Girl's Gone Hero: Drew Barrymore

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Ed: Since my teens, Drew Barrymore has been one of my greatest heroes. First as an actress, then as a producer, always as a woman, fearless and uniquely herself. So when offered the opportunity to do a brief interview with her on GGC, I was beside myself excited. And when she called me on Monday? I was so overcome with awe, I forgot my own name. People talk about that kind of thing happening but it's never happened to me. I've spent years honing my craft of cool as not to come off as Crazy Superfangirl when meeting admirable people. But interviewing Drew put a wrench in all that. Thankfully, she was gracious and kind and didn't hang up on me. Instead? She chatted with me candidly: a heroic act indeed.

Drew Barrymore on the set of her directorial debut, Whip-It

GGC: First of all, let me start by saying ... Thank you so much for talking to me and my readers today. It's such a total thrill for me, I cannot tell you. You have always been one of my absolute heroes and on behalf of myself and a million girls like me, I'd like to thank you.

Young women need heroes, fearless leaders to inspire and motivate, and in a way, that’s what your new movie, Whip-It is all about: the importance of finding your people, of surrounding yourself with peers who might bring you out and into your own. For Whip-It heroine, "Bliss," that was her Roller Derby team, “The Hurl Scouts.” Who are those people for you? Who are your "Hurl Scouts"...?

Drew Barrymore: It’s so important we have people who inspire us. Flower Films is my Team Captain. My partner, Nancy, Chris Miller, the people I work with… We encourage each other and make each other feel like we can do these crazy things, yet keep each other in check. It’s an inspiring, nurturing, very grounding, honest place… a huge inspiration for Whip-It. I’m also lucky to have an incredible group of friends. In my case, I didn’t have a traditional family growing up so these people became my family. There’s honesty there and I’m very nervous for people who surround themselves with people who don’t say it like it is. In fact I think it’s very detrimental.
One of the greatest things you can do as a friend other than listen and laugh and support is be honest. So that’s really important for me, especially the older I get. It’s harder to hear (the truth) when you’re younger, but at that point you have to go out there and learn your own lessons and fall on your face a little bit.
But I do think being around smart, fun, brave, empowered people is vital. And that can come in all sorts of forms. There’s no rule or cookie-cutter version of that.
I think the most important thing when you’re in your core group, your tribe, is, “do you feel good about yourself!? The real you, the true you!!?"

GGC: What was it about Whip-it that attracted you as a producer and especially as a first-time director?

Drew: I wanted to do something that was personal. I felt like I had a lot to offer emotionally (when it came to) mothers and daughters. I relate to the intricacies of that subject. I wanted to make something honest. I know what it’s like to be a young girl, wanting to believe you can figure who you are and find a world where that’s accepted and fostered and not hindered.

I understand that when a mother and daughter have a different broad vision that it doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. (In Whip-it) Bliss’s mom wants the best for her, and it's not what (Bliss) wants for herself so they have to find common ground and acceptance. And although I didn’t experience that with my own family, I feel how important that is – I see it all around me.

I think it's SO important to find out who you are and celebrate that and say it loud and say it proud and not let society tell you otherwise. Find the group that says, “Great! Yes! Who are you!? What do you want to be!? Let’s DO that!!!

GGC: Find your peeps!

Drew: Yes! It’s scary enough in this world! You must surround yourself with people who can help you believe in the importance of being yourself!

GGC: Kathryn Bigelow just won the Director’s Guild award for best director, for her feature film, The Hurt Locker. The FIRST time a woman director has won. Why do you think there are so few female directors in Hollywood today? Do you think that will change?

Drew: I love Kathryn Bigelow. Loved The Hurt Locker. And I guess, I feel like the dynamics (of the industry) are continuing to evolve so I’m never looking back. I’m always looking forward.

I’ve always been sort of turned off by women who complain about men having more power. Well then? You have something you want to do? The best way to make change is to go out there and do it.

There are so many interesting, empowered women out there. How do we continue that?

We must create great opportunities for ourselves! And (Kathryn Bigelow) is a total example of that. So, Thank you, Kathryn Bigelow.

I sort of was a girl who grew up believing I could do all these things I wanted to do and nothing deterred me… You can’t let anyone break the belief system in yourself.

GGC: Like your tagline suggests, “Be Your Own Hero.” I love that.

Drew: Thank you! I’m so glad! And you know? I really buy it! I really believe it! I say it to myself! "Do it and get out there!"

GGC: I’m so inspired by you!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me and my readers, and congratulations on everything you do!

Drew: Congratulations on everything you’re doing! Like I say to my friends: "You’re doing it! Keep doing it!”

Oh. My. Gosh. I’m totally writing your name on my binder right now.

Drew: I hope it’s a Pee Chee or a denim binder with kitties on it.

GGC: (laughing like a crazy person) Yes! It is!

Drew: Then I’m in! I’m so right there with you.

I have three copies of Whip-It (now available on DVD and Blueray!) to give away to three fabulous readers!

To win? Tell me in the comments why YOU are your own hero. Three winners will be chosen at random via, next Wednesday (2/10) pm.

And now I will go die.

I'm dead now.

R.I.P. self.


*Update: Congratulations to the following winners:

1. Siobhan 5:23
2. Haley 11:30

Please email me with your information so we can get you your DVDs asap and thank you all so much for your incredibly kick-ass, beyond inspiring comments. I have THE most amazing readers in the history of the land. Thank you, thank you all. You're the awesome.


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Barb | 10:16 PM

I am my own hero because I figured out what I want to do in life and I'm finally taking some steps to DO it!

mrs.notouching | 10:21 PM

I have a 10-month-old and due with another baby this August! PLANNED! I am pretty sure that's all kinds of brave and a little crazy.

Crystal T. | 10:21 PM

WOW, Rebecca, so awesome that you got to interview Drew Barrymore! She was my hero growing up for sure. I can't tell you how many times I read her memoir.

Anyhoo, why am I my own can I say this in a comment? I have been through so, so much and rather than lay down and take it all I have surrounded myself with healthy people and tried to make a better life for myself. I've put my all into every part of my life and had the courage to walk away when it was clear that it was no longer healthy for me. I am just amazed that I am still here some days!

Also, I've had some wine and am feeling a tad boastful. And I like movies. And your blog. Wheee! ;)

Beth Y | 10:21 PM

Not in the best place right now (always get a little blah this time of year), so it was hard to think of how I am my own hero. So instead I am going to say that I am going to print up a couple copies of Drew's slogan, "Be Your Own Hero" to inspire myself.

Restless Mama | 10:30 PM

That's funny I've been living by a similar mantra, "Life is what you make it." I've been living by this saying for six years now, holding myself accountable, achieving my goals, etc. If I want a happy and successful life then it's all up to me. Ever since then I've been a happier person and though I haven't achieved all that I want, I still very fulfilled. Which is why I am my own hero.

AVB | 10:30 PM

I'm my own hero because I continue to follow my dreams. No matter how tough the road or how many detours, I just keep going. I also share my successes and failures with kids at my old high school through talks and workshops. It's important to be an adventurer, forging your own path, but it's just as vital to be a cartographer, writing down your path so that others may have something by which to navigate their own journey.

elisabeth | 10:35 PM
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Marisa | 10:38 PM

I love Drew! So glad you got to interview her! I'm my own hero because I (sometimes) remember to do laundry...therefore clean socks are always around. Then by default I'd be my husband's hero and baby's hero... :)
P.S. Thanks so much for posting your interview!

Lauren Henderson | 10:44 PM

I'm my own hero because I was brave, even after I realized that learning to walk again wasn't going to be the hardest part.

Aga | 10:46 PM

Drew! Yay!! She is just iconic for our generation, isn't she?
I am my own hero because...wait, wait, I've got it... Because I balance out my many, many flaws with a delightful ability to stay in touch with reality. I'm all about the truth. Ha! And my best jokes are the ones where I poke fun at my self. Heroic, isn't it?

Mama | 10:46 PM

I am my own hero because I stand up for my son when other people fail him. No one is going to be his advocate except his father and I. I'm my own hero because I am not submissive when it comes to people criticizing my parenting skills with him. Man, I rock in that area!

Other areas? Not so much. Eh.

Unknown | 10:48 PM

Oh wow! That was a fun interview to read.

