Five Frames: Archer

"I want to do it myself!" he cries.

(but sometimes you need a lift.)

"I want to be alone!"

(You are never alone.)



Sarah @ | 10:28 AM

I love the last part the most =)

Lauren Knight | 10:46 AM

He looks like "The Little Prince" in the alone picture. I love it!

Love your blog, by the way. Amazing.

Unknown | 10:47 AM

I LOVE these! The second-to-last shot is my absolute fave, but they tell a wonderful story.

Courtney Perry | 10:52 AM

I love it. Absolutely beautiful!

toyfoto | 10:56 AM

Brilliant. Again.

My Bottle's Up! | 10:56 AM


Jamie | 10:57 AM

beautiful, as your photos always are. happy de-lurking day!

Tracey | 11:02 AM


BubbleTeaResa | 11:05 AM

He really does look like The Little Prince! I love that shot by the way.

MommyLisa | 11:13 AM

I love those...

Shnerfle | 11:25 AM


Indigo Children | 11:26 AM

beautiful...this post brought a tear -- especially the last frame.

Happy de-lurking day :)

Suzanne | 12:59 PM

Love this. Poetic and beautiful.

Ray | 2:08 PM

Beautiful photos! This entry reminds me of the, "Ferris Wheel Entry." Looks like Archer's really trying to gain his independence. It's cute. =o)

Chantelle {fat mum slim} | 2:18 PM

Awwww..... ♥

Tricia | 3:45 PM


Sy | 7:25 PM

that is greeting card worthy!!

signorina g. | 4:32 AM

the little prince picture of archer is my all time favorite.

p.s. I've been listening to a lot of yann tiersen as I write my college application, thank you for the inspiration.


ZDub | 7:26 AM

Just perfect.

Jack Steiner | 2:50 PM

Love the pictures, the contrast is great. It really makes me want to get up and leave this desk I am sitting behind.

Sarcastica | 7:47 PM

This whole post is just great :)

spicylikeginger | 2:47 PM

Photoetry is my new favorite genre! :)