what I did on my blogcation: in pictures

Thanks for bearing with me (and my old posts) these last few weeks. I gave myself a much needed vacation from blogging and all similar work-type things and it felt amazing. Here are some of my favorite moments caught on jpeg.

with my pregnant cousin, Erica and brother, David - Christmas

Hal and Fable in her Christmas best.

Archer bowls for the first time. Gets two spares.

playing chess on my mom's old chess board

"how big is Fable?" "Soooooo big!"

Archer helps my mom bake cookies

Gingerbread house, Christmas Eve

with my siblings, Torrey Pines beach

playing with friends, Carlsbad

Archer's first remote control car

walk along hwy 101, Sunset

surfers stretching at dusk, Swamis

Fable and my hand print circa '92, my parents' driveway

the last sunset of 2009, Moonlight Beach

lunch in Nana's garden

Fable and Archer watch the fountain, New Year's Day



eskimojo | 7:18 PM

That gingerbread house is incredible!

I love the shot of your mama and Archer on the rocks =)

Maria Melee | 8:02 PM

I can't believe how much your kids look alike. They have such magical, sweet faces. You guys are pretty awesome.

Shoshanah | 8:17 PM

I am in awe of that gingerbread house. And now have a ridiculous craving for dessert!

Brooke - Little Miss Moi | 8:20 PM

Great photos rebecca. Looks like you all had a marvelous time over the holidays. Happy NY!

Unknown | 8:24 PM

Okay, seriously, your mom is drop dead GORGEOUS!

peta | 8:25 PM

what awesome photos, I love the one of archer and the tiny man on the beach so much. happy 2010!!

motherbumper | 8:27 PM

All these photos are beautiful but I especially love the last one, Archer looks so protective of Fable. Happy New Year.

toyfoto | 8:56 PM

The light in your blogcation looks devine ... and restful.

Leila Gates-Wai | 9:57 PM

What a beautiful family you have! Lovely pictures!

Babe in Babeland | 10:20 PM

These photos are GORGEOUS!!! You've got a great eye for everything. Really just beautiful beautiful beautiful!!

Happy New Year to you! It's been wonderful reading your blog--you give me inspiration. Look forward to reading more throughout the New Year.

Anonymous | 12:27 AM

Your photos are so beautiful, they made me tear up a little. Keep doing what you do best, I love reading your blog.

Annemarie | 2:41 AM

so beautiful reading your blog!
you & your family rock!

Carolyn | 4:07 AM

You have such a beautiful family! Thank you for sharing with us all the moments that were difficult, that were painful, that were sometime ugly, because it's that much more touching and that much more real to see all the joys and beauties in your life.

Anonymous | 4:25 AM

Stunning! And as always, your tots are beautiful.

Kerry | 5:41 AM

Great times, Great photos.

I'm way up here in Nova Scotia, Canada. We just had 35 cm of the white stuff. It's really strange to look at phots of Christmas time and see no snow. Has Archer seen any snow yet? I'd love to send some snow his way, I think he'd love it!

Marie-Ève | 6:22 AM

Happy New Year! All these beach pictures... Absolutely dreamy (especially for a Canadian stuck in the frigid cold).

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 6:52 AM

I wanted to say magical, too, before I read Maria's comment so I will STILL say it. :)


leaner | 8:07 AM

Beautiful pictures. Really.

adhocmom | 8:39 AM

Totally impressive gingerbread house. Our cat licked ours. . not so appetizing.

Jaelithe | 9:09 AM

Lovely photos. Isaac and Archer have THE SAME HAIR CUT right now. Like, exactly. Freaky. (I call it the Sorta-Spock cut. Like, a punked-out modified bowl. Seems to be in right now. Heh.) Anyway it is reminding me again how much our sons resemble one another (hair color aside), which always makes me want to hug Archer through the screen.

Unknown | 9:53 AM

I kept changing which shot was my favorite as I looked through them. Wonderful memories; wonderful shots.

Erin | 10:53 AM

Aw...you make me miss San Diego. Looks like it was a lovely vacation. Welcome back.

MommyLisa | 11:31 AM

BEAUTIFUL. And that gingerbread house? Nom. Nom. Nom.

The 2009 in the sand was truly awesome though...

Karen Chatters | 11:45 AM

I LOVE Nana's garden! How fabulous, I'd be out there all the time.

I so envy you and your California living and outdoor options. JEALOUS!

geminjen | 3:30 PM

Your photos take me back to my favorite places in Encinitas! I went to high school there. It is still my favorite part of all San Diego/ North County!

Anonymous | 5:00 PM

Your mom is beautiful. I'm glad she decided to embrace her grey.

holly | 5:35 PM

Love seeing photos of my old stomping ground. I lived in Leucadia before I move to Australia 9 years ago.
Happy New Year!

Shnerfle | 11:13 AM

I love the one of Fable laughing in Hal's arms. And the sunset one. And the one of Archer making cookies in his jammies, and... oh crap. I love all of them. Happy New Year!

Rebecca Faulkner | 11:24 AM

-I've said it before, and here it is again: your mom is a total silver fox! rawr!!

-LOVE the composition of the pic of Hal and Archer bowling. What a framer!

-Nana's garden is gorgeous! Can I come over for mimosas??

Chelsea Perkins | 2:19 PM

I just moved from north county san diego to columbus, ohio 7 months ago. All your pictures are making me miss home...

Christi | 12:01 PM

stunning photos. we haven't been to torrey pines in ages. i think we need to pay it a visit!

Ray | 8:12 PM

I love this, "Moonlight Beach" that you go to. And I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your Nana's garden!! So beautiful! ;D Wish that was my backyard. Anyhow: great photos as always and looks like you had a great "blogcation" with the family. ;o)

Sarah | 8:54 AM

your pregnant cousin looks smashingly beautiful!