Why am I my own hero? Because I've come to accept myself for who I really am. Someone who can fall in love with a man she has yet to meet in person, someone who doesn't take abuse from anybody - especially from her family, someone who stands up for herself - even though it means I've been disowned and neglected, someone who has passion, and drive, and wants to help others, someone who dreams - and who makes those dreams happen, someone who has always been a "late-bloomer", someone who lives her life day by day, someone who has lived through severe depression. Me. I am someone.

Rebecca, I have always enjoyed your blog, and I couldn't put it into words why until now: You are someone who goes out there, and does it. Whatever it is. I admire that. I love everything you have to post, and I especially love reading about your family. Your children are gorgeous, as are you!

Thank you for being you!


You guys are awesome. LOVE these! Brava!!

Meagan | 11:05 PM

I am my own hero because I was brave enough to move away from my small-town community in Georgia (pop. 689 people) and go to college at NYU. Just packed up and went away, not knowing what to expect. I had to be brave and figure out who I was and what I wanted FAST. Best decision I ever made! I am a better person for it.

AS Novus | 11:10 PM

I am my own Hero because I take steps to be the person I am meant to be every day. I am a mother of a 4 & 6 year old, a "creative entrepreneur", a fabulous wife. We recently moved from New Mexico to the SF Bay area for my husband to attend school. There have been many challenges for me in my role as an ex corporate mommy to staying at home with my 4 year old. My DH is now at school(MFA) and work full time, so i find myself in a new place and on a grand adventure. I am stepping out into my new world and making amazing changes for our family.

mrsgryphon | 11:22 PM

Lovely interview - well done! She seems like such a REAL person, down to earth and like she's in the best place right now. I love that.

I'm my own hero because I do my best to follow my instincts, trust myself and learn from my mistakes.

holly | 11:22 PM
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holly | 11:24 PM

I am my own hero because I'm teaching my children to love and respect themselves. Something I had to learn on my own.

holly | 11:27 PM
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*mary* | 11:45 PM

You are my hero because you kick ass and tell it like it is, but oh so poetically. Not kissing up, I'm just being honest. (Oh-oh, shake it, shake it, shake it like a Polaroid picture!)

Lindsay | 12:28 AM

I am my own hero because I am a single mom to my two-month old daughter Finley and I think I have officially become my mother. Which is great news, because she's a hero.

Oh, and because I have resisted the mommy loaf haircut.

Anonymous | 1:04 AM

I am my own hero because I know how and when to think of and put others before myself. Sometimes you can't, and shouldn't, but often you can and should.

Also, because I make the best damn chocolate-chip-oatmeal cookies EVER.

Hanasu | 3:15 AM

I love this kind of things!! I love reading interviews with such inspiring people as Drew and you, Rebecca, and then reading all the amazing comments.
I am my own hero because I was strong enough to cut the strings of a very harmful relationship I was in. And also because I'm very good at what I do and I feel very proud that I've been doing it even when everybody was telling me I wasn't good enough.
I don't have kids yet, but I read your blog every day and you inspire me. Reading you and watching your kids pictures makes me want to have children of my own. You rock, girl!!

Jessica. | 4:38 AM

I'm my own hero because I make some kind of difference in the world. (ha! so cheesy, but true.)I work with children with autism, to help them socialize, do their homework, and all that. I volunteer at a children hospital, and a clinic who work with children who are hard of hearing. I love what I do and I give it 200%. I'm my own hero because I'm out in the world giving back & loving it.

Liesel | 4:44 AM

I don't give up. Even when It's hard.

Ann Lienemann | 4:51 AM

I am my own hero because I am a new mom to a baby girl named Penelope James. She makes me want to be a better person and makes me want to be a hero to her. I have created a safe enviroment for her to grow up in and I have a rock star husband who is very involved and loves her more than anything. I wake up each day EXCITED to see what Penelope does next. I am my own hero because I wake up each morning and leave her with a sitter so I can provide a good life for her. It's the hardest thing I have ever done!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Drew and was super excited you got to interview her. She is totally on my celebrity cheat list.

Thanks for a great blog!

Kerry | 5:13 AM

I am my own hero because I'm a mom and ALL moms are heroes!

Erin | 5:14 AM

Wow. What a dream come true!!!
I am my own hero because I always fight for what I want, and for what is right. I try to instill that in my students. You want something?? GO GET IT.

Jackie Zimmerman | 5:18 AM

First...I LOVED that movie...especially because its filmed in my home state.

Anyway..without going into too much detail..I've encountered some MEGA health problems within the last 3 years and I haven't let it break me...yet. Every time I say "It can't get worse" it does...and instead of fallin apart..I choose to keep going, keep living, and keep doing whatever I can to make my life better regardless of the ruts I keep hitting.

Allyssa | 5:19 AM

I love Drew Barrymore! I'm my own hero because I'm making it on my own and on my own terms. I went to college on a scholarship, first person in my family. Then I went on to law school on my own dime, even though my father constantly told me it was a mistake and that "lawyers are the scum of the earth" (until he needed one, of course). Then, I became a civil rights atty b/c it was what I wanted, even though my dad had now changed his tune to "you need to be a corporate atty so you can make lots of need to own your own practice or you won't get anywhere". Ugh, all the negativity in my family where I was raised that women stayed home and took care of their men. I worked my ass off to be successful and in a happy place, mentally and physically, today and I did it against the odds.

Molly | 5:20 AM

I love Drew and I loved "Whip It." As a daughter who's always had a complicated relationship with my mother, it really resonated with me.

I'm not my own hero yet. But I'm working on it as hard as I can, and that's not nothing.

Amy | 5:42 AM

I'm my own hero because I've decided to go back to graduate school for an education degree. Teaching isn't the career I thought I wanted, but it's what's in my heart, and I'm throwing myself into it, full force.

Amber | 5:45 AM

Drew is so I read the interview I was saying to myself "I CAN make _____ happen and I WILL! Recently I've had this calling to to something HUGE for someone else, but finding the means to get it done gets me down sometimes. I am going to find the means and just get out there and do it. I will be my own hero by doing that, because there is someone out there who needs my help, and they are going to get it.

spokeit | 5:52 AM

AHH! I'm so totally jealous of you! Drew Barrymore's the shit, and so are you!

I'm my own hero because last spring, after being at the same job for 9 months, I got a new one. It was a job that made me dread getting up in the morning, with people who made me feel like I was 2 inches tall, and one that sent me to the bathroom crying during lunch. A lot like middle school. And for the first time in my life I took charge and quit that job, and went out and got myself a job in my field with people I love and with promise. And I get up every morning with a little kick in my step.

Anonymous | 5:58 AM

First and foremost - OMG how awesome was this post... HOW amazing to have my breakfast to such a great Q&A. Thank you, Thank you and Thank you.

Okay why am I my own hero - easy breezy. I was the girl that had a baby at 19!! YUP that was me. I chose to keep the baby and instead of falling apart, getting on welfare and kissing off my dreams I just changed my "deadlines". I started working (sometimes even holding down 3 jobs) went to school part-time once she started school, started advancing in my jobs, then went back to school full time. My proudest moment as a woman was when my daughter saw me receive my college diploma! It was earned by both of us.


Unknown | 6:01 AM

Nice work! Very nice interview. Drew has always been such a leader; I admire that she's taken the bull by the horns. As for how I'm my own hero? After an exhausting yet fulfilling day of being covered in spit-up, poo, boogers and tears I always seem to find the strength inside to rise up out of the tired fog to smile and spin my baby girl around to make her laugh with glee...then say hello to and smile at my husband (even though all i want to do is collapse.) I wake up the next day to do it all over again and I would never change a thing.

Unknown | 6:02 AM

I am my own hero for my son. I want him to see women as strong and capable people who deserve his respect.
(OMG! I can't believe you got to talk to Drew Barrymore! Amazing! I am so jealous.)

kirsten | 6:04 AM

what a cool interview!
i am working at being my own hero - and believe me, it's a work in progress! i've married for love (certainly not for money), and we're doing things the right way - spending only what we can afford, even if it's not fashionable, and using what we have to get where we want to be. A little elbow grease never killed anyone!

