Gone Style: Archer Edition

I know I said I'd post the first "Five Minute Makeover" today but I accidentally lied and it's not finished. Turns out, it takes longer than a couple of hours to orchestrate a web series. Go figure.


While I attempt to edit fifteen-minutes of footage into five, here are some of Archer's wears, as per many of your requests, with links to some of my favorite boys' clothes places. Cough, The Pajama Squid. Cough, Black Wagon.

Archer wears
(his favorite) tee-shirt (ever) by: knuckleadz clothing
jeans by: Osh Kosh (Target)
Shoes: DC
Sunglasses: 5$ cheapy from General Store in our 'hood.

Shirt by: Tea
(we love Tea. Great stuff.)
Pants by: One Kid

Fire-breathing Panda Tee: My Bird by Bird in Cambridge, MA
(A gift from Uncle David)
Booster seat: Britax

(his favorite) Hoodie: Circa/Target
Skinny Jeans*: Shaun White for Target = love
Shoes: Vans
Sunglasses: Dita (they're mine)

Shirt: Kingsley
Shorts: Target
Shoes: Converse and laces from Kicks

Sweatshirt: Ben Sherman
Plaid Shirt: Shaun White for Target
Black "Monsters Rock" Tee: Inky Dink
Jeans: Osh Kosh, Target
(Glow n the Dark Space) Boots: Hatley
(not pictured: matching Rain Jacket)

Where do you like to shop for your boys? Specifically for handmade stuff?

Lend me your links, my friends!


*I would like Shaun White to please design jeans for women/me next. Who knew he had it in him? He's a jean-designing GENIUS! A JEANIUS, I say!


Tootsie Farklepants | 9:45 PM

Target, Tilly's, H&M, and Old Navy.

p.s. I LOVE the last outfit in the series!

mrs.notouching | 9:49 PM

Archer, you can break my heart. Melting...

Meemo | 10:00 PM

Archer's got great style! And he's got quite a shoe collection already.

I love Chucks and Vans on my boys. They really like Volcom t-shirts and Dillard's has the best sales.

The todler loves his Paul Franks t-shirts.

Marisa | 10:13 PM

Love the stylings going on! Awesome! Thanks for sharing. It's nice to know there are different options out there for boys too (not just the girls!).

L.A. Stylist Mom | 1:03 AM

My Faves:

H&M For Boys Skinny Jeans and cute striped socks - the best!

LaLaLing.com (and on Vermont Ave.)


ShopToughCookies.com (Or store on Ventura Blvd.)

Loehmann's & Marshall's for Ben Sherman, Hurley & Paul Frank

Desert Hills Premium Outlets for VANS and Converse

L.A. Stylist Mom | 1:09 AM



Great homemade screen-printed tees by friends of mine out of Brooklyn. Family run, some designed by their kids, tell them I sent you...

holly | 2:14 AM

So cute.

My almost 5 year old son Drake is looking at these shots and asks, "Who's that boy?"

I say, "His name's Archer."

He, "When can we go to his house?"


holly | 3:09 AM

Sorry, didn't send the link before.


Very cool stuff!

kittenpie | 5:46 AM

Still love your little guy, even though he's growing up. So damn cute.

So far, we're mostly pretty standard stuff, including some hand-me-downs from Pumpkinpie, but I have a really cute long sleeved T with a tie applique from Lilikoi Lane (@hyenacart) that should be for next winter.

He had as a baby a bib with a tie attached for special occasions from the One of a Kind show, and for this christmas, I had a red long-sleeved T with a black undone tie printed on (a la Sum 41 & co.) with a tiny skull on the end. Apparently, I'm all about the fake ties for dressing up! Better than stuffing him in a real one, makes the grands go 'aw' and amuses me.

Adriana | 6:25 AM

we get a lot from etsy for my 8 year old step son. H and M kids has the BEST skinny jeans for boys.We bought him a pair of plain white hi top converse chucks and a bunch of sharpies and he and his dad decorated them with all kinds of fun imagery including super mario bros and pokemon. They have been a huge hit.

Robin Matthews | 7:08 AM

ohhhhh...i love these outfits! i wish i could afford a $32 hammer/nails t-shirt!

i mostly shop the local consignment for my boy, but i lust after the clothes and accessories at http://www.shopgenes.com/

...especially the old-school band t-shirts.

Amanda | 7:11 AM

I'm all over Target when it comes to Jack. Cheap, cute and easy. Especially for a boy whop is quickly growing into a giant.

Also, I NEED that panda shirt! Jack is bonkers for them, and thus has left the entire Martin house with panda fever.

Anonymous | 7:29 AM

Oh, thanks for the recommendations for boy clothes! It's so hard to find great clothes for boys. I usually resort to Old Navy and Gap. I love Paul Frank (which is at Target now, so YAY!) and Converse. Boden has some SUPER cute stuff for boys too.
(Your little guy looks adorable by the way...)

sweetb | 8:02 AM

Yes! love and agree with all of your boy-finds.. and I love the Ando and Friends stuff... from our local peeps.. Charlie Rocket, too.. Just so many fewer cool things for boys.. no dresses with under things and tights or cutesey Euro stuff.. it gets a little "questionable" with all of the patches and stuff, but I still find some cute cashe stuff at Naartjie, too.

