Gone Style Presents: The Five Minute Makeover

I'm very excited to present, along with Josie Maran and Sarah James, the first episode of Gone Style's Five Minute Makeover!

We had a lot of fun making this and hope you guys dig!

(Especially you, Missy*!)

We'll have "After pictures" of Missy's new look in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, let me know if you're in the market for some hot, makeover action. Email me at gonestylemakeover@gmail.com with your (head to toe) budget, event, and 2-3 of your favorite tastemakers. We'll pull together a look specific to your taste and flattering to your budget!

Go team!

(Keep in mind all "stylees" much purchase their own clothes. For now, anyway. Makeup to complete the look is provided by Josie Maran Cosemetics. Thanks, Josie!)

musical credit: my supremely talented, kick-ass brother, David


*Missy contacted me after reading this post, asking if she could be the first "Gone Style" makeover candidate. "Sure!" said I, and so she was.


Elizabeth, Delightfully Tacky | 2:13 PM

Cool! I love this Makeover project, how fun!

SoccerMom | 2:47 PM

Great video. Very useful.

Anna | 2:52 PM

I loved this, thank you! I am looking forward to more.

Sarah | 2:59 PM

Such fun! Love the video...thanks for posting it to share.

Missy | 3:02 PM

I absolutely love it! I'm so looking forward to the party, mostly because I know how cute I'm going to look.

Thank you so much, Rebecca, for putting this all together for me - you've really got a good eye for this. And thank you so much to Josie and Sarah for completing my look for the night.

I had so much fun with this!

Anonymous | 3:59 PM

Sarah addressed Missy's face shape, but Josie didn't address Missy's eye shape. If Missy had had more "problematic" eyes such as deep set, close set, wide set, or round eyes, that eyeshadow tip would have bombed. There was also no explanation why she chose the colors she did. To match the dress? To match Missy's eye color and skin tone? These are important factors in make-up application. Lastly, the color choices for the outfit were also not addressed. Because of my coloring, I'd look like an ass in turquoise no matter that it's THE COLOR OF 2010 or not.

Karen Chalberg | 5:03 PM

Dear Anonymous,

What's your name? I want to know because if I ever meet you I want to make sure to tell you how much of an ass you are.


Karen (I Actually Post my Name on the Internet when I state an Opinion) Chalberg

Sarah P. Henry | 5:45 PM

very cool. i wanna do it!

Heather | 6:14 PM

Very cute video. The three of you make a good team. Can't wait to see how it all comes together.

Kayla | 5:02 AM

BRAVO - that was amazing.. I loved the outfit. Once I am employed and have the $150 I will be putting my name in for the toss and hopefully I get picked. I had a baby 8 months ago and have been laid off since I was 16 weeks pregnant. What that means is that I have lived in sweats and sports bras for WAY to long..



My Bottle's Up! | 5:52 AM

just sending some quick love to say great job! i think this is such a fun project to do as a compilation together with josie and sarah.

keep up the great work! you're making so many women beautiful... and happy (which is more important in my opinion, cuz there's nothing more gorgeous than happiness.)

Anonymous | 7:04 AM

holy craaaaaaaaaap... loved the makeover but i have to ask you about the new advertising on your blog!!!! you've never had ad's on your site b/4 have you? isn't this huge?? i'm so happy for you if it is b/c this would change your's and hal's income BIG TIME, right?

Erin Deegan | 7:10 AM

So fun! Can't wait to see the afters!


Thanks, all! So glad you like!

Anon, 3:59 - will address coloring in next ep. It's hard to get everything into 5 minutes! It literally took me MANY many hours to pull this sucker together. Next time, next time.

And Anon 7:04 - I've had ads on my blog for many years now. Three? Four?

Erica | 8:14 AM

Oh god. I need like an 18 makeover (I don't know why 18 months). Seriously. Thanks for this plus, I love all of your music. I often use your slideshow soundtracks as a music guide for my work day.

Anonymous | 11:02 AM

oh okay, weird, i guess i hadn't noticed them b/4... then why all the talk about being broke? i mean, i guess you're not really coming out and saying "we're broke", but i think it's definitely been implied. i realize you may not make as much as dooce on ad's (40k per month!!!) but surely you're pulling in some serious $. i'm not meaning to come accross rude, i'm happy for you.

AVB | 1:36 PM

Bec & Five Min Makeover crew: Well done, ladies! Love the outfit, the eyes and the hair. You addressed the individual, but made it accessible enough for all of us. Can't wait to see Missy's after pics!

Elizabeth | 2:35 PM

I love it! How awesome! I'd love to see some make up and hair tips and tricks for weddings! I'm getting married this year, and have NO IDEA what I want...I'd love to see your suggestions!

trish | 3:41 PM

that is awesome!!

LOVE it.

Justine | 4:18 PM

What a wonderful collaboration, you guys! So excited to see more of these- great job!