Anonymous | 6:04 AM

Holy crap, I cannot believe you got to interview Drew Barrymore! I LOVE her and, like you, always have. She's half a year older than me and she's just one of those people who you see and think, "You know, if we just met, we could be friends."

I'm my own hero because I said "yes" when my crazy mother asked me if she could give my husband a puppy for his birthday, even though we're expecting our first baby in May... and I have yet to say anything negative about this choice to my mother because my husband is happy and, while insane, the puppy is sweet.

The Lady's Lounge | 6:15 AM

I am my own hero because after years of drowning in identity loss, I stood up, looked at who I am now
( ) remembered who I was before I had kids ( ), shook off the guilt for wanting her back and found a way to be both.

It's one thing to understand in theory that the best thing you can do for your children is to be true to yourself, but it's another thing entirely to live it and see the results first hand.

I hope you are your own hero for interviewing one of your greatest heroes!! I share your admiration, she's amazing.

mommaruthsays | 6:19 AM


You are SUCH a lucky gal, you know that?!

I am my own hero because I don't let obstacles get me down or get in my way. I'm not the shining star that my family thought I was destined to be; I know my own Mom especially had a lot of hopes and dreams for me as a kid. And I haven't exactly lived up to all those expectations she had of me. But I continue to grow and to learn and to move forward. Even though I don't have all these tangible accomplishments to show off, I think I'm a decent human being working hard to uplift other human beings. And that's something that is inspiring and something my Mom can be proud of. And maybe in some ways, I'm soaring beyond what she had hoped for me.

Thilie | 6:21 AM

OMG.. Drew Barrymore called you!! And you chatted!
I can imagine the butterflies in your stomach.. but you know what, you rocked it! Thanks for sharing! It`s inspiring!

I`m my own hero because I`m a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister.. I`ve done stem cell research at a molecular biology lab and it was a lot easier then raising a beautiful human being! And taking care of my family, my dogs and me.. it`s amazing! I used to have a cleaning lady everyday, a cook, a babysitter, my family, I had no idea of all the work.. and now I`m living abroad with no cleaning lady, no cook, no babysitter, no dogwalker.. I mean, me, my husband, our beautiful baby girl and 2 yorkies take care of ourselves now. And that`s a lot of work! Now I know I`m strong and tomorrow everything will be better. I have hope and I never give up!

And I do make beautiful fabric flowers!!

Unknown | 6:25 AM

I am my own hero because I made it to work today, with matching clothes on, my hair somewhat in tact, and even put on lip gloss! Too bad that as I pulled in the parking lot to my office, I realized I had been listening to Elmo's World (na-na, na-na!) THE WHOLE WAY TO WORK (note: no kids in the car either!) AHHH!!! Oh well, I'm living the dream - at least my own version!

Courtney Perry | 6:31 AM

I am my own hero simply because no matter what life throws at me, I choose to look at myself not as a victim, but as a survivor.

Jessi | 6:37 AM

I'm my own hero because I just don't quit. No many how many times I fail, I just keep at it.

Eunice | 6:39 AM

I'm my own hero because I went back to school. It's taken me about 4 times as long as if I had done it the first time around, but I can finally see the light at end of the tunnel. I'm so damn proud of myself!

Sandra Pree | 6:42 AM

That was so inspiring to read!

I am my own hero because I provide for my family! Since my husband doesn't work, I work my tail off for my family to continue to give them the things they need. Some days I want to throw in the towel but I can't because that means my babies won't have clothes on their backs or food in their mouths! They inspire me daily and reading your blog does the same! :)

keight dukes | 6:44 AM

i am my own hero because i put down the load of being what other people think i should and just being who i really am. terrifying and liberating.

Courtney | 6:45 AM

I am my own hero because I decided to pack up my life and move halfway across the country to pursue my dream (I am halfway through my PhD right now) and being a woman in the sciences, it's tough, but I am looking forward with positivity and have maintained my focus throughout.

SWJ + LRB | 6:54 AM

I think I am my own hero because despite my own doubts and anxieties, my life is exactly how I dreamed it would be...better even! I must be doing some ok to deserve a life this good!

Such an empowering and exciting interview! Woo!!

Deb | 6:55 AM

I am my own hero because... I was able to go after what I want and find a balance between staying home with my kids and keeping my career going. It is not easy juggling both (plus being there for my friends and family), but it is worth it!

The Allisons | 7:01 AM

I am my own hero because I found a happy balance between being wife, mommy, and myself (at least for now)!!!

El | 7:02 AM

I am my own hero because I am living my life my way and learning how to not take everything personally - which makes me much happier! I also am my own hero because I am a mom, and my one year old son makes me feel like a hero.

Sarah Yvonne | 7:10 AM

I love this movie so much!! Great interview!

I am my own hero because I've figured out who I want to be and I'm going to be that person!

Keri | 7:13 AM

Why I am my own hero? Because I do things that I want to do despite naysayers. Even if things don't work out when I try new things, I am proud of myself for trying. I will never wonder 'What if...?' because it's already been done. I don't live life with regrets-I believe that things happen for a reason and lead me to the next part of my life.

P.S. I'm soooo jealous you got to talk to DREW! I looooove her! She's my hero, too! =) I don't know her personally but she seems to be one of the most grounded people from Hollywood, especially.

Lindsay Schultz | 7:17 AM

There's already a billion comments, but here goes! I'm my own hero because I'm not standing on the sidelines anymore. That was the person I was, once. The quiet girl, shy girl, who stood in the shadows of her larger-than-life friends. Today, I'm larger than life by myself, and not just because I'm hugely pregnant! I'm going to be a mother, and I'm taking on life, my way!

Thanks for giving us this wonderful interview. Love your blog!


Anonymous | 7:19 AM

I wanted to be able to let my husband stay home to take care of our first child and we made it happen. I'm making it happen!! :-)

I am my own hero!

Unknown | 7:20 AM

I am my own hero because I am the only person I know that has plans and dreams for herself, that wants more than where I am now, both by location and career wise. I've done it all on my own, will continue to, and could not be more proud of myself for getting sucked into their negative ways of living.

jess | 7:23 AM

wonderful, fabulous interview, well done! i AM my own hero because i'm doing what i thought i could never do, being a single mom and finally becoming independently happy.

Cindy | 7:27 AM

I breastfed for two years! That to me is amazing!

Unknown | 7:28 AM

I'm my own hero because I just go after things I want. I wanted to go to college 600 miles away from anyone I knew? I did it. I wanted to study abroad in Italy, across an ocean from anyone I knew? I did it. I wanted to become a flight attendant and again move away from anyone I knew? I did it. It's been hard, and it gets harder as I get older to make new friends, but the experiences I've had have been worth it. I've proven to myself that I'm brave enough for almost anything. And that's why I'm my own hero!

Julia | 7:40 AM

How awesome that you got to have a conversation with Drew Barrymore! She has been one of my favorites for years, and I even got one of my nicknames from her in the Wedding Singer.

I am my own hero, because I keep going on. Life isn't always easy and I've been through the ringer, but I keep going on with a smile on my face. I work hard and love hard.

Meredith | 7:40 AM

I am my own hero because I get up everyday thinking this will be the best day ever and I do everything in my power to see that it is, for myself, for my husband and for my daughter.

Sarah | 7:41 AM

I always maintain my own sense of self and identity no matter where I am or what I'm doing...and its hard!

JMe | 7:44 AM

I am my own hero because i became a mom age the age of 20 and stepped up and did things i didn't know i could even do. I am now 24 and have two beautiful baby boys that make my whole life worth living.

Unknown | 7:45 AM

I will be my own hero when I leave the country and go be with the only man that I want to be with. I will be more of a hero if I can still continue breathing when it doesn't work out and I haven't given up the things that will make me survive on my own.

Leslie | 7:46 AM

Wow, it is SO cool that you got to interview Drew Barrymore!! I love her as well. I haven't seen Whip It yet, but as a fan of roller derby, Ellen Page, and Drew Barrymore, it must be all kinds of great.

I am my own hero because I try not to let myself get in my own way. I try to accept my faults (HARD!!!) and my talents, and keep my goals in sight. Also: I let myself cry, which can be so so so important.

