so grown up -- I can't believe in just FOUR months my daughter will be the same age.
Crazy dude. She's a beaut!!

Brooke - Little Miss Moi | 1:48 AM

Dear rebecca. wow, she's so grown up. tomorrow is our little Sproglette's 17 months birthday, and I can't believe the conversations she has with herself and us. Sometimes I even understand a word! Ah almost makes me want to have another... but not quite! (yet).

Esther Crawford | 5:26 AM

Very cute! :)

Lauren | 5:45 AM

She does look more and more like Archer. You got some darn cute kids there.

SoccerMom | 6:07 AM

Beautiful. Love the B/W photo.

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 6:10 AM

She's an angel. I feel the same way about my 16 monther. :)


Thili | 6:18 AM

She`s beautiful!!
Happy 16 months!!
I love the t-shirt :)

mommaruthsays | 6:35 AM

Ooof, that smile. Her happiness is contagious.

Happy 16 months Fable!

Caitlin | 6:44 AM

God- she's starting to look like a kid rather than a baby now. Look at those expressions. What an adorable little girl you have!

Anonymous | 7:15 AM

Shes beautiful!

Allison | 9:12 AM

What a gorgeous kid. You are a lucky mama.

Ms Moreno | 9:34 AM

Aw she's so pretty, Happy 16 months Fable =)

leel | 10:26 AM

um, where did the baby go? hello Archers *kid* sister! she looks so much like him all of a sudden?! Do you see it, or do I see it because I dont see know them?! SO COOL!

Happy 16 Months Fable!

Unknown | 1:12 PM

She's only getting more beautiful, if that's possible.

Rebecca | 1:57 PM

Cute dress........too bad she's way smaller than my girl or else I'd try to buy her hand me down's.

seekingclarav | 2:00 PM

Sweet Jesus, she is simply edible!

Rachel | 2:51 PM

Absolutely beautiful Fable!! My Isabel is 20 days younger. Love these pictures!!

diane | 3:35 PM


Rebecca | 6:03 PM

That girl is so friggin' cute it's ridiculous. You're making me want one!

Therese | 7:17 PM

I adore your photos. I can feel your crazy momsicle love for your wee'uns every time I peruse your pics. I enjoy my own girl SoOoOo much, it is nice to see the same kind of love through another mama's eyes. Happy 16 months Fable :)

Anonymous | 8:21 PM

Ummmm. Could she be any cuter?!!!!