Gone Style: New Year + Date Night + Snip, Snip

hope everyone is having a happy, healthy New Year thus far!

Drooling Closet:
Celebrating the New Year in Nana's Garden

Fable wears...
Coat: Widgeon
skirt: Misha Lulu
tights: Janie & Jack
shoes: See Kai Run

(all birthday/Christmas gifts from Gooey who spoils rotten)

Gone Style:
Dinner Date

Say hello to my parents' kitchen! (Sorry about the lack of scenic backdrop.)

Tank: Target
Mustard (is my favorite color) Skirt: Anthropologie
Blazer: Tea/f
Assorted Jewelry: gifts/borrowed

Tights: Target
Riding Boots: Ferragamo (vintage)
Husband: met him through a friend, actually.


Gone Hair(style)
Trim your bangs!

Trimming bangs can range from tricky to disastrous. I wanted to do a tutorial video but it's near impossible to film oneself whilst cutting one's own hair because one needs a mirror and a sink (as not to make a disgusting mess and/or accidentally poke an eye out)... SO! Instead? I did a photo montage.

Hopefully it makes a quarter-ounce of sense.

1. Straighten and Dry

Make sure your bangs are dry (the worst thing you can do for a bang trim is cut wet hair. Your bangs will end up FAR shorter than anticipated and you will look silly. Like a not-nearly-as-charming version of Audrey Tautou circa Amelie.

You'll also want to straighten your bangs with a flat iron so that they hang over your eyes like so:

who turned out the light? I can't see!

2. Divide and Conquer!

Divide the center part of your bangs with two fingers, leaving the sides alone (for now):

crossing-eyes is IMPERATIVE to successful bang-trims.

Pull bangs down as hard as you can, pull up slightly and with a steady hand, snip straight across at the bridge of your nose. (If your bangs aren't long enough to pull over the bridge of your nose then your bangs probably don't need a trim. Not yet, anyway.)

Once you've snipped the excess, carefully trim the straggler-hairs, but ONLY in the middle. Keep the sides of your bangs alone. For now.

3. Shape your Sides

Once you have your length established, trimming the sides is actually quite easy.

(this picture should show me with my hair back in a pony-tail. Please pretend that's what I did.)

Follow the curve of your eyebrow with your scissors. Be sure to trim downward until you reach the edge of your ear. DON'T FORGET TO USE YOUR EYEBROWS AS A MAP! Bangs (at their shortest) should hit slightly above the brow. Otherwise you run the risk looking five-years-old.

using brows as a map

...Same goes for the other side. Feel free to trim any errant hairs and GO SLOW. Very slow... until you're satisfied with a (somewhat!?) symmetric, curved-at-the-eyebrows, bang.

(Ed: your bangs may be of the straight-across variety. If that's so, just follow the length you have established all the way to the end tiny piece by tiny piece to be sure you're staying level.)

4. Smile!

Congratulations! You can see again! Go look at pretty things and have wondrous adventures!

(And/or if you have any questions, please ask!)


Featured Style:

...who has perfect bangs, btw.

chubby scarf + knotty bun + sweet polka-dot tights = peachy keen adorable.



leel | 10:42 AM

sweet styling. if my head wasnt such a rats nest of curly cowlicks i would so give myself some bangs. sigh... yours look fantastic! love the how-to!

Rebecca Faulkner | 11:11 AM

Oh dear. I just attempted the instructions and now have 5 year old bangs. I cut too short in the middle! Luckily, I have experience in hiding too short bangs...twist them and clip them back so you have a mini side poof...it's very retro looking.


Oh no! Well - they'll grow... I do the side-poof just for fun now and then.

Remember! Pull bangs down as far as you can and snip at the bridge of your nose. They should bounce back just above the eyebrow!

Rebecca Faulkner | 11:20 AM

Sigh. I'm not very good at following instructions. I think if I had, they would have turned out smashingly.


I suck at directions, too. Which is why I've come up with my own methods. Ha! I was a little nervous posting this tutorial - it's a very hard thing to show, I now realize!

Mammy P | 12:06 PM

AGH! You said 'snip snip' and I thought I was going to open a post about Hal and... well, he has no hair, right?

Jaimie | 12:06 PM

Oh man, I love these types of bangs, but I keep getting too scared. I love those polka dot tights in the last picture! AND your mustard skirt. I tried to wear something similar to that and my BF told me that I looked old.. sigh, lame.

Chelsi Archibald | 12:17 PM

Wow. You just saved my life. I'm totally trying it. I've hacked my bangs before and had to get them fixed slightly. So I'm hoping this guide will help. Thanks!