In any case, love you and your family! Fable is just the cutest thing that ever was (and she looks more and more like Archer, I think). So happy that she just dove in and started walking. :)

Mary | 7:47 AM

I'm my own hero because I decided on a quirky career (bookbinder/book conservator), despite pressure to go into a "sensible" (aka moneymaking) position and am shipping off to grad school in England in a year in order to get my MA in book conservation.

Oh, and I just spent a few months losing 30 pounds and gaining a sense of self-respect.

aimee | 7:49 AM

woohoo! love Drew! thank you!

oddly on topic... I'm my own hero because I just joined roller derby. I have a not-yet-two-year-old and 3 days a week - after my full time job and hanging with my kid - I get to skate my ass off and knock other girls down.


Anonymous | 7:50 AM

I love Drew too! This is an awesome interview! I am my own hero because I learn by doing. Sometimes it would be easier to sit back and do nothing at all, but what will you really learn from that?

Thanks for including us.


roni | 7:51 AM

i am my own hero because i will stand up for what is right and cut through the BS. sometimes that fight takes you to your own family but i think a lot of time is wasted in made up drama. life is too short. somehow i became the glue after i realized that...

Anonymous | 7:51 AM

I love Drew too! What a great interview - well done.

I am my own hero because I learn by doing! Sometimes life would be easier if we could sit back and do nothing, but what would you learn from that?

Thanks for including us!

Anonymous | 7:51 AM

I would probably lose consciousness at the opportunity to speak with Drew! Way to go, Rebecca!

I am my own hero because of the mother I'm becoming. I'm learning to parent in a kind respectful way that was completely foreign to my own childhood. Motherhood has been the most joyful, yet humbling, experience of my life. *Love*

Christy | 8:06 AM

I'm my own hero because I like me. I'm honest, and I give, and I love, and I'm real.
I do the best I can, and I live by the Golden Rule.
I stand up for me- and more often, others.
I'd wanna be friends with me.

Unknown | 8:07 AM

I am my own hero because I spent years working toward a particular field, and then realized it wasn't what I wanted. Lots of people told me to stick it out, but I've changed course and I feel so free now. I'm doing what I want and I wasn't too scared to change my mind.

leatitia | 8:08 AM

I try to stay true to my values and beliefs every day. Sometimes it means going the harder route, but this is really the only way I can live a happy life and feel good about my choices.

P.S. Drew Barrymore?! O!M!G!!! DB + GGC 4EVA

Anonymous | 8:09 AM


Fabulous interveiw, you did a great job. I bet I'm not the only one out here who thinks Drew was lucky to talk to YOU. Yeah, she rocks, but so do you. Two really cool women chatting...that puts a smile on my face.

If I'm being honest I don't feel like my own hero at this point in my life. I have 4 kids 5 and under, and most of the time I'm drowning. Sometimes I feel like just getting up and facing another day is heroic, but I know it's not. I know I can be my own hero, I just need to get a full nights sleep and a hot meal.


Annika | 8:09 AM

I am my own hero because I gave birth on my living room floor.

Miranda | 8:13 AM

I felt heroic when I was 18 and I took a chance on love even though 3000 miles separated us. Now, 8 years later, I KNOW I'm a hero when our year old daughter looks up at me with her big brown eyes.

mosey (kim) | 8:16 AM

I got to meet Jody Foster years ago and was just as starstruck. And inspired.

I wasn't sure I could be an effective mother *and* maintain some sort of toehold in my career. I've done it although it's a struggle to maintain balance every day. I cheer on every woman who accomplishes her goal of being the best at whatever her choice is. I'm doing my best and as my mother says - I have "stick-with-it-ness". For that, I give myself a pat on the back everyday.


You guys are amazing.

Sonja | 8:20 AM

I am my own hero because I know that I can do it on my own... I am my own hero because of the way that my kids look at me and react to me... I am the kind of mother that I have always wanted to be.

Barbarian Librarian | 8:27 AM

I'm a real derby girl. I put on my skates and I'm awesome.

Rachel | 8:29 AM

I am my own hero because I recognize my own shortcomings and take steps to change them. It doesn't always work, but I try!

Lara | 8:30 AM

I am my own hero because, when faced with something I *really* want, I don't listen to the people who try to stand in my way and I fight to make it happen. I am a girl who makes it happen, I am my own hero. (when I want it badly enough, otherwise, I'm just lazy. LOL!) It's worked for me in life, and it's worked for me in love. Although, sometimes, when you finally get that thing you were striving for, you realize it wasn't all you thought it would be. But so what? Then you find a new dream and a new fight and you GO FOR IT!

I love Drew's motto because, sometimes, looking around for someone to look up to, looking for someone who gives you an example of how you want to live your life is hard. You look around and you can't find it and her idea is kinda like, "FUCK IT! You don't NEED anyone to look up to, you don't need anyone to show you how to be. YOU can be your OWN hero. You can be your own example to live up to." Be. Your. Own. Hero.

I love her.

Unknown | 8:33 AM

What an awesome opportunity, and what a great interview, sentiments, etc., etc., what they all said times a million.

I tend to agree that I like to think of myself as heroic when it comes to my kid. I never really do -- it's just what you do, you know? People who are truly heroic with that same type of mindset tend to be my heroes as well. In fact, the latest blip on my ow blog is about a guy who just up and offered his kidney. To a stranger. He insists it ain't no thing.

Be the best at whatever it is you seize. Just up and do it. Yesyesyes.

Good stuff, girl.

Amanda | 8:33 AM

Wow! I must say congrats on the interview and getting to speak to someone you admire! It must have been exhilarating.

I can't wait to get "Whip It" in our Netflix. I was sitting on the couch with my husband when a preview came on and that scene where Ellen Page is confronted by her mother about her new hobby and she says "I'm in love with this!" husband said "Aw, that's like you when you got into burlesque!" I almost cried. The feeling of finding something that you can empower yourself with AS WELL as find people you can admire is incredible. It brought me into a different era. One of confidence, goals, and yes, the notion of "being your own hero". Finally. Nothing could be more needed when you have children. While I wanted to be a hero for my son, I NEEDED to be my own hero for myself first.

Great post, much love!

Janell | 8:34 AM

I am my own hero because despite whatever chips I have stacked against me I never once think "I can't" and if ever anyone says to me that they don't think I can, I do everything I can to prove them wrong.

Melody | 8:40 AM

I'm my own hero because after years of struggling with infertility, a rough pregnancy, a break up with a partner of five years, severe post-partum depression, and open heart surgery with complications for my little girl at just four months, I'm here and happy. And so is my daughter. I'm on anti-depressants and I adore her, and she's finally healthy. And I did that. I was her advocate through all that crap. She's here (still here!) because of me, and sometimes I think I'm still here because of her.

Angela | 8:40 AM

I am my own hero because after 15 years I found the courage to leave my asshole piece of shit ex husband! I have a wonderful life now, have remarried and had a new baby! I could still be with that waste of a human if I didn't find the courage within myself.

Echo | 8:43 AM

I am my own hero because at 29 I started over heading back to school...I leapt back into more student debt but I am working towards a career I LOVE. Happiness comes to those who make it happen

Erin | 8:43 AM

I am my own hero because I believe in my own capabilities and talent.

Breezy | 8:46 AM

I almost fell in the jealous you got to talk to Drew Barrymore! She's one of my celebrity BFF's (well, not really, but you know, you have that list in your head of people you think you'd be BFF's with).

I am my own hero because I'm always trying to be me. To be a better me. To love and be honest. (and I birthed a 9+lb baby, THAT my friends is heroic!)

Katie | 8:47 AM

I am my own hero(ine) because after seven years of nonsense and bad decisions, I'm back in school and (mostly) successfully balancing being a full-time student with working full-time and keeping a happy home with my boyfriend. Not to mention that I'm steadily working my way out of a mountain of debt. I don't sleep much, but I'm happier than I've been in a long time. Also, I really want to see Whip It, congrats on the interview!

Chelsea | 8:47 AM

love this interview! Love you! Love drew!

I'm my own hero because I do things for my husband to serve him when I don't feel like it-like scratching his back at night-or making sure he has clean underwear.

Rashel Saak | 8:47 AM

I am my own hero becauseIi finally mustered the courage to walk out on an abusive relationship that lasted 7 years. 4 months later I met the man of my dreams and 9 months later I was pregnant with our now almost 2 year old daughter. My heroic act of FINALLY listening to my instincts blessed me with my beautiful future that I now get to live everyday.

