Gone Style: Plum Psyched + Military + Fin

Drooling Closet: Plum Psyched*!
(*for you Vogue enthusiasts)

Fable wears:
Blouse: Janie & Jack
Pants: Misha Lulu
Barrette : Flicka boutique
Shoes: See Kai Run


Gone (Military) Style:

I had a few inquiries re: my military jacket in last week's bang/fringe tutorial. So I wore it this week. Several times, actually.

Jacket: BB Dakota
(I'm not a fan of the way its styled on the website AT ALL. Yeesh.)
Belt: Target
Jeans: J Brand
Boots: Nicole
Tee: Fluxus
Chain Necklace: Louise Manna
(a gift from Hal who has great taste/works with stylists all day who have great taste.)



Featured Style:

(Especially in love with the belted-jumpsuit. Oooh la lady.)

click here for bigger pic. Click here for shades.

The End

So. This is my last week posting "Gone Style" ... Tis been all sorts of fun but I'm beginning to feel a bit odd posting pictures of myself striking various poses every week and I'm pretty sure I've exhausted all the hair and makeup tutorials I have to offer.

I'll be happy to take tutorial requests in the future and may create a separate "fashion" section when I redesign GGC (a goal of mine these next few months) complete with "Gone Style" web series where I get to play stylist (a secret dream of mine since always) to those of you looking for a chic ensemble for a special occasion on a limited budget. (Would that be of interest to anyone? Show of hands?)

Regardless, hopefully some of you picked up a few makeup/hair/style tricks these last two months. Thanks for being positive and not making fun of me (too much) to my face.

It's been real.



Amanda | 5:09 PM

I loved your style posts. Please don't stop.

zack & penny | 5:13 PM

ummm, hi. yes, i need help creating a chic ensemble for any occasion. i'd even do a "girl goes to grocery store" ensemble at this point. just feeling like my style needs a little ooomph-ing.

bluejeanamy | 5:42 PM

aw, it's over?? boo!

i'm definitely raising my hand for you to play stylist when people have specific questions! and i lurve your videos so - i will bug you to post more of them! and - i have a lil girl due in a few weeks and love fable's clothes so i'll bug you about that, too.

the end.

KC | 6:03 PM

I would love some help style wise. Great idea. You could have people tell you a situation and/or have them email you pictures of a few clothing items or outfits and you could give ideas and improvements. I would jump at the chance for some advice on accessories ideas and outfit input.

Anonymous | 6:04 PM

I hope you keep doing them. You are a stylista and should share your knowledge with us.


[hand in the air]

sierra | 6:13 PM

yes, please do a play stylist series! fun, fun, fun,

Christine | 6:15 PM

I agree, I have a dress that I need your help with!

Classy Fab Sarah | 6:17 PM

I would love love to see more style posts - you have amazing taste!!

mfk | 6:20 PM

yes! I live in Los Angeles and need styling! will totally be your styl-ee!

also I enjoyed the Vogue shoutout... a guy friend of mine last night was drunkenly rambling about "who's that old lady who's really into fashion" and I was all "Grace Coddington? Anna Wintour??" nope, it was Joan Rivers. ha.

AVB | 6:33 PM

I have those shoes. Am wearing them tonight (and um, always, really). Consider this comment my "show of hand."

Sarah | 6:41 PM

I *have* learned a thing or two in the past couple of months. (I've made up with my liquid eyeliner!) So, for that, thanks.

Your pictures and videos reinvigorated my style-side. I'm branching out, trying on anything and everything.

After years - decades, even - of following the Banana Republic/J. Crew line, which worked for me and my job, I'm bored.

I'm going attempt a huge change - becoming a professional photographer - after years of working in engineering offices. Spending a little time changing my look to match that vision (dream?) helps.

Too much information? Maybe. Sorry about that.

For the inspiration, thanks so much. Count me among those who'd love to see your style features in the future - but only as long as you enjoy doing them. All the best to you (and your family)! -S

Unknown | 6:45 PM

I have really enjoyed your style posts. Don't feel weird about it at all!

CrystalC2B | 6:59 PM

Rebecca, ME ME ME!

I'm going back to work in 3 short months and I want to fit in more with my hair stylists! Casual business w/o suits... ???

Anonymous | 7:13 PM

I would love to keep seeing more style posts in the future, especially more budget friendly pieces. I adore your style, but your (beautiful) items run a little rich for my blood. I know you post some items that are lower end (belts from Target, etc.) but your denim and jackets and shoes are all a little pricey.