Rachel | 8:29 AM

Hi Rebecca,

I have a 15 month old girl, but I recently discovered a brand from Sweden called Polarn O. Pyret. They make really cool boys and girls clothes and a lot of there stuff is designed to be unisex. I purchased some thing for my daughter and some items for my friends son. The clothing is really well made and they are having a great sale right now. PolarnO.Pyretusa.com

soccermom | 9:10 AM

Too cute. I used to shop at Gap for my son. But now that he is 15 he only shops at, here it comes, wait for it ................... American Eagle, Abercrombie, Hollister, and PacSun. Nothing I can do about it at this point. He refuses to shop anywhere else.

Nikki | 10:56 AM

Oh, thank you for this! I'm still new to all this mom thing & really had no idea yet where to buy cool clothes for my (3 month old) son. I just bought a huge pile of stuff from Tea. And thank you thank you thank you for that alone! I'm always on the look out for sci fi and robot stuff.

Who says boys aren't as much fun to dress up as girls?

Now I have to go through the comments to see what else everyone suggested!

Rebecca | 11:01 AM

If we could afford anything but hand me down's my kids would be dressed just as cute. How adorable!

Mammy P | 11:01 AM

I get the majority of my kids clothes from Primark here in the UK... just out of curiosity -- how much would you pay for say, a pair of jeans and a t-shirt from Target?

Are kids clothes cheaper here or there, I wonder?

I just spent £4 on some jeans and £2 on t-shirt here (which is pretty average for Primark) so that's like... $9.50? Is that reasonable?

Mammy P | 11:04 AM

Oooh... but having said that -- I totally love ANYTHING from Next... which is mega pricey but too frickin' cute for words:


Laura | 1:31 PM

Can I just tell you that I love you so much more now that I know you shop at Target? I {heart} Target.

nicole | 2:09 PM

You're not kidding about the Shawn White jeans! My boy has the grey and also the black. I don't know what i'll do when he outgrows them! What a sweet, hansdsome boy you have!

mommymae | 8:28 PM

we buy consignment, target & old navy. i make shirts for my dude (& girls) from plain tees. i've done initials, words, trains, robots, a sousaphone & more. i can make pants out of bandannas & pillow slips, but we stick with store-bought pants for the most part. and always on sale. i rarely spend more than $10 on anything for my kids.

Ray | 9:43 PM

That last photos badass! Archer's such the rockstar. ;D I love his Van's checkerboard sneakers, his red shades and those glow in the dark rain boots. So cute. ;o)

Christina Stanley-Salerno | 10:33 AM

We have H&M in NYC and the one on 34th street has a rockin' kids dept. They have everything from Rocker T's and cute button down flannel shirts, undershirts, underwear and shoes at affordable prices! Highly suggest you make a visit there if you are ever in the NYC. Great stuff for Fable and mama too!Including Fairy wings and we all know how important those are.


meredyth | 12:08 PM

I love the picture on the beach. He's looking like a young Wes Anderson. Also, the one on the boardwalk is great. He kinda inspired what I'll be wearing to girls' nacho night tonight. So, thanks, Archer, Style Muse. :)

Childlike | 2:01 PM

We love Dark Cycle Clothing on Etsy. They have some pretty rad shirts of animals on bikes for everyone in the fam. We also like Birdie Handmade on Etsy, for Fable. They have some super cute dresses. We just ordered one for my little Olive.

Andrea | 8:17 PM

This boy is such a fashionisto, much props mom, much props!

Unknown | 7:43 PM

That's the hippest boy child I have EVER seen. Seriously cool.

Anonymous | 9:23 AM

For the love of Mike, cut the damn kid's hair already. You're his mother. You're in charge. And don't be all hippie and "it's his own hair he has a right to wear his hart any way he wants to." No he doesn't!
If you can't get him to cut his hair what are you going to do when he becomes a defiant, surly teen? What are you gonna do when he tells you he's not going to go to school any more and his girlfriend is going to be moving into his room?
And lose the freaking sunglasses. He's a little boy, not some world-weary hipster. Kids should not be hip. Do you know what hip means? It means someone who has been around and knows the score. They've seen it all and nothing surprises or delights them. It's fine to be hip when you're 25 but not when you;re freaking six years old!
There's more to being a mother than dressing your children in cute clothes. Kids should get a chance to be kids, carefree and giggly and unselfconscious. He has years and years to be all sophisticated and blase. Sometimes I shake my head in disbelief.

mfk | 3:45 PM

^^ clearly never had kids... lol... or a sense of humor or tact for that matter.

Anonymous | 4:20 PM

OMG! So precious! But you gotta cut his hair, chica! That little man can't see where he going and he's gonna trip an fall over hisself and buss his tuchus!

Anonymous | 6:29 PM

An awesome place to get T-Shirts is Threadless.

They have great shirts for Children and Adults!

The Hojo Family | 11:08 AM

Such a cutie!

One of my favorite online shops is http://www.bestdressedkids.com/