Sharon | 8:47 AM

I have survived much and try not to look backwards.

Melissa | 8:53 AM

I am my own hero because I tend not to idolize others, particularly those in show business which is all about artifice. We are all just human and prone to error. I also think part of being heroic is taking responsibility for your actions/mistakes and fixing them if possible. That being said, I do admire those who are motivated and successful and not overly impressed with that success.

samantha | 8:58 AM

I'm SQUEEEEEEING all over the place because YOU got to TALK to DREW BARRYMORE!

I'd be dead too.

That was a great interview! Congrats!

I'm my own hero because I am a working full-time mom and supporting our family while my husband has been out of work for a year and a half. And I haven't run away yet! :-)

samanthajocampen at gmail

Allison the Meep | 8:58 AM

Badass!! I love how positive and sunny she is all the time.

I am my own hero because I'm starting my own small business, despite never having done anything like that before. I went to school for recording engineering and worked in that field while I lived in L.A. Now that I'm in a smaller town, I'm doing something that just makes me happy. It might not make me a ton of money, but it will make me happy and that's important. I'm learning it all as I go, and it's confusing and a little bit overwhelming when I start thinking of the big picture of it, but I'm taking it in little steps and kicking ass.

abi | 9:00 AM

great interview! I'm a huge Drew fan and it's cool to hear that she is as down to earth as I hoped she was. : )
My hero story... I started my own business 6 months after my son was born. I'm following my bliss, raising my boy and working my butt off. But I've never been happier.
Thanks for the chance, Abi

Cherish Walker-Smith | 9:07 AM

I am my own hero because in every area of my life (childbirth, motherhood, wifedom, fashion!)I research, ask for advice, listen to others......then ignore mostly everything and go with my intuition. When I go with my gut,right or wrong, I feel whole and fearless.

JennMK | 9:17 AM

I am still working on being my own hero!

-Maria- | 9:22 AM

i am my own hero becuase i choose the truth that sets me free to live and be who i was made to be!

MommyLisa | 9:23 AM

I.DIE. to borrow from Rachel Zoe.

I ADORE Drew Barrymore and another blog I read RIPPED her the other, so, so, happy to read this interview because I agree with you! What an inspiration she is in Hollywood and to women!

I am my own hero because I took on being a step-mom to two kids and make it work daily with them and their mother! Heck, I invite her and her new husband to my own daughter's birthday parties!!! Oh, and gave birth at 38 and breastfed for 22 months. I rock!

theparakeet | 9:23 AM

I am my hero because I work part-time and spend oodles of time with my kiddo - he's just 17 months. we are living in a balance that is sometimes CRAZY, but I know that so many other familes crave.

Diane | 9:24 AM

I am my own hero because I create my own happiness. I found a balance between work and kids by starting my own business when my first was born. I bring my kids to work, I get time away when I need it, and I get to keep developing my professional self and contribute financially to my family. Balance and harmony for mommy mean a lot more peace at home.

Diane | 9:25 AM

I am my own hero because I create my own happiness. I found a balance between work and kids by starting my own business when my first was born. I bring my kids to work, I get time away when I need it, and I get to keep developing my professional self and contribute financially to my family. Balance and harmony for mommy mean a lot more peace at home.

Molika P. Ashford | 9:28 AM

I'm my own hero because I refuse to give up on my ambitions no matter how hard life gets in the moment.

Birdie | 9:29 AM

Awesome interview!!

I'm my own hero because I refuse to let my circumstances dictate who I am- I try to be fearless, honest, accepting and humble. Most days I succeed :-)

I like to think of myself as the star of my own movie.

Mrs. Melberry | 9:38 AM

I am my own hero because I revel in the small things, they bring me big joy every day.

Lou Lou Belle | 9:56 AM

I can only IMAGINE how exciting this must have been! LOVE IT.

I am my own hero because somewhere between people telling me I could or couldn't be this, and could or couldn't do that, I decided to DO IT. I deciced to walk 315 miles in 21 days ( (though I never would have made it without the friends I made on the way), I decided to double major in two subjects that wouldn't get me a money making job just because I loved them both, and I've decided to put off grad school, even though the pressure is on. I'm young once, I want to go home and do things that matter to me - I want to ESL tutor at the free adult learning program, I want to sing with my choir ( and I want to go to concerts EVERY WEEKEND. and there's nothing wrong with that.

WOO. now I feel good. thanks! :)

xoxo, L.

Liz | 9:59 AM

Because some days I can make dinner for the family before I leave for work. That always makes me feel like a superhero :-)

Traci | 10:01 AM

I am my own hero because when I was in seventh grade I had a dream to one day write for a newspaper and every step in my life has been toward that goal. I have now been a reporter for four years. I set out to write and let nothing stand in my way!

Meghan Elaine | 10:05 AM

I realize that I am genuinely doing the best I can. And that makes me a good Mom.

I am my own hero.

Lindsey @ I Run in Heels | 10:09 AM

I am my own hero because I'm training for the L.A. Marathon right now to raise money for Haiti. I never, ever dreamed I could do a marathon and this past Saturday I rain 12 miles. 12 MILES!

Rachel | 10:11 AM

I am my own hero, because I am my 6 year old boy's hero.

Anonymous | 10:13 AM

I'm my own hero because I am still chasing my dreams, even when they seem far away. And sometimes I catch them.

Sarah | 10:16 AM

I am my own hero because I am able to find the humor in anything which keeps a smile on my face in life's more challenging moments. I am also rockin' this motherhood thing.

lyndsey | 10:16 AM

I'm my own hero because I know I'm not perfect and I'm not afraid to admit it!

Anonymous | 10:16 AM

I am my own hero because I've never let society's low expectations for me keep me down and prohibit me from obtaining my dreams. I am not yet where I want to be, but I've transformed from high school dropout to college graduate with a master's degree, a single mother on welfare to a proud mother of one gifted child and now a working, married mother of 2.5 children. Despite the fact that I would LOVE to be a stay at home mom, I get up to work everyday because, since my husband's work permit and lawful permanent resident application was denied, he lost his job, and we have a mortgage that needs to be paid. I continue to keep moving forward in the face of extreme hardship and refuse to take the easy way out.

Angie | 10:36 AM

I am my own hero because I fought the blackness of PPD and won.

Unknown | 10:37 AM

Kristin T from on the Mississippi (river) said: because I finally let go of a bad job (stuck in comfortable) and found a great job where I help people and make a difference. When I could only say "change is bad", a little friend (7yrs)of mine told me "change is exciting". Thanks B!

Amy | 10:40 AM

In the middle of this crappy economy, I was laid off. I was really low for a few weeks, and then? I decided I was just going to kill it. And I did. A year later I'm not only working in the best job I've ever had, but I'm making 40% more than I was at the miserable place that let me go. I'm proud of that. I feel fortunate, but I also feel proud of myself for sticking to what I know how to do (write), doing it well, and trusting myself to go out and get paid to do it. Go, me! ermsmails [at] yahoo [dot] com.

Christina | 10:48 AM

I met Drew at a Strokes concert 4 years ago. There she was in front of me at a general concession stand, waiting in line for a drink with all of us common folk. Feeling much the same as you do about her, I really literally almost died, transforming instantly from a cool and collected twentysomething into a gasping tween. She was so sweet and gracious.

sarahd | 10:53 AM

Because I am divorcing the not-good-for-me-anymore husband even though we have two kids and it just SOUNDS like the wrong thing to do. But I know it's really the right thing for me AND for them!

Jess | 10:56 AM

I am my own hero because instead of continuing to live somewhere we HATE, we're moving home, to a place we love. We have jobs and a house and a life in hated place and nothing in new loved place, but I could not be more excited. We're taking a risk and I know it will pay off!

Megan | 10:59 AM

Oh, this was so adorable!

I am my own hero because I am overcoming the illness that has tried to keep me down for over three years now!

Raia Runs Wild | 11:02 AM

I am my own hero because I follow my dreams, sometimes wild, sometimes scary, but always worth it.

