Hairless Friday

...I googled and found that hair loss is a common side effect in hormonal birth controls, specifically Mirena. Before the device was installed my hair was CRAZY thick - the kind of thick I had to have thinned when I went in for haircuts! Now? It's barely styleable. In fact, over the last six months, people have asked me about "my new layers!" when, nope! No haircut! Just au natural thinning.

Except it's not natural. Not at all.

My hair (and air-drying nursing bra, very nice) in December 08, the month before my Mirena was installed:

Here I'd thought I was stressed out and didn't know it! Nope. I was perfectly stress-free and yet? My hair was falling out in clumps, clogging the shower drain like an infomercial demo. NOT IDEAL.