Anonymous | 12:26 PM

Great bang-cutting guide! I've totally done the wet-bang trim before...I just pretended I was going for that pixie-ish, rockabilly look until they grew out...even tho' it wasn't my style in any way, shape or form! Nothing like a bang trim to make you feel like a new woman! :)

Andygirl | 12:27 PM

That outfit is perfection! SO cute and LOVE love love the mustardish yellow skirt! :)

I love Fables tiny shoes. I couldn't wear baby shoes at that age because my feet were too big, My parents finally put me in mocassins because they were stretchy. I only hope my future child can wear tiny baby shoes.

Andygirl | 12:29 PM

OH and I forgot to say that I thought the tutorial was very understandable. I can't wait to try it. I usually twist my bangs first and then cut. I'm sure your method is much better.

Anonymous | 12:39 PM

Love the dinner date outfit! And anything mustard colored.

Desiree | 12:54 PM

Totally loving the bangs & TOTALLY amazed at the grown up little miss! Fable is practically a lady ^_^

alexclark | 2:11 PM

How about style listings for the men? I'd love to know what/who your boys are wearing! You are all such a classy, well-dressed family and I'm sure we'd all love to know what's on those handsome guys you've got!

eskimojo | 2:45 PM

Hearing you kooky Americans say bangs makes me laugh - we call it a fringe in Australia!

My tip is to invest in some proper scissors designed for cutting hair - the kids' craft scissors are too blunt and will make things scraggly.

tracey.becker1@gmail.com | 8:09 PM

Love the outfit! Very cute.

I haven't had bangs in YEARS. My forehead is practically non-existant (truly. It's about 1.5 inches high) so bangs have to start halfway back my head to look proper.

Jennifer | 8:13 PM

I love the jacket you're wearing in the bang-cutting pics. Where is that from?

saksham | 1:10 AM

I never cut my hair by self but want to try now and your tips will be useful for me :) thanks for sharing..

alice | 4:47 AM

What kind of scissors do you use for your bang trims?

Geezees Custom Canvas Art | 6:14 AM

Love your style...and your bangs!

Anonymous | 8:16 AM

fable really is the cutest baby i've ever seen!

SoMo | 8:56 AM

I have done so horrible things to my bangs before. So bad sometimes I think the stylist had to leave for a minute to either laugh their ass off or weep at how they were going to fix it.

Your directions were perfect, although I skipped the flat iron part. I am going to try it on my 7.5 yr old daughter, too. This is going to save us too many trips to the salon. Well, I take my daughter to Wondercuts, but I think they are best suited for boys.

I do have a couple of questions: How long do you go between haircuts? And how do you style your hair to look full and healthy? I have long hair again and all I have been doing to it is straightening. I don't have curly hair, more like wavy fizzy. I think all the heat is drying my hair out. Thanks.

Ray | 11:20 AM

Love your dinner date outfit. So cute. ;o) I love the high-waisted skirt look with all the necklaces. Great bang tutorial. You're very good at multi-tasking: trimming your bangs and taking photos. You kick ass, "MISS Girl's Gone Child." ^o^

Bernadette | 1:02 PM

Oh my, yes! I made the mistake once and cut my bangs when they were wet! It was - like you said - horrible!

paula | 1:30 PM

Wow, thanks! I shave my husbands head for him. . I dare say it's high time he paid me back by trimming my damn bangs! Although, couples have split up over lesser things than a bang trim gone bad. Will ponder further.


Amy | 8:10 PM

This is my favorite look yet. Happy New Year to your fabulously garbed family.

spicylikeginger | 11:19 PM

I'd like to add that the "part" for bangs should originally be cut deeper in the middle. If you were to look at the part, it would be as an upside-down "V". Otherwise, it looks like you have a bald spot on top of your head. I like to straighten them in sections and cut as I go. I also cut in the middle first. It's a wonderful trick.

Anonymous | 5:14 AM

Loving the new style section, but would like to see some Archer style! As the mother of a little boy I stamp my foot in frustration sometimes at the 12 racks of little girl fashion next to the 2 racks of meager boy selections.

If you weren't real...I'd make you up | 1:43 PM

You look fabulous-ly beautiful in pictures 5 and 6. My friend just gave me your book for Christmas because I have been itching to read it for a few months. I can't wait. I enjoy your blog so much.

athenista | 6:34 PM

loooooovelovelove your outfit. mustard seems to be creeping into my style thoughts ALL.THE.TIME recently.

and last night i just went back to blunt bangs. while i trim them similarly to your tutorial, i wish i'd brushed up and read it first. i guess i can use my brush-up tonight when i "edit" them a little more.

Leslie | 9:15 PM

Your tutorial was great! It inspired me to go and cut my bangs, which haven't been cut since September.

I have five-year-old bangs.

But it's not your fault! It's mine, really. I lost my grip on my bangs while cutting and ended up cutting the middle part of my bangs three different lengths. Yikes.

torrent download | 7:57 PM

Great styling! thanks for the instruction.