"If you don't take risks, you'll have a wasted soul" - Drew Barrymore

My Bottle's Up! | 11:03 AM

i am my own hero because FINALLY after 9 years of referring to myself as a "victim" of rape, i call myself a "survivor" and have worked to become a certified advocate for other survivors of sexual assault.

ps- i would've had to borrow a diaper from my son in order to interview drew.

livelovelaugh | 11:04 AM

I'm my own hero because I loved myself enough to have 4 beautiful children. I knew the sacrifices I would have to endure to make their growing up a memorable one. We don't have money but we sure do have some great memories!

Coco | 11:06 AM

BEcause my husband is unemployed and I'm the sole breadwinner in this house AND I'm finishing my MBA next week!

birdette | 11:13 AM

I'm my own hero because I can see beauty everywhere, in everything.

eec | 11:13 AM

I am my own hero because even though I don't know exactly what I want yet,I'm not afraid to to go out there and try to figure it out. I want to experience life and not regret the life I've lived.

Amber | 11:13 AM

I am my own hero because for the first nearly four years of my adult life, I was a lost soul, wandering aimlessly down a potentially dangerous path, completely unaware that my life was under my control. In an instant, everything changed--my dad died very suddenly of a heart attack (age 51) one month before my 21st birthday--and I began to realize that somehow, I needed to realize my potential. I still haven't realized my full potential (who does? SHUT UP TAYLOR SWIFT) but all the great things in my life have happened--and I have MADE happen--since then. I am so, so proud of myself. I could easily have ended up a worthless loser, but instead, I've become a functional, successful even, creative, happy human being with a wonderful partner and a loving home with a gaggle of cats. Its just the life I would have imagined for myself. I triumphed, despite great odds.

Rebecca--I want to talk to you sometime one one one...I really think we have some similarities in our experiences. On top of being birthday twins. WHERE WILL IT END :P

Molly | 11:15 AM

I am my own hero because I survived my father's death without ignoring my grief or denying it, and I'm still standing.

jessicak | 11:16 AM

Because I have 2 kids under 5 and a husband who is not always healthy and I get stressed and cry a lot but I try to be a better mom and wife.

courtney | 11:16 AM

Both of my parents died when I was fairly young, which left me with my emotionally abusive step mother. I was able to get out of that situation, and now have been married 5 years to a wonderful man (who helped me work throught alot of the baggage from that, and continues to work with me after having 2 miscarriages last year). I know people who have gone through less, but have turned to drugs, alchohol, stripping, and other bad vices.

Gabriela | 11:19 AM

I am my own hero because I've stood up again and again and again after falling down, down, down.

Claire | 11:32 AM

I absolutely love Drew Barrymore and I love this interview! Thank you! :)

Hmm... I'm my own hero because I'm trying to be a writer and poet in a world where that's not always lucrative or appreciated. But I refuse to give up!

Leball | 11:35 AM

Congratulations Rebecca! That interview was so freakin’ awesome. I am my own hero because I am the one who has the most belief in myself that I can pursue my dreams. I am a single mommy and I love my son. That is why, although more challenging, I am determined to be a writer, to have be an awesome mom, and prove to those around me that yeah, I am the SHIT.

My life isn’t what I expected. It’s better. I’m not there career wise yet, I have fallen on my face a lot and have been rejected a lot, but I use that as fuel. I am my own hero because I breakdown, cry and get up and keep trying.

Anonymous | 11:50 AM

What a fabulous interview!

I am my own hero because despite all those people who told me I couldn't take this path, I did it anyway and became a success in my own right. I am showing my daughter that there is nothing you can't do if you set your mind to it.

Anonymous | 11:50 AM

What a fabulous interview!

I am my own hero because despite all those people who told me I couldn't take this path, I did it anyway and became a success in my own right. I am showing my daughter that there is nothing you can't do if you set your mind to it.

Emily | 11:59 AM

Thank you so much for this interview Rebecca! I love Drew and this movie really inspired me.

I'm my own hero because I'm willing to articulate my opinions and value my own point of view.

Jenny @ crashtestmommy | 12:08 PM

I am my own hero because I stopped listening to the voices that used to say "What if it doesn't work out?" or "What if you fail?". I realized that life and opportunity was passing me by while I was using fear of failure as an excuse for never trying.

Kate | 12:25 PM

I like me. My interests, my choices, my life... it's good and it makes me happy.

Great Googely Moogely | 12:48 PM

I think I'm the funniest person I know. I think it's so important to find that special person who makes you laugh so hard and I found it when I stopped looking for it in others and found it within.

Adrianne | 12:56 PM

What a lovely interview and great motto to live by:)

I guess I would say that I'm my own hero because I'm trying to be my own hero! Not quite there yet, but I'm working hard to discover my passions in life and then cultivate those. My primary goal is to constantly be learning and growing, whatever that might mean throughtout the various stages of my life.

Sarah Bregel | 1:12 PM

wow! i read your book after i unexpectedly became pregnant and it seriously helped me so much through those first few months, sort of grieving my old life and accepting it all and taking it in. my daughter was born on January 10 and we are doing great. I am my own hero because I got through a god awful pregnancy filled with nausea the ENTIRE time, the baby blues, my daughter and boyfriend still have all their limbs and i am learning as much as the baby about life everyday.

SkittleSkattle | 1:24 PM

I'm a good mom and never thought I'd be.

Melt Momma's Heart | 1:26 PM

...because I make my momma proud.

Ashley, The Accidental Olympian | 1:59 PM

I'm my own hero because when my life was shattered by the loss of my dream job I could have gone home, put my head under the covers and given up.

But instead I adapted, I moved, I started over, I found work, I continued to look for better work, I made friends, I loved, and after seeing Whip-It (I wish I was kidding this is SO corny) I went out and joined the 2009 National Roller Derby champs the Oly Rollers in Olympia, WA.

The movie gave me the last bit of energy I needed to FINALLY try derby, something I have loved from afar but didn't have the self esteem to try.

And now I have my first bout on Valentines Day, and finally after all this disappointment, sadness and regret from 2009 connected to losing my job, I finally feel like a HERO.

And just in case you think I am kidding that Whip-It inspired me to join a roller derby team,

Alyson | 2:13 PM

What a fun interview. I love Drew!

I'm my own hero because I gave up my comfortable career and life-and some say trashed my MBA--to do what I really wanted being a SAHM. It's scary and exciting to go for what you want.

Lotus Moma | 2:26 PM

I am my own hero? am I? Damn right I am! I have over come some serious crap in the last 6 years. I have gone from the depths of despair to amazing heights and back down again. I have been a single mom to having a partner and anther child. We have be been financially comfortable and now we are financially in the crapper. But no matter what and how down I am I am still mom and put dinner on the table everyday and love my kids with everything I got, even if I have struggling to love my self. I make sure they have what need and always know how much they are loved. So for that I am my own hero, because I am awesome!

Rebecca | 2:31 PM

I am my own hero because I have learned to be a great advocate for my son and I take pride in teaching other mothers who have sick kids how to speak up for their children. Every mom knows what their children need when the time comes and needs to fight to the finish to get whatever it is their child needs.

I completely fell in love with Drew Barrymore when I was somewhere near 8??? ET anyone? She sort of fell out of the spotlight for awhile and then bam, she was around again and she still looked wonderful and was amazing in every movie! You are very lucky to meet one of my most favorite Hollywood gals!

Rebecca | 2:39 PM

After 36 hours of labor with my second daughter, my homebirth midwife said to me, "Your baby is stuck. You can either go to the hospital and get morphine, or stay here and take a Benedryl, have a glass of wine, lie down and tell that baby of yours to turn." She had me with the wine, and 8 hours later Simone was born at home. Rock on!

Anonymous | 2:40 PM

I'm my own hero because when I figured out the career path I was on was making me really unhappy, I found a way to switch paths into one that makes me SO happy. It was scary and tough, but now that I'm in a new job I couldn't ask for more.

JMoog | 2:59 PM

I am my own hero because I have been let down too many times by those I held in high esteem. Obviously, I never idolized the right people in my life, but by the time I was old enough to rationalize it all I figured it best to be my own hero because I could hold myself to the strictest standards and never let myself fail to achieve.

Andi | 3:03 PM

I am my own hero because every morning when my son wakes me up at the crack of dawn and I go in there half asleep, wishing I could snooze for just twenty minutes more... HE SMILES AT ME.

Morning after morning, rain or shine every morning he sees me and HE SMILES.