Marie | 7:23 PM

Aww! I love the style posts! Keep it up, amiga!

Miss Niwanda | 7:52 PM

Is it sad that my favorite part of this is the Ikea playmat as background?

Spokeit | 7:56 PM

Oh no! I love the style posts! Have you ever looked at www.leblogdebetty.com? She reminds me so much of you! In a good way :)- I definitely raise my hand for more tutorials- the only time I've gotten compliments on my eye makeup was when I applied it the way you showed me!

Anonymous | 8:06 PM

Consider my hand raised. I have no means of enhancing my personal style right now BUT am totally working on restyling my entire home and using the photos of your bedroom as inspiration. I would love both personal and home style posts.

Ray | 8:23 PM

I'd love to see a, "Gone Style" web series. That would be so cool. ;D I think that, "ring leader" jacket (that's what I call it anyhow) looks great on you. I also love that, "Fable Rd" frame you have there in the first two photo with Fable. So cute. ;o)

lonek8 | 8:51 PM

ditto what everyone else said - love your style, love the pics, hate to see it stop! but of course, I totally understand being burnt out on posting your self everyweek!

If you do a fashion section redesign I will totally check in - and I hope to have a special occassion to ask for your stylista help on someday, although at the moment the most dressed up I get is for Target. Whoop whoop, the exciting lfe of a mom of three!

Pawpaw | 9:13 PM

Ooh gone style web series sounds great. Hands up from me for that one! Also, I'd love to get more insight on the outfit planning you've mentioned before. I have resolved to get my wardrobe in order this year and cull what I don't wear so I think looking at someone else's wardrobe planning would be awesome!

KH | 9:27 PM

We will miss this! You look GREAT!


Thanks, all! I'm excited that you're excited about a potential web series! I'm going to work on trying to put something together. Stay tuned! And thank you so much for the support.

Also, Spokeit - checked out the blog you mentioned and I LOVE IT! Love her style! Thanks for the rec!

Meemo | 2:12 AM

Tutorials would be great. Anything that you do style wise would be great. It's fun to see what the cool chicks in LA are wearing.

Tracy | 4:15 AM

Just in case you needed more prodding, I'm also raising my hand!!

Anonymous | 5:52 AM

NO!! I LOVE the style posts!

More, Please??

SBS | 6:00 AM

Show of hands? Am I allowed to put up more than one or two? Yes! Yes! Because for those "going to alumni reunion/will see ex boyfriends" events I could really, really use your help!

Hilary | 6:48 AM

I will miss Gone Style! Bummer, but understood. Please don't cancel Track Tuesdays, though b/c they are a highlight of my every week!

Chicago Mom (Heather) | 8:02 AM

I love the style posts too! You inspired me to add my own to my little blog!

Ashley Parker, 2008 Class Reporter | 10:11 AM

oh noes! I love Gone Style. Definitely think a Gone Style section would be fabulous. I lean a little more towards the classic/less trendy look that you have but definitely love your ensembles & the ideas it has sparked for me in regards to thinking up creative outfits. Also, Fable is the most fab baby, ever. :)

Anonymous | 10:29 AM

don't stop! i love your style posts.. a separate section would be fantastic! :)

Barb | 10:48 AM

*raises hand enthusiastically*

Hannah | 11:34 AM

Yes PLEASE!! Love your style (though you won't catch me in a jumpsuit...)

My Bottle's Up! | 11:52 AM

i love your style posts... but i can see why you feel odd posting pics of yourself vogue-ing. ummm, how about accessories??? jewlery, belts, scarves, hats, etc.... you can toss those on furniture and still get your style across without you having to be in it. ps- i really just love accessories. :)

pps- good luck with blog redesign. mine is still a work in progress.

Anonymous | 1:12 PM

Yes! A style section would be AWESOME. Because you are AWESOME. And have great style. :)

sara. no h. | 1:51 PM

eye make-up tutorial. your liner could not be finer.

Molly | 2:21 PM

I usually go home from college and beg my 15 year old sister to do my bangs. Pathetic? Why yes. But I actually used your tips this week and cut my own bangs!! Ok the little sister fixed it up a little but I did most of it on my own!!!!

Also, style help? YES. Seriously. Can you wait until I get skinnier?

Anonymous | 4:13 PM

I hope these labels are paying you for such shameless promotion.