Missey | 4:31 PM

Those boots! Where did you get those boots? I love them so


EdenSky | 5:23 PM

Hey, great job! I love this idea and I would dearly love to be a candidate, if I had any budget at all, which I don't. Speaking of budget though...She said 150$ but that all went on the outfit. Add in the 35$ makeup and whatever the cost of the haircut and it seems like blowing that budget a bit. Just in my (unasked-for)opinion the budget should be for the total look. It's a brilliant collaboration though and I think you all did great. Looking forward to the After pictures.


Hm. Well, Makeup is c/o Josie Maran so Missy didn't have to pay for makeup and hair varies wildly in cost so that would be impossible to include in the budget.

By head-to-toe budget I meant WEARABLE items like clothes and accessories. I'll make that clear next time. :)

Anonymous | 5:32 PM

Hi Girl's Gone Child! I'm new to your blog (discovered it via the Josie Maran Cosmetics blog), but wanted to compliment you on your eye makeup in this video! It's so pretty. Someday if you have the chance, you should do a tutorial of it, or even just mention what colors you used. Anyway, nice blog!

Traci Becks | 7:19 PM

I feel like this "style" stuff has really changed the direction of your blog and your image. I'm not into it. I hate to be the debbie downer and go all out and write a post but I've got to be honest. I would have considered myself a hardcore GGC reader but now, not so much. But if it's been successful for you then congrats. i just won't be reading/watching as much.

Tiffany | 7:56 PM

Makeovers are always fun times. They can be really bad or really great. It all depends on the person getting the makeover not the people looking at the person. If you like it, that's what counts and screw everybody else. Kudos to guys for doing what you do, and love the blog, keep it up!!!



I'm here to be myself. Whether that means writing my heart out about my experiences as a mother, wife, woman or having fun with makeup and music, I have never done anything here that wasn't ME.

So, yes, this blog has changed and yes, it will continue to do so, because otherwise? I would bore myself more than I already do.

So come as you are. Or not. Read what I have to write. Or not. Watch what I create or not.

At the end of the day, I'm here to please myself, to write about things I'd want to read, post videos that I'd want to watch, link to things that make me laugh, cry, have new ideas.

And that is what I will continue to do. Whether that means losing readers, gaining haters, doing makeup, running around in my bra and underwear singing "who let the dogs out!" et al.

Kaela | 9:55 PM

Totally rad! My dream is to have a consult with Carmandy (sp?) from What Not to Wear about my eyes. Not Carmandy, but pretty close... at least a little more attainable. You go girls! I really appreciate all the time you put into making this video.

Meemo | 10:53 PM

I'm a sucker for a good makeover show. And a makeover blog, even better. Can't wait to see the finished product.

Elena from Greece | 11:05 PM

I think it s great you get to write about various aspects of life (motherhood, marriage, style etc.) A woman, a person, has so many roles, it s great you address all those roles!
Keep doing it:)

Kayla | 6:15 AM

Anonymous 5:32 She does have a video showing us how she has done her make up. IT IS AMAZING....Maybe do a search on her site or on youtube.

Rebecca you are doing an amazing job. YES your site has changed but in my opinion it is now a perfect balance of being a mom, a wife, a woman, a writer...MOMS have many sides and that is what I find wrong with many mom blogs - it is ONLY about the kids. YOU keep doing what you are doing because it is perfect!


Shannon | 8:37 AM

you know that Traci is one of those moms running around in sweats all day looking like she just rolled out of bed. ;) As a mom who loves my kids, but also loves to still be a person aside from "mother" I love all of the style content. I think we tend to be totally absorbed in our kids at first, and then at some point most of us learn how to be ourselves and moms at the same time. I have made that transformation the last year or 2, so I have loved following yours as well.

Kayla | 9:19 AM

Oh No Shannon.. I am that mom in my sweats that looks like I rolled out of bed.. THAT IS WHY I LOVE GGC. It is a motivation to say "Hey Jack, you are staying in yoru crib for 5 extra minutes so I can put on some mascara and blush". My little guy is 8 months and I YEARN for the days of looking put together. As he gets a little older I will get there, in the mean time I am putting all of the ideas that Rebecca is offering and putting them in storage...Sweats all day everyday suck but that is just my reality for now.


Amanda | 10:26 AM

GGC fo' life!

I don't mean to sound like a fangirl or anything, but Rebecca has revolutionized what it means to be a mother for me. This is what keeps me coming back. Fresh perspective, her words, her style, they all combine to make one badass woman who is both a mother and HERSELF.

As far as the blog goes- I have noticed some changes since I first started reading. But nothing negative. Change is constant. Staying true to oneself throughout is admirable, and for that, Mrs. Woolf, I salute you!


Thank you. I love you guys.

Kait Evans | 12:37 PM

I just wanted to say how much I love your blog! I've been lurking for the past couple months and it is definitely a highlight for me when there is a new blog post!