And it melts my heart. And it makes me love myself so much because I brought him into the world and I am helping to shape him into who he will be and the world is a better place because of it.

I rock!

Jerri P | 3:14 PM

Drew Barrymore? Awesome!!! She's a perfect role model.
I guess I'm more my own hero the older I get. I say it like it is, and do what I want. I tell myself often that there's nothing I can't do.

Unknown | 3:21 PM


I first of all would like to thank you for writing funny, honest, and important things on your website. It's refreshing to read REAL things on your blog.

I am my own hero in a few small ways; but mostly because I have just completed my doctoral degree in physical therapy, which I still cannot believe. It was an amazing 3 year journey with wonderful people; and honestly, they are all my heroes (and showed me that it takes more than being a good student to change others' lives).

Thanks for making my study breaks fun!


mfk | 3:38 PM

That's awesome, I'm so jealous!! She sounds really nice in person :)

You know what, today I don't really feel like my own hero. I feel behind on everything and ugly and disliked and crappy. For no real reason other than someone made an uncalled-for comment, out of nowhere. And who knows, maybe Drew is right and it's the truth but the truth is hard to hear. In high school it would have bugged me all day. So I guess I am going to try to be my own hero today by picking myself up out of the "omg everyone hates me" spiral and just moving on. mooooove onnnnn.

Thanks for this post, it was just what I needed right now, and if my number happens to come up I will be PSYCHED, as I actually haven't seen the movie yet but want to!! | 3:41 PM

first of all i am the same age as Drew (we're on a first name basis- even if she doesn't know me yet!) and grew up wanting to be her best friend!! so excited for you and this interview!!
without going into the long history of my family (or lack thereof) i have surrounded myself with great friends whom i consider family, gone from an unwed, teenage mother to a very successful preschool teacher who has a degree and national childcare teacher award to prove it!! so yeah, i think i'm pretty awesome and considering where i came from? that's amazing ;) go me, go me....

Amanda S. | 4:04 PM

First of all: HELL YES GIRL!!! SO much crazy love to you! So proud of you and thrilled for the opportunity you had!! Incredible. You're incredible!!

With that said: Why am I my own hero? Oh my, oh my, oh my...

Growing up in the crazy family that I did I had some serious choices to make about who I was going to be. Was I going to go over the edge? Was I going to get carried away? Was I going to follow in the footsteps of those before me who were wrapped in despair, pill-popped, wine soaked, crook of the arm dappled with tiny blue bruises? Was my future rage, anger, filled with furious love that hurt more than it nurtured? I can tell you... there were so many times I could have said "yes" to the insanity and let it carry me downstream.

I don't know what possessed me in my teens, my early 20's, to persevere. To demand a different plot line. I think the same passion that my family of addicts directed toward their vices, was the same passion that fueled my escape. Chanting: "I am not like that, I will not be like that" through a sea of tears.

I am my own hero because I am a survivor. My future, fully, belongs to me.

Ray | 4:04 PM

OMG, Rebecca!!!! A blog interview with DREW BARRYMORE?! So freaking badass (I love Drew Barrymore as well)! Wow! I'm so happy that you got the opportunity to speak with her. How did that come about?

It's funny that you post this now because I just bought, "Whip It" last weekend (haven't finished it though). It makes me want to try roller derby. Such a kick ass sport.

But anyhow: I think it's awesome that Drew has gone from acting to producing to directing. She is a real inspiration. My dream is to become a director and have my own hit show and it's great to see another woman doing just that....directing and calling the shots! ;D

Sadie at heyMamas | 4:12 PM

Wow. That is so totally awesome. Drew Barrymore is such a great and empowering women.

Congrats on talking to her, she is the shit!!

Sadie at heyMamas

sherewin | 4:29 PM

I'm my own hero because I'm on my own and getting a Ph-effing-D!

Rachel | 5:13 PM

I am my hero because I decided to start being happier with my life (I'll move on, but I gotta keep this job until grad school), and the next day I was happier with my life. KICK ASS MANIFESTING!

Unknown | 5:19 PM

I am my own hero because I have survived.

Siobhan | 5:23 PM

Argh! I just watched that movie last night and I. Want. It. So I am taking a chance here that I may just win it!

I am my own hero because I am taking a chance on myself - after years of being told I'm not doing it right, I should do it this way, say it this way, think this way, you're too much this, not enough that...I'm taking steps where I can say, "Enough. You may not like the way I do it, but too bad for you. You don't like it, you know where the door is.". I'm finding out where I fit in in this world and I am making sure I become a kick ass woman who will not take any guff from anyone - but with as much grace as I can muster.

Finally, I am a hero to myself because I am trying to raise my children with strong values and a whole buncha gumption in a world that can be so, so hard, but where, if they look for it, they can find a whole bunch of beauty.

Anonymous | 6:55 PM

In a my dream. never thought it possible, but hey, I did it. Got degree (twice), national certification, national award, married, mom...saved the best for last!

Katiedidtoo | 7:20 PM

I finally overcame the stigma of growing up the child of teachers. I never wanted to be a teacher so I walked a road that took me what I thought was a very different direction.

I am my own hero because when I finally lifted up my head and looked around... I was teaching. And it is awesome.

Unknown | 7:29 PM

I am the only one of my friends that isn't planning on dropping out of grad school before I graduate. I will not give up or surrender. Ever!

Desiree | 7:32 PM

Whoa. This is amazing. I was just saying today how much I HEART Drew. I'm pretty much blushing just reading this!!

I am my own hero because I gave birth naturally in my own bedroom & have been breastfeeding for a year and a week today. I feel so freaking powerful.

Anonymous | 7:56 PM

I went through hell and came out the other side. I got help when I needed it. I just graduated from college and I am packing up and moving to South Korea. My two sisters are packing up and moving from Dallas, TX to Boulder, CO for college. And my mom is moving to Denver to start a new job. We are all making new beginnings for ourselves, and we are all each other's, as well as our own heroes!

And we need this movie!

jen | 8:04 PM

So jealous of your interview! I am my own hero because I am one helluva multi-tasking mama. Making time for husband, son, work, friends and maybe me if I'm lucky :)

tlr | 8:06 PM

Thank you for making me think about this heroine subject. It is so hard to remember your accomplishments amidst "life".
I am finally learning to accept/love myself and openly acknowledge that I am a wonderful woman who should be proud. I am a great mom/wife/friend/daughter/breadwinner and woman!!

Jenny from the cellblock | 8:25 PM

You are amazing! You, and Drew! Terrific interview, lady.

I am my own hero because I sank my teeth into the ankle of 2010 to drag myself out of 2009. I'm letting go of who I used to be. Trying to shake the labels, the losses, the griefs. I'm opening my heart to a new chance at love. I am becoming the mother I always knew I had in me.

In short, I am whipping it, hard, baby.

guarros | 8:46 PM

If Drew Barrymore rang me up? I would pass out. I swear it.

I am my own hero for all things little that make the bigger picture. I get to laugh a lot and honestly? That's a small thing that I admire. To be able to smile and laugh, in the face of all that challenges me - and Oh diggity do things get challenging. Having a family, working full time, balancing friends, my own interests - making it work. I feel like I should have a cape sometimes... I think I'll insist on green.

Vicki May Thorne | 9:14 PM

Wow! to Drew chatting with you (and to all these neat comments)!

I am my own hero because I work hard at a job that i'm miserable in. When they tell me I suck and that i'm not 'playing nice' enough- I remember that I do good work, that I am valuable and that I'm a rockstar. and that I deserve to work someplace that values me as much as I am valuable.

Chrissy | 10:18 PM

Drew is one of the few Hollywood women that I look up to. She's amazing! What a cool experience for you to chat with her.

I'm my own hero for overcoming great adversities, like we all do, and everyday trying to live my best life, and being thankful for my great life as a mom and wife. And recently losing 25lbs doesn't hurt! haha

Stef | 10:45 PM

Cool interview! At my best friend's house, we noticed that for whatever reason, she doesn't have any photos of friends or family hanging on the walls, but there is a huge framed poster of Drew in her enrtyway. Funny!

I am my own hero because even though I am flawed and imperfect, I am always striving to be a better person. I keep pushing myself to grow into the person I want to be, to actualize my higher self.