Just featuring things I love, Anon. Just featuring things I love.

And Sara Lou - have you seen this:


Or were you looking for something specific?

Nicole | 5:49 PM

My hand is raised; web series with style tips = awesome. Loved the gone style posts while they lasted!

Unknown | 6:06 PM

I've been crummy about commenting, but I've been loving the style posts! I'll miss them surely, but looking forward to the web series. My husband and I are FINALLY going out on a night time date to see Andrew Bird at USC in late February. I mean, my baby will be over a year old by then so it's pretty nuts that it's taken us this long to make a date night (technically we had one in June but we had a miserable time so I stopped counting it). I could use a little help busting something out for this insanely rare occasion. I'm just sayin'...

Beth | 6:27 PM

Hand raised.

L.A. Stylist Mom | 10:09 PM

Great idea!

GingerB | 10:11 PM

I will read whatever you write, but the style is lost on me because I am so far gone, so very far gone. I don't think even you can help me, with all your fabulousness. But I love to see what your daughter is wearing, and I'd love to know how you keep her so CLEAN!

adhocmom | 7:16 AM

very brave jacket choice. .

Jennifer | 7:28 AM

LOVE that military jacket! Thanks for the info.

The Undomestic Mom | 9:09 AM

Love your style! And your blog! Im a new follower :)

The818 | 10:03 AM

This is my first visit to your blog, but I love that jacket - I guess I'll be wandering off to check out your archives!

i'm B. | 10:08 AM

you look great! i love this outfit. and i echo the akward posing sentiments. it's seriously taken me like, a year of posting outfits to not feel like a complete tool-box when i pose. but i've gotten used to it, i guess. sometimes i make the mistake of comparing myself to other "real" fahion bloggers...no bueno. i have to remind myself that someone out there relates to my style and maybe i can inspire other moms to branch out of their yoga pants every once in a while (as i sit here in sweats). all that blabble to say: i think we'd all love it if you kept up the occasional outfit post! but no pressure.

oh, love the plum sykes reference!

Cacey | 10:39 AM

I would LOVE to have you play stylist with my wardrobe/hair/etc!

Andie East | 5:16 PM

I always follow and never comment since I'm in google reader but I LOVE GGS! I think it's great. I'd love for you to style me. Does this mean you're coming to visit me in Oaktown?

Probably not. I can dream can't I?


alliehallmarr | 7:08 PM

This probably isn't the best post to post a comment of the following type on, but I wanted to make sure you got it:

Your blog has been such an inspiration to me throughout my pregnancy. When I first found out we were expecting I was scared shitless, so worried about EVERYTHING. I remember the day I found your blog. I spent so much time pouring over story after story of your pregnancies with both Archer and Fable and found peace of mind in your complete honesty and humor. "Hey! I'm not alone...I think I can do this!" I thought.

Now we have reached the end of this pregnancy (my due date is today!!) and the day I first found your blog seems like years ago. I just wanted to thank you for diligently writing down so many wonderful and honest details about your life as a mom. You have been a true inspiration for me from the very, very beginning and throughout this pregnancy and will continue to be as I venture into the scary world of being a new momma.

Anonymous | 9:26 PM

Hand up. I loved the eye makeup tutorials. I'm make-upedly challenged, and they both worked for me.

mommaruthsays | 8:45 AM

I love the GGC gone-style section :( I'm sad to see it go...

Just the other night (as I was sitting in the bathroom) I thought, I'll cut my hair a la GGC and so I DID! Totally spontaneous and random, but your gone-style section inspired me and I thought 'she made it look so easy' - so I gave myself bangs! I'm definitely raising my hand in favor of keeping this section around for good!

sara. no h. | 2:52 PM

Thanks a million! I rocked the sneaky liquid liner today and it's brill!

mommymae | 8:04 PM

hand up over here. i love this series & still hope to get some shopping done in l.a.

BonJoey | 6:01 PM

sorry I'm late on the comment here! I think you have FABULOUS unique style and I'm quite saddened that you're stopping your gonestyle posts - please do continue with them in the future by way of whatever outlet you have in mind!!! I think most of your readers love seeing that side of you!

Missey | 7:51 PM

LOVE budget style! Do it!

I have a very off topic question- what was the nail color you were wearing in the germ episode on momverstation? I caught a glimpse of it and rewound three times trying to catch the color! Thanks!