That being said, I would love to "sign up" for being in a "Gone Style" episode! We might have to wait a few months considering I'm 7.5 months pregnant!

Can't wait to for more!!

L.A. Stylist Mom | 1:44 PM

I vote bra, underwear and 'Who Let The Dogs Out.'

Therese | 2:47 PM

I have been staggering around in a sleep-deprived, baby-bliss haze for too long now! I LOVE your eye GGC, and I love the quick tutorials. I only discovered you (and blogging in general, where have I been?) a month or so ago, but I am becoming a regular skulker and I am loving it!!
I heart those boots. Must get new boots.

Josie Maran | 4:45 PM

Rebecca -

I love what you do and the way you do it. I love you stand on writing what you want and doing it the way you want. You are inspirational and cool and awesome and funky and badass and all that and a bag of chips. Thank you for including JMC in your style selections.


And also, I often find that when people start to complain - it means you're doing something right!!

k5brown | 7:34 PM

I'm finding a renewed energy since coming across your blog! You've even inspired me to start my own and I'm really enjoying it. Thanks so much!

Makeover...man, I need help. Since having a baby 9 months ago, I've blown my hair dry, maybe, 3 times and makeup, well liquid eyeshadow is about as far as I get. I've got to figure this out!

Anonymous | 8:14 PM

Your writing is not boring. This "Gone Style" thing is. If I wanted make up tips I would check out something else. Please go back to more of your amazingly talented writing. It's the best. Always honest and incredibly touching.
I'm all for variety but when I log on and see one of these I can't help but feel a little disappointed that there is not a page of words staring back at me. I just wanted to say I love your writing and music but these fashion and style tips feel out of place.

Anonymous | 10:21 PM

Rebecca, how do we get in touch with you personally?


Hey, Anon 10:21 - You can email me directly by clicking in the above "contact me" box, below my book cover.

My Bottle's Up! | 7:16 AM

rebecca- this is your space. anonymous commenters who are telling you about their personal disappointment should do one of two things... either grow a pair and not post a comment anonymously, or close their browser and go elsewhere.

do your thang.

Leball | 10:32 AM

I swear I commented here the other day, but anyway, This post rocked!!!! It was so great and I love all the makeup tips and clothes stuff! I want to be next! Lol, but I would need somewhere to go.

Wow, and what is with all the haters!? Sheesh, love your blog Rebecca! Creative, inspiring, candid, articulate! Keep doing your thing!

k5brown | 1:00 PM

I want those boots!! Where can I find them?

Anonymous | 4:48 PM

hi! long time reader, first time poster.i had your book with me in the hospital this week after a (minor) bike-riding accident. note to car drivers; please LOOK before you open your door, or one day you willend up knocking a cyclist over and into traffic!
anyway i adore your book, and your writing style and your fearlessness, and just everything. i'm 23 now, and e more i read the more i realise i can do anything i want in life, whether it's love or creative aspirations.
trouble is, i'm australian, and i'm clearly a techno-idiot. what's a google reader? how exactly do i bypass babble.com.au and find your other blog??

thanks again for writing such a beautiful book.
-steph in melbourne, in love with your life

Traci Becks | 8:10 PM

I was simply giving feedback. I wasn't trying to be mean or critical. I applaud the success of Rebecca's writing! And after reading her response I respect and like her even more and see where her new Gone Style posts are coming from.
Just because I have an opinion that is different from yours doesn't mean I am wrong or that I am a frumpy mother who sits around in my sweats all day. But if I do happen to never get out of them it is because I am too busy tending to my child. We all have those days. And Rebecca would be the first one to detail them on this blog. If you appreciate her then one of the major reasons has to be because of her honesty. Give me a break and let me give her some of mine. Hopefully she values the feedback of a loyal reader good or bad.

JessicaLee | 9:07 PM


I also am from Australia and connot work out how to view babble.com.




To all my lovely Australia peeps:

Add this address:


... to your google reader in your gmail account. It will come up as RSS and you will be able to read in your email! You won't be able to comment but at least you'll get to read!

If that doesn't work, try clicking on this:



Oh! And re: the shoes (looking at you, K5) there's one pair of 8.5 left:


Katrina | 1:15 PM

I loved the makeover - great job ladies, keep 'em coming!

I'd love to see a list of links for recommended products - clothes, accessories, makeup, and hair products - in the future so we can all go check them out if we're interested.

Marie | 1:23 PM

Hi Rebecca,
Quick question -- where did you find the picture (& who is it?) at 4:30 of the video? I've been trying to describe exactly this hairstyle to hairdressers for two years now (usually unsuccessfully) & am totally excited about the prospect of having an image to show them instead!!!
Thanks so much!

Anonymous | 11:31 AM

How FUN! And COOL! And nice of you all to do that for Missy! LOVED all your suggestions -- is she going to share 'after' photos???