Unknown | 10:50 PM

I'm my own hero because I am daring to live life true to myself. I am no longer hiding.

Anonymous | 10:50 PM

I love Drew!! So amazing you got to interview her.

I'm my own hero because I'm making my way through college on academic scholarships (and keeping them!). It's a tough world in college. WAY competitive! Mostly I'm my own hero because I still have a life on top of the grades. :) Life is about fun, friends, family, love! Not just school, school, applications, clubs, school!

Virginia Mom | 10:51 PM

I am my own hero because I moved out on my own at 19 and went on to build a wonderful life and I've never looked back. I've made mistakes along the way and there are quite a few moments that I'd rather forget, but the good and the bad have brought me to where I am today.I've been married to a wonderful man for 15 years now and totally enjoy being a stay at home mom to our 3 kids. I couldn't ask for more.

Cas | 11:29 PM

I am my own hero because I got had aml...a terminal cancer..I was given 2 weeks to live...that was 11 years ago. I never once thought about not making it...I was only 17...and now I live everyday like tomorrow is not promised and if I die right now I can say I do not regret anything I have ever done.

becomingmami | 12:43 AM

I guess this makes comment 100,500 ;). I am my own hero because... when I turned 25 I decided that I was going to live every moment of my life from that point forward and not regret anything. And, so far, so lived. I decided to learn more about my background so I taught myself how to salsa, taught myself Spanish, fell in love with someone who didn't speak English, married him, moved to Mexico City, lived in abject poverty for a year, survived being attacked - twice, told everyone I'd always wanted to work with flowers and was told that couldn't happen in Mexico - so I "fell" into doing events and own my own company and work with? you guessed it - flowers, I walked the red carpet with Diego Luna, I moved my husband's entire family here - where it's safe, when I found out my husband wasn't allowed to re-enter the United States for 10 years I chose to stay with him - I love him - I'm here - even though I miss my family so much it tears my heart, I had my daughter here - alone - without any of my family .... I love fiercely, I forgive unconditionally, I honor my family, but I am my own person. For 12 years I have lived every second of my life as though it would be gone tomorrow and I hope my daughter will do the same - only start earlier ;).

K. | 1:07 AM

I started skating derby in August of 2009. I'm a single mom to a soon to be five year old- I can't afford sitters and it seemed impossible. Yet sometimes I don't know why I do things. I just do them. I think I'm a risk junkie. I wanted to feel...exciting. I had ten minutes before the last bootcamp before tryout and I banged on the door of the local skate rink which wasn't open yet and the lady held up the line of people waiting so I could borrow her personal skates- a pair a size too small but suitable for derby. I went- and despite all of it, made the league. I worked hard for four weeks and interviewed for teams, very uncertain. I'd had to bring my son to multiple practices, I'd make a camp in the warehouse space where we work out- a little rug and a sleeping bag and toys and a DVD player. No one said I couldn't- so I did- but I wasn't sure a team would want me. But one did- and they complimented me on my boho, go for it parenting style.

The first time I jammed for my team at practice...I did badly but I did it..and I looked up and my son was standing up. He said, "You did a good job jamming Mommy!" He'd been watching and listening and learning and knew how many points I'd gotten. I felt humbled by how proud he was of me. He said in the car, "I knew you wanted to be a jammer. I knew it! And you said you weren't sure you'd be good at it but look, you did it!"

I lost a lot when I found myself a single parent. I've had to build things up again- with worn out tools and a lot of doubt at times. But in there, I remembered I needed to do something that made me feel powerful and like a woman again. I wanted to be around women too- in a community.

And I'm now in mad crazy good shape and getting stronger.

I'm my own hero because I write my own narrative, I don't let anyone else write it for me. I'm telling this story and if I have a bad day...well it is just the dark before the light breaks through, before the soundtrack changes. I set my own expectations to live up to. I know I'm a good parent taking him to a practice that ends at 10PM even if that wouldn't be for every kid. For us, that works fine and I can take all the hard stares from some peers because I'm confident- that he and I will work it out together. He has to see that he joined something- a fabulous life I was leading- and that he is JOINING it, not a hiatus from it. And just as he will come to my practices late I will go to his sports or set or rehearsals or whatever it is that he needs to be who he is- I will be there too because it is something we do for each other.

It is how he sees I'm human. So he knows that I'm not just human from my flaws, but from my good parts too. That yea, I may be tired and overdone sometimes, but I will still teach him Kipling or talk about the when the sky is like lace or show him how to tie a knot, or read animal tracks in snow, or to take Fountain, not Sunset or haul yourself out and find something to wake you up when the important parts of you go dangerously numb.

and...didn't see Whip It because ya know, I couldn't get a sitter. :) It's on my netflix list but we were so glad to have that promoing the sport.

And I love my team. I love my league. I love the thorny, difficult women who do this sport. I love them love them love them.

Caitlin | 7:21 AM

I am not my own hero YET. I'm working to become it, going to school for journalism and trying to find a job that will make me feel like a rock star on fire!

I don't let people kick me around anymore -- a lesson I learned a few years ago. I stand up for myself and others. I don't take things lying down, and people know it.

Anonymous | 7:24 AM

I do not know if I can call myself a hereo but I sure do hope one day my 2 kids can. I do look up to myself for the things I have been through and come out on the other side. I did not loose it. I survived. That has to say something. I challenge myself on a daily basis to try to be the role model for my kids and be a better person in general. I always think, if someone else can do it, why can't I? I can.


Anonymous | 7:29 AM

I couldn't figure out what Drew Barrymore would want with a bore like you. But then I're selling her movie. Keep on selling! Keep on selling!

Sarah | 8:43 AM

I am my own hero because instead of wallowing in my unhappiness at work I got proactive, got career counseling and found a new passion that inspires me every day.

SweetWICK | 9:01 AM

I am myown hero because I rock and I wouldn't wanna be anybody but me!

Marcela | 9:35 AM

Drew?!?!?! Wow!

During rough times isn't it so hard to say you are your own hero? And yet, you keep trying, fighting for what you think is right, you achieve your goals. Then look back, and can't believe you ever doubted yourself.

I am my own hero because I admit to making many mistakes in my life. But can also admit that I have learned from them and continue to learn everyday.

Kendra | 9:39 AM

What a great interview. She sounds really terrific and down-to-earth. And I love what she says about not looking back. It's much better to look at how much better you're going to make the future.

Why am I my own hero? I guess I would say because I'm taking steps to be really honest with myself and the people around me, whether it's little things like "dammit, I really WANT a piece of pie" or bigger things like "wow, I don't really like being your friend." But I'm trying to be honest about what I really want, rather than acting like I want what I think I should want. It makes me a little more proud of myself, and I hope it makes me a better role model.

Caitlin | 9:39 AM

I love all the responses to this! I am my own hero because I too work in a male dominated field- technical theater. Every day I see more and more girls tentatively dipping a toe into my little pool. I am so happy to foster talent and confidence in other young women who want to do what I do. Be self sufficient, love what you do, don't take no mess. I <3 GGC!

Anonymous | 9:59 AM

I am still working on being my own hero but I'm getting there. At age 40 I finally figured out that I don't have to stay friends with women who hurt me. Why did it take me so long to figure that out? I also am a rape survivor and I have never let that define me or damage my sexual self.

So happy for you that you got to interview Drew! She's such a doll!

- Missy

beck | 10:01 AM

I am my own hero because I choose to create this life, my life, how I want it to be. This week especially has been a huge one in choosing ME! and deciding what makes me happy!

Very cool that you got to interview Drew Barrymore. She seems so down to earth and so real and so . . . what's the word . . . inspiring!

Thank you! I would love to own the movie!

Ms Moreno | 10:16 AM

I am my own hero because I didn't listen to the chatterings of other people and knew in my heart that just because I had a c-section once didnt mean I had to have one again.
I went up against alot of opposition but I had a sucessful vbac with my now 17 month old son , at home absolutely drugfree with him being at 9lbs 10 ounces!!!

SO | 10:22 AM

I am my own hero these days because I get up, work hard, come home with a dog and a four year old and have managed for two weeks running to keep the house more or less clean. I'm my own hero because I can pay the mortgage solo if I had to and because my kid is happy. These are not major accomplishments maybe, but they are amazingly heroic to